Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace ~ Show Recap ~ August 25, 2011

            Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and VERY sexy people! OMG! If you weren’t on the “I Am Miracle” call last night and you are called to check it out, please do. It was an incredibly empowering night together! There were major energy shifts that occurred.

            I want to talk quickly and then get right to the calls. What part of our consciousness is fighting the other part of our consciousness? What perceptions do we have that are dueling with each other? What conflicting directions are we giving ourselves? It’s the time of integration guys. One perspective. One direction. Okay? The only person that can do that is you. We went into this in great depth last night, but quickly, the choice and direction of the perspective of yourself (how I see myself, what do I think about myself, what are the thoughts of myself, what do I know about me creating myself?) Those perspectives literally direct your consciousness of who you are. That consciousness allows your soul to be limited or unlimited. The perspective you choose to hold about yourself, my beautiful person, defines whether you can be limited, unlimited or anywhere in between. Do you see how important that is? Do you choose to see that you are number one in the world, knowing that you are the one? Or do you choose to hold the perspective that you are less than that? The universe says yes.

            We do not have the highest understanding of this yet, but I want to give you the information. We are going to be like that little child and say, yes, there is a Santa Claus. It is my perspective, and you are joining me in this, that I am the balance of masculine, feminine and child, consistently and in full integration. When that happens our hormones are in balance and in harmony with one another.  When we keep our masculine, feminine and child in balance, and our hormones intact, we stay in the moment. Which is where we create. That is where we are the miracle. If we leave the moment we go into fear. Fear and hopelessness is what is breaking down the immune systems in the world. If you want to start feeling better; get your hope back. Be the perspective of hope within yourself and within the world.

            Our highest intention today is to be number one. We are going to be the power of the number one that we are.


·      The creation of you depends on the perspective of you that you choose to have.  It’s the truth. But, you have to buy that it’s the truth so you have the guts to choose a perspective that may not make any sense.
·      It’s all about you.
·      When you wake up in the morning give your life direction. Direct your day. “My intention and my claim for this day is that I am in balance of masculine, feminine and child energy, that I know that I am the miracle that chooses every perspective that creates me. I choose love today. I choose joy today. I choose peace today. I choose empowerment today. I choose to know that I am number one TODAY.” Start your day with that everyday and watch the magic unfold.
·      Whatever area in your life you are questioning that your perspective is the miracle that is creating it, come forward and claim, “I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing around all of this, I choose the perspective that I am good enough, and that I cherish myself and deliver to me, in divine love, all of my desires.”
·      I am choosing the perspective that I create health and wellness in this body.
·      I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing through my ionosphere and beyond; I commit to being the perspective that I am it, that I know it, that I experience it, I believe it, I expect it, I receive it and so it is.
·      Take your power back from yourself!
·      We are the perspective that we are there and we are the miracle! Every moment of now!

Let’s take a moment to come together, allow the amazing love of you, the magnificence of you, the experience of the miracle of you. Allow that to fill you up right now. Let’s feel the love of the truthfulness that we come together to share in this hour. We are magnificent creators. We are divine love. We are the miracle that creates us, the perspective,  and therefore, the world that we live in. Just feel the knowingness and the experience of that. I love you. Love yourself as much as I love you and we’ll shift the flippin world in an instant. Be well, be safe, be your creation of you!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

~ Bright Light with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ August 22, 2011 ~

Hello all you amazing, wonderful, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very, sexy people! What a week it has been! Thank you for all of your emails about the Office! I am holding the vision for a wonderful recurring role to come out of this, so I appreciate you all holding that as well!

I want to talk about adaptation. This came in during one of the most amazing private sessions that I’ve had lately. Jennifer is a scientist and the highest word that kept coming in was adaptation. She sent me an email that said, “All adaptations are mutations of the norm. But most mutations are not sustainable. Adaptations that are sustainable and beneficial become a part of evolution.” That is what we are all about. We are claiming I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing around all of this, I am the adaptation that is sustainable and beneficial and part of evolution.

