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BRIGHT LIGHT with DEE WALLACE ~ Show Recap ~ Monday April 25, 2011

Hello all you amazing, fabulous, wonderful, magnificent creators and very sexy people! Monday’s show was a rough one, because I was in the toilet. I am not letting my light shine and I am in the drama. Me and everyone else that I know are on the ride, in the hamster wheel, going in and out of Groundhog Day. “I’m my light, I’m not my light. I’m there; I’m not there. I’ve got it managed, I can’t manage anything!” Sound familiar?

My healing partner and I spent a lot of time this morning discussing how we use stuff outside of ourselves to allow our lights to shine, and then crap comes in and we shut our light down. Sound familiar to anyone? The closer you get to holding yourself with that bright light shining, the more we are tested to see if we can hold that bright light.

I had a wonderful Easter weekend, a lot of beautiful people came forward for me and I taught an amazing acting class Monday morning. I went home to discover that the accident my beautiful daughter was in had been ruled her fault.  I immediately went into the toilet, about this isn’t fair, fell into all of the excuses and back into my old victim mentality and had a nice cry with Michael who reminded me to breathe. I decided in that moment to focus on this show, that I would get to spend time with all of you, my favorite people in a short while. THEN, the phone rang and I found out that this big film that I was booked to do had just fallen through. BACK down into the toilet Dee goes. It’s gone. They can’t work out the money, blah, blah blah. I went into reaction again and then I just decided, no, I don’t want to do this. I called the director and we were able to renegotiate so that great role is back on the table now.

This is what we’re talking about, can we consistently NOT go into the toilet but say, “Okay, this is not good, this is not what I want to happen. “ I’m going to to sit here, stay balanced and find where I can take my light to create the best out of this. Or where can I just let my light be shining while I wait to see how this all plays out.

I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to do this show, and then I realized that I always felt like I had to be up and a cheerleader, and today, I just wasn’t in that space. The voice said to me, take that out into the show Dee, there are a lot of people out there who need to hear that everybody is going through it. Every time I bring myself back and crawl out of the toilet I always feel okay. So I choose to do that. But, can I do it without having the emotional reaction of the victim first?

Tokens of BRIGHT LIGHT from the show!
·      When we truly love ourselves, completely, thoroughly and in the highest way, we will not go back in the toilet and have to pull ourselves out again.
·      I am the light of the light, I am consistently the light, and I choose to be the light. So it is.
·      Remember that this is a muscle, we’re exercising our muscle everyday, let’s love ourselves A LOT while we’re exercising our muscle, learning to just be love and light.
·      The original definition of the Devil, was anything that got in the way of the light.
·      The very thing that is keeping us from being success and being our light are the things we fear that get in the way of the light.
·      I am the highest answer, I am healed, I want everything to be balanced, I AM.
·      Give yourself an energetic hug and remember that we all have eons and eons of genetics, lineage and ancestry where we have been thinking the same thoughts and living the same lives over and over again. Now, we are asking ourselves to exponentially thrust ourselves into new thought, new ways of creating, new love for ourselves, and new acceptance for ourselves.
·      You must create yourself as action, before you can take that action into creation. I AM ACTION, I AM THE LIGHT THAT CREATES ACTION IN MY LIFE, I AM THE LIGHT THAT CREATES THE CHOICE OF ACTION.
·      Are you going to re-father yourself with a new thought that is not very practical, but for the creation of your life, in these days, you must create your life or you will die energetically.
·      Send your light to the limbic systems, to the meridians that we are, clearly directing all of our limitations and fears around being the god and the god light that we are, the creative force that we are, we’re claiming the new statement around them. My I AM presence is the only force at work here and I am free in body, mind, soul and consciousness of all of these fears and limitations of being the light and being God.
·      In order for me to be loved, I have to give up the love of myself. I have to cater to those I love, enable them, agree with them or I might not be loved. So the way I love myself is by giving myself up so I can feel that other people love me.
·      When you are the authentic light that you are, in your grace of power and you go, I love you all, but I’m just not doing this anymore. I love you and there’s no judgment here, I’m just not participating in the drama anymore. They will shift. They will shift because you shifted.
·      We’re so afraid to be the light, that it keeps us from being the light, so we aren’t our light.
·      We’re doing what we want to DO, but we’re not being what we want to BE. We want to be the core light that everything else shines and emanates from. The only reason that we do anything is to proclaim, shine and enlarge our light.
·      So many of us go out there and do and do and do and we want to succeed at this, and we do, but its from the intention of “I’m not worthy, so I’m going to prove that I am”. That is NOT your authentic light, but it’s DOING what you want.
·      Self-Sabotage is knowing what you need to shift and choosing not to shift it.
·      If two energies can’t come together in Harmony, unless there is a lesson to learn, it is the stronger choice to choose to end the relationship.
·      We are invoking the new statement around all genetic, meridian systems that effect the limbic and every other healing modality, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.
·      Genetically, I am freedom, joy, bliss, unconditional love and the light of my OWN creation. WOOHOO!
·      Invoke the VIOLET FLAME so we have a blank page from which to create on from this moment forward.
·      Claim the duality statement around saving and being saved. I am the balance of the frequency of masculine, feminine and child in the radiation of my light within the electromagnetic whole of the whole, also known as the brain. I invoke the rays, flames and lights. I am whole. I am God. I am the Light. So it is.
·      I am simply the creation of my own light.
·      Direct money and spirituality to live together harmoniously and in integrity. It’s your choice.
·      Choose to think new thoughts and write a new history for you. We are complete. We just have to keep practicing so we don’t have to think about it anymore. Then the NORM becomes, everything is easy, effortless and always shows up for me.
·      In the moment, your reaction is the creation of the new thought, the new light and the new you!

