Friday, February 25, 2011

Keeping the Focus

Let me tell you what's going on before you commit hari-cari. It's an exciting--yet frustrating time for all of us, because we keep looking for/at the result instead of staying in the moment we are creating. That simply keeps giving us the experience of " I never have what I want," and then we keep reaffirming that creation---which is what we don't want to do. What we WANT is to always stay in creation. And to do that we have to hold our focus.

That means that no matter what happens, we choose to bring our focus back to the creation of the Self. What do most of us want to create the experience of?  Freedom/joy/love/peace/bliss.  Soooooooooo, when shift happins and those old beliefs come up around, " See, no matter what I do..." and "Nothing I try..." and "Just when I had a little saved...", you adamantly and joyfully acknowledge those pesky little thoughts and redirect them to what you want: freedom,joy, peace/bliss,love.  Anything within yourself or anything that happens outside of yourself that wants to pull your focus from that, you choose to direct back to what you want.

I will NOT feell bad/angry/disillusioned.  I CHOOSE to be and experience freedom/love/joy/bliss.  I keep my focus on that--NEVER WATCHING OR WEIGHING RESULTS--and create my life in each moment of now.

I promise you. Life will be created in an entirely different way.  Hugs, Dee

Monday, February 21, 2011


The end of dualities is here, guys. We no longer need sickness to create health, poverty to create abundance, lonliness to creat loving relationships.  As long as we hold on to the need for dualities, we hold ourselves in constant Counter Creation: we keep creating what we want by focusing on what we don't.  "I don't want to be sick" is counter creative to "I create health and wellness." It sabotages our focus on WHAT WE WANT. " I Am the singular direction of Love."

When I teach workshops, often I have to ask several times what someone wants before they can express it only in the positive. That is like a director telling me "I don't want you to be emotional in a scene, but I need you to cry." That's a  Counter direction that keeps me stuck because I can't figure out how to serve both directions.  Well, the Universe is confused when you give it duality in your direction either from your words, thoughts or feelings.

Knowing what you don't want ( I don't want to have to worry about money) is valuable, because then you know what you DO want ( I want peace about money) and then you can get to the ultimate claim ( I Am money). Remember, when you say " I Am......." it is an instant IM to the Universe to create that.

So have the courage and joy to claim what you want: I Am freedom/health and wellness//blessed relationships/ harmony /joy and peace.  Create YOU as the frequency of those attributes of Divine Love, and that creation is taken in to every subject: money/business/partnerships/healthetc.. BE the thing you want first. BE in harmony with your desires.CHOOSE to stay in joy and acceptance. All is manifested from there. Blessings, Dee

The Creation of You

Most of us just don't "get" the most important aspect of the creation process:  it's us.  We are the first creation we have to create, and then everything else becomes created from that. We have shifted our attention to the things we are creating to see if we are creators, instead of knowing we are and then creating from there. If you are judging money, or people who have it, you are judging the part of you that wants money. That equals no money.

If you are holding beliefs that relationships have hurt you in the past, the fear of creating that again is holding relationships away from you. When you are focused on FIXING the disease, you are not focused on the health you are asking to be.

When we create ourselves in peace and harmony with all things we desire, then we open ourselves up to the endless possibilities of bringing those things to us. But the ultimate goal is to create ourselves as peace, harmony and love and FREEDOM. Then all things resonate with that.
Create yourself first.   

Blessings, Dee