I want to share the rest of what she shared with me. “If we mutate, choose, something inappropriate, then it will die off quickly and we can adapt more intelligently next time.” Well, our next “time” my friends, is right now. This is the process of innovation, applied to life, rather than technology. Your consciousness is your intelligence right now.

I want you to take your power back. All of the thoughts, limiting thoughts, fears, etc., Whatever is going on, I’m taking my power back and I’m letting go of this limitation that my consciousness created and I am accepting ALL unlimited possibilities. There will be a lot more about this on “I Am Miracle”, what the true definition of our soul is and how all of this works into it. I am choosing to create another illusion. It’s not a science fiction movie anymore. Literally, the perspective that you choose creates the life you live. Thinking of having a cosmic ATM machine and whatever you put into it, you can take out of it.

Our biggest fear is that our consciousness will turn on itself and not create itself. You’ve had this experience, but its probably felt like, is part of me wants to do it and the other part sabotages it, part of me wants to do it, but the other part doesn’t have enough power to join in etc. That’s part of our consciousness not supporting the other part. I AM the consciousness that creates me as the consciousness of freedom!

I want to ask everyone to step forward and choose hope.  Choose to BE the consciousness of Hope.

There are a lot of people leaving right now, a lot of death and a heck of a lot of sickness out in the world right now. When I sat down and asked what this was all about it is that we have lost hope in the world. We have lost hope in ourselves and it is literally breaking down our immune system. Not just physically, but emotionally, consciously, dimensionally and certainly physically. Choose hope. I direct my own consciousness to choose hope.

I am the unlimited being and I see myself that way. We have to expand our unlimited thinking to know that if we get a dis-ease, we are the consciousness that creates it; we are the consciousness that creates health and wellness. I didn’t say fix it, or heal it, you always go to exactly what you want. When my friend died I was put into a little bit of fear and I chose to walk through it to figure out what it was about.  As soon as I got to the bottom of this I felt free. It put me into, “I have no control”. I couldn’t help her and I couldn’t save her. When I asked for discernment around this the voice told me, it’s not about control, it’s about creation. We’re not trying to control any thing. We are simply focused on what we want to create, every moment of right now. You are creating you. Not the past, not the future. Right now, I am creating me as the unlimited being that I am.

We want to consistently keep creating ourselves as unlimited possibility, unlimited thought and unlimited joy.

·      I am the consciousness that supports my own consciousness.
·      The highest definition of power is BEING.
·      The highest definition of creation is being born EVERY minute.
·      A belief is a commitment in your life. If you have a belief you are committed to keep bringing that forward in your life.
·      Most of the time, when we’re living in fear about something, there is no fear to live in. But we’re caught in the fear of it.
·      Let it Be. Create yourself as valued, respected and free.
·      Don’t ever deny what happened in your life, but you MUST move on.
·      We think it’s a rule that when all the amazing good happens in our life some kind of SHIT has to come with it. Let’s give that up. Let’s accept the unlimited thought and possibility that we live in bliss, creation, harmony, financial abundance, great relationships and beautiful health all of the time, because that is what we create all of the time.
·      Once we doubt we move out of creation and go into reaction and we don’t KNOW anymore.
·      Frightened of your power? Claim that all your energy systems both in the body and above, are open, front and back, balanced, repaired and spinning correctly. Your heart center and your chakras close down because of the fear that you can actually have everything you want.
·      What matters is that in this moment of NOW I am choosing to direct me as the being-ness and consciousness that knows I’m responsible and treat other people with love when it comes to money. When it comes to everything, by the way.
·      Direct your consciousness to know and direct yourself to that you are safe to release the belief that it must be put off until tomorrow. You are clear, you are free and you are stable in this moment of now.
·      We must move forward in our power to choose the creation of who we want to be.
·      Whatever perspective you want to voraciously adopt and accept for yourself will be the reality you live in.
·      You’re not waiting for them to come to you; you’re waiting for you to be ready to connect with all the information. One’s not better or worse, or good or bad, if you want to connect, connect.
·      It’s not a movie anymore. You want to see a glass half full, it will be half full.
·      You are the one you have been waiting for.
·      We know we are here to help this New Earth move into form easily, effortlessly and joyfully. We have to know unconditionally in our hearts that we knew this all along, we chose this and we can handle it because we are the consciousness that has chosen this very thing.