Look at the amazing show that we created! When we just have the guts and the love to be the authentic self that we are! I love you guys! I love you! I love you! I know you love me! I can feel it!

Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself guys! Til we meet again!


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Conscious Creation: Directing Energy Part 38 Show Recap

Thursday April 21, 2011

Hello all you fabulous, amazing, magnificent, incredible, wonderful, sexy, sexy people! Welcome to the blog recap for Thursdays show on the 7th Wave Network! We had an incredible time at the I AM Success Webinar last night and I hope you will all check it out when it’ s available for download in the next week or so. If you are looking for success in any area of your life, it’s a must listen!

Even more information came in at the end of the seminar when my lovely student, Emily came forth to teach the teacher when she questioned a statement I had made. I had said, “that we can’t get this, you can’t get on a deep level what we need to get to shift with our ascension and expansion with your mind.” Together with Emily and another student we discovered that we had all, literally, through our perception separated the energy that our minds are. We claimed the new statement, “I am the energy of the whole and the whole is the creation of who I am. I am divine love”, and consciously directed that within that statement we want the physical mind, not the brain, but the questioning mind, to be a contributor to the expansion and the ascension of keeping us in our knowing around what is true. I would invite you to take a moment right now and claim this for yourself.

Dolores from Wisconsin followed up from her call on Monday to ask if there was anything else she could clear surrounding being able to take her light out into the world even though she has trouble with her legs. I was compelled to remind her that we no longer clear energy, but balance it instead. But was stopped and told that we do literally have to clear the belief that we have “symptoms of ascension”. There must be a belief in place that our bodies have to suffer or pay in order to expand and ascend. I’m ready to give that up. When asking for discernment we found, “I’ll never be good enough, so I suffer.” Further exploration found that this wasn’t the highest belief, but we had to find that in order to get to, “Still needing to be saved.” Whether it be, needing God to save us, our saving someone else, needing your boss to save you. I tell you, we never needed anyone else to save us. Know that we can ascend, be divine love and be absolute total joy, mobility, and ease in our body, minds and souls.


*    You are light, your thoughts are light, everything starts out as light and then through the light of thought, the whole light is brought down and manifested into physical manifestation.
*      If you shut down your light, you shut down the very thing that you create with.
*      You can’t have success without the light. You have to be the light first and then mold that light into the direction that you want.
*      The main cause of suicide is because people cannot feel their light.
*      The main cause of fatigue is because you are fighting yourself, not allowing your light to go out into the world.
*       If we combine the light, the water and the emotion, we can create ANYTHING.
*      We hold energy in our ionospheres, auras and our energy from past lives and when something happens in this lifetime it reactivates the memories from the past life in this life. It affects the light that you are and it reactivates the emotion attached to it, so that you remember it.
*    We are taking the light that I am and directing the light, the water and the emotion that I AM to expand into acceptance. I am the light of acceptance. I am Divine Love.
*       I see with new eyes and I hear with new ears.
*       Our light is turned up and shining bright the moment that we decide that is true. When we are our brightest light the thoughts are formed automatically by the bright light that we are.
*       I let go because I am there. I let go because I am free. I let go because I am Divine Love. I let go into the light that I AM.
*    Holding a lot in our aura, ionosphere and energy systems that this is the way it has been, so this is what I have to keep creating.
*       Anytime we have hardship, feel abandoned, experience loss or great tragedy, from this day on, we know I experience that my light is threatened, am on tenuous ground, it’s a challenge to turn my light up AND I am knowing that my light is the creation of me. If I want to bounce back, if I want to stay in my knowing, if I want to remain whole I know that I absolutely unconditionally must choose to turn my light back up and shine it as brightly as I can. As soon as I am able to do that, I CHOOSE TO DO SO.

