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~ Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ September 29, 2011 ~

            Good morning all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, possibly overwhelmed, very, very, sexy people! Oh My Goodness! If you were not on that power call last night you missed something! We REALLY did some work and got some really incredible discernment and understanding around power and how to be power, the kind of power we didn’t want and how to create it and all kinds of stuff. It will be up in a couple days so look for it on the website.  Thank you to everyone who participated and brought in some amazing stuff.
            The I Am webinar for October is I AM FREEDOM. I don’t think I have to tell you how important this one is. It comes up in every single subject. Personally, I think if you got up in the morning and said, “I am freedom, I am directing this day to be freedom, that I am free in every thought, action and reaction that I take. I am the vibration of freedom”, you would be in a great place.  If we’re free, we’re free in our choice, being-ness and perspective.
            We are talking about acceptance today. We talked a lot about resistance on Monday’s show, which was incredibly powerful. Around acceptance it seems like the biggest thing we can claim right now is I am the creation of all creation. If you understand that the perspective that you hold about yourself creates you and the eyes that you see the world through, you can see why you are the creation of everything because you are creating it by your perspective on it. We are claiming right now, “I am the acceptance. I accept that I am the creation of all creation, which includes; I accept that I am the creation of me as God the creative force. So it is.” I accept all aspects of me into the integration of me. Any judgment that you have or any part of you that is going, “Oh, I wish I wasn’t this way, or my weight wasn’t like this, etc.”, lets integrate all of that and accept all parts of ourselves. Why is that so important? Because, my beautiful people you cannot work with the energy and direct it if you are separating it, sending it away, or denying it in any way.
            The last thing I wanted to do before going to the calls is, I am the balance of the feminine, masculine and the child, around accepting that I am God, that I am the whole, that I am the I and that I am the creative force. I accept the balance of feminine, masculine and child around all of that.

·      There will be nothing that creates your expansion more than forcing yourself to learn something that you think you can’t.
·      It’s the part of the “have to do it” that we are in resistance to, yet we are all waiting for something to make us have to do it. We’re fighting ourselves from different points of view of having to do something instead of making it a choice to do something.
·      Waiting is not creating.
·      Why are we not choosing to just learn and know what we simple need to know? It’s not the “ Way we were” anymore.  You can embrace the way it is and make your life a lot easier. The way we were used to be thinking, manipulating, doubting and questioning. That’s not the way it is anymore. If you want to make creation easy, drop into your heart center, that is where you get the answer. That is where you create from now.
·      “I accept that I am the creation of the creation of me, right now, in this moment, up to date and harmonious with the way the world works now.”
·      Let’s balance everything around the learning curve and the perception of us that we are holding about that. “I am Divine Love. I am the balance of feminine, masculine and child around the learning curve of me.”
·      As soon as you accept, then creation flows to you easily and effortlessly and joyfully. Let’s all come together and state, “I am the creation of the acceptance of the me that I am and the knowledge that I can and do create it all.
·      If you don’t radiate and send out your light people recognize it and get angry when you don’t share it with them.
·      We’re limiting the knowledge, the knowingness, the truthfulness and the unlimited possibilities of us. Let’s come forward and clearly direct, “I am the experience, the creation and the being-ness of my own, unlimited possibilities and truth.” So it is.
·      When you say, “I’m confused” you are giving yourself the direction to be confused. Claim, I am Clarity, I am divine love, and I am the balance of feminine, masculine and child within the radiation of my light.
·      I am the creation of trust in all energy. How can we send our light out if we don’t trust other energy to receive it and not take us down?
·      Once you understand why something is going on in your life you can balance and shift the energy.
·      Everyone on the call is holding the belief that when I’m accepted, taken back, loved and accepted for just who I am I don’t have enough energy to be my authentic self.
·      How many women out there gave up a part of you when you got married? How many of us give up things once we get what we think we want? There’s a belief that I have to give up my authentic self once someone else has accepted me.  We have to know that once we come forward in our power as our authentic self that not only are we accepted, acknowledged and cherished by the world, we are accepted, acknowledged and cherished by all aspects of ourselves. Our self comes first because as within, so without.
·      When I am my authentic self I am the power of the creation of the creative force itself.
·      I am the acceptance of the magnificent healing power that I am, I claim this, I direct the energy to surround this with love, bliss, knowing, divine love and peace, I demand this, I am this and so it is.
·      If it’s in the future and we think of it in the future, every time we get to the future it moves again into the future.
·      This moment of now is the only moment that you create in. This moment of now creates the moments a week, a month or a year from now. You never move out of creating.

We should just have a flipping slumber party. Our time is coming to a close, let’s take a moment and drop into our heart centers and hold the space for our magnificence, for our love, our love of ourselves, the world and the God that we are, which means the love for everyone and all energy, the trust of all energy that we are the creation of. I choose to radiate my light out in the trust of the universe. I love you. Have a fabulous day. Create a fabulous day!

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