What a perfect end to a perfect show! I love you guys. Let’s go to our heart centers and feel our power, awesomeness, magnificence and our heart connection; whether we are here, whether we just left or whether we’re waiting to come in, we are all connected in our love as the creation of us as the magnificence that we are. I love you. 

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Sunday, August 28, 2011


This is it. This is the time of choice.  There is so much to fear-from hurricanes to meteors colliding to tornadoes to money collapse to cancer--when are we going to FINALLY get the message that the fear of the collective consciousness just MIGHT have something to do with all this? And it does.

Individually, we are capable, and responsible, of choosing the perspective of self that defines us and, therefore, our personal world.So let's look at the perspective of our safety in this world. Do we BELIEVE we are safe? Do we choose that perspective? Are we Feeling the peace in knowing that we are in charge of the direction of energy and therefore hold fast in the choice of it? Are we really aware that the perspective that we are not safe actually creates that reality? Do we choose to respect, honor, and acknowledge that all energy is supporting us?

Personally, I have had it. Even many spiritual leaders now are sending urgent messages out about doom and gloom.  It's like, " OK. I know what I said and I know what I teach but now even I can't hold steadfast to what I know.Now I'm scared, too."

Now is the most important time to hold steadfast. To choose. To create. As individuals, we have the responsibility of our own creation. And that responsibility has grown in importance as the chasm of Knowing/Not Knowing has  been severed even more. Perhaps that is what the New Earth is really about: are you living in the hell of fear or the freedom of Creation. It is a choice of perspective that can shift this world. Why? Because the more of us that Know and stay in the creation of love, peace and harmony balance those who do not choose that perspective, and the collective energy at least maintains a status quo of hanging on to Hope.

But at some point Hope becomes harder to hang on to with the constant challenges presenting themselves. And the only answer is to consciously CHOOSE the perspective of Hope: that we are hope, we see ourselves as hopeful, and we experience hope in this world and the world, itself, as hopeful.

The atmosphere is responding to our fear. Our health-mental/physical/spiritual/chemical- is responding to our loss of hope. And we are breaking down. We can create something else in the snap of a perspective, but we have to do that EVEN WHEN IT MAKES NO LOGICAL SENSE. It is never going to make logical sense, because we have been taught that logically we have to be afraid.And that creates more fear, which creates more dis-ease and natural disasters because the energy can only express the perspective we each hold and , ergo,the collective--the majority of the energy--expresses.

The Crossroads of seeing the glass half full or half empty has arrived.  This is the moment to claim that we are the creation of  our Creation. The path diverging in the woods can make the difference in your life and the reality of the world. Right now, the road of imagination, creation, and blind faith is the road less traveled. Choose it. It can make all the difference.  Blessings, Dee

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace ~ Show Recap ~ August 18, 2011

                                 THE EMAIL SHOW!!!

Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very sexy people! This is the show that I’ve been promising you all forever, where I answer your emails! I want you to know that no matter when you’re listening to this or when you get this information; it’s the information you’re supposed to have. Your consciousness creates that perfectly for you.

Just so we can have an idea of how far we have come since these emails have come in, I am getting ready to do “I Am the Miracle” next week. That will give you some identification of the timing when this was done. I am going to pick the emails at random and we will be off and running.

Here we go. At the beginning of this email she expresses how lucky she is and how much she has created in her life, but wants to know why she cannot communicate well with her husband. If she is setting the intention and asks for and is something that she has always wanted to have a great relationship with her husband. What can she do to create a truly joyful and successful life with him, with trust and unconditional love, free of fears, critics, judgment, resentment and too much silence. We are going to balance all of this. I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing around all of this.

Going to the third sheet. We are being directed to our hara line, to strengthen it, straighten it and make sure it is going through the i.d. point. The hara line is all about not knowing. You’ve got to know first. You have to know that you are free of judgment, fear, the critics and the silence. Every time something comes up with your husband, you