Please, please, joyfully spread the news about “Bright Light” which is being released on TUESDAY, April 26th this week! I’m asking for what I want and I’m asking you to help make this book an AMAZING success! Purchase it for you and a friend!

I love you, I love you, I love you! Love yourself, love yourself and love yourself more and FEEL that light!

Love you guys!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

THE NEW LIGHT ~~ Bright Light Show Recap ~~

Bright Light Show Recap ~ THE NEW LIGHT on               
Monday  4/18/2011

Hello all you Bright Lights! You magnificent, fabulous, incredible, sexy people! This week’s radio show on Awakening Zone was another fantastic ride!

I know that I promised to give you all the new statement and every part of the energy that it affects. I promise that this will be posted soon on my new, upcoming website, but I wanted to at least give you the new statement here.

The new statement is: I AM the energy of the whole, and the whole is the creation of who I AM. I AM Divine Love.

There are so many people experiencing overwhelm and anxiety right not, just know that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and that it is very important for all of us to hold the balance for the rest of the collective.

I want to share with you an example of a call!

Our First Caller Mary Anne brought in some amazing information that tied into the theme of The New Light in such a beautiful way. Mary Anne felt that she has a great meta-physical and spiritual life, yet is hampered by a condition in her legs that doesn’t allow her to joyfully ride her bike.

When asking for discernment I was led to “Jesus Christ” and I asked Mary Anne what that meant to her. Mary Anne said that Jesus Christ resonates with her from her Catholic background but she also considers him source energy in her life now. These two facets of Jesus Christ are competing with each other. The Jesus Christ that was crucified on a cross is competing with the spirituality of the one-ness of energy that we know now.

We don’t have to suffer to take a bike ride. We don’t have to suffer to be in the joy and abundance and health that we want in our lives. There are no more dualities, but only one-ness of health, wellness, abundance, energy and movement moving forward.

I Am the One-Ness of the Light that I AM.

This is a perfect example of the New Light. We have to let go of the old ideas, the old idea of Jesus crucified on a cross, of all the vestiges of the old, heavy, victim-ness stuff that we are all holding onto. 

Nuggets of LIGHT from the show!

*    *  I created this work and this healing information so all of you could heal yourself. It’s time for you all to come forward for yourself and start healing on your own. Do the work yourself. No one else can do it for you.
           *  We can all be comfortable where we are, knowing that we are directing and guiding energy, but we still have to take an active role in our lives, here in the physical realm.
      * You are the only one who can choose to turn your light back up after you’ve allowed someone else to dim it. I AM the shining Brightly of my bright light and I’m taking that light out into the world.
      * You are the savior of yourself; you’re the director of your own energy.
      * Other energy is in the perfect place they are supposed to be in, it’s not for you to judge, they are allowing you to grow by leaving your judgment behind. These people serve you really well if you allow yourself to get the lesson. Choose to let go of our judgment about ourselves and others. EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING, INCLUDING OURSELVES IS IN THE DIVINE RIGHT PLACE.
      * If you are holding that the definition of success is to NOT create success, you will find yourself in an anxious state because your soul knows the opposite truth.
      * You CANNOT create what you want if your light is dimmed. ALL THINGS ARE FORMED INTO MANIFESTATION from the LIGHT!
       * I am the balance of the light that I AM. I claim the new statement and everything that is built into it around the balance of the LIGHT.
       * I am the balance of the light of the water that I AM.
       * You NEVER ever, even for people that you love, give up your light.
       * When we stop asking and claiming what is rightfully ours, the love, the support, the abundance from the world, we dim our light . . . and when we dim our light we can’t create the love, the support and the abundance from the world. 
       * I am the Bright Light shining brightly asking for everything that I want from this world. I deserve it and its mine. So it is.
       * We are claiming divine love in relationships, money, health, wellness and success.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the amazing information that YOU all brought forth during this show!

My great prayer, claim and joy is that you live this week in the divine, fabulous, amazing love that you are. Shine that light, love yourself, love your light, love yourself, love yourself, LOVE YOURSELF!!!

Love you guys,

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Success and the Light

Tomorrow I give a two hour webinar, live and over the internet, on the I Am Principle and Success.  It has been an interesting journey exploring this subject that I have always felt eludes me in life, and waiting with anticipation for what " The Voice" in the channel has to say. I have been really surprised.
I think the biggest aha was that my career fell off after E.T. because I was afraid of Success. I wasn't in fear of GETTING successful. I was a tenacious little actress who reveled in showing those midwest naysayers that I could do it. But man, once I got there, all those beliefs about the rich and famous came flooding into my subconscious and I created all of them in living color. Damn those Kansas legacies.
We were always the "good, humble" people. "They" were always the rich and popular. It is still an enigma to me how I could be cheerleader and Homecoming Queen and still not feel popular. Whatever, right? At all costs I couldn't experience my greatness and success because then I would be one of "them": rich and popular and, ergo, not good. So when the mega success of E.T. hit, I couldn't own being one of "them" anymore than I could when I had that little fake crown on my head out on the football field in '66. I shut off the light of me and just got by, not very happily, I might add, for the next twenty years. And then, I asked for my light back, the healing work began, and I wrote a book called Conscious Creation which led to this book, Bright Light.
So the Voice tells me that one thing I have to be sure to cover tomorrow evening at Spiritworks in Burbank from 7-9 is that the light that we are has everything to do with the success you create. The light is the very energy you create that success from--and with. When we turn our light down, we turn down self-creation.
So turn your light up, baby!  Say adios to all the people,places and things you have been blaming for the non-creation of you, and use your light to heal and create the story of you today. Scrunch the playdough of whatever you don't like as you up in a ball and create a new reality. Shine your light, baby. And the world shines with you!  Blessings, Dee

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Change of Light

Hi Fabulous People!

As you know, when the greatest challenges head us face on, if we look away from the poop and find the pony we are free to take the ride of our lives. And I have.

The books release date and the "failure" of trusted people to produce promises brought up all my walls that I run into often when it appears things are "falling apart." I hit it, crumbled, and went directly to the flushing toilet of despair. Fortunately, the beloved people who work with me are so in tune with the work, that they lovingly reminded me that I wasn't doing what I write about in Bright Light.  I was giving my light away. Agagin. I had once again been given the opportunity to practice what I know and what I want you all to know:  nothing and no one can dim your light. Only you react and let it happen instead of choosing to keep creating.

Again, I got to choose to shine despite all. Again, I got to experience the high and power of joyfully reclaiming me....shining as the love I am.
And this brought in new information around the understanding of how we use the light we are to create us, and therefore, the world we live in. I will discuss this more in detail on tomorrow's show ( you can always get it in the archive), but in a nutshell, it is information about our light, the light, and NEW light, and also pertinent information on healing the body. That has been a focused intention of mine for some time.
We heal ourselves with the light we are. The first words the Voice ever said to me when I was on the floor that night was, " Use the light within you to heal E.T." And I am passing on to you:  use the light that you are to heal and create the new light of you.

Again, I really didn't understand how important Bright Light was going to be in this day and time.  It is an idea whose time has come. Blessings, Dee

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Info on the Light


I wrote Bright Light over a year ago now, and just today am I being given the understanding of how important the message really is.
If all matter is formed into manifestation from light, by the  thoughts and intentions we hold, EVERYTHING must start there. And where is the light  that we are using to create with?  Both within and without.
          The LIGHT that we are, creates with the Light of the One. The light that we dim, doesn't create.
If/when we turn down our light , we limit the strength of the very tool we need to create with. Light begets light, as it were.
So to put it simply, the light that we are must be used to focus and manifest the light that we are  creating with. When we don't live as the light we are, we exist in a kind of limbo state where " creation just happens."
It is imperative for all of us to be the joy,love, acceptance, wellness and abundance etc. NOT DEPENDENT on anyone or anything else. But just because we are the light. And that light must shine for creation.
Our lives don't become limited because of what happens to us, but because we turn down the light of creation WHEN it happens to us, and therefore the creation of what we want stops because we simply don't have enough light to focus the light we are creating with.
Look through a microscope. Until the lens is focused, the subject beneath is not clear and understood.  You are the microscope of light that clarifies and brings into focus what you are looking at ( what you want to create). You are the tool of your own creation. You are the light of your life. Literally.
Read Bright Light.  It is more timely than we ever knew.  Love, Dee

Friday, April 1, 2011


There is a lot coming in ( and going out) in regards to water.
Water is a conductor.
It has a memory. From the beginning.
It is energy, and the direction of energy creates manifestation in exact ways.
We know that words, vibrations, certain music, prayer and intention can affect and change the molecules of water.
Our brains are over 80% water. Therefore, what we are thinking, listening to, vibrating with etc. is literally affecting our brains, which create the lives we are living.
We also know that water is everywhere. It makes up the majority of the planet e live on. The very air we breathe is largely water.
We know that water communicates with other water from miles away.
So then we can deduct that all water is exchanging information and reacting with other water, which includes all out brains, oceans, water faucets, swimming pools etc.. Which means that everything we are pouring into the water ( of our brains/rivers/waste) is enhancing or polluting.....Us.
What do think...of that?
What you think makes a difference. Even in a nuclear plant in Japan. When we are pissed off, all water receives that message. When we think love, that too is communicated.
Think love. I know it sounds pretty sixties, but we sure as hell were balancing out the hatred. I don't think we have to be stoned to do that. But I do think we have to choose love. Unconditional love.
So, what do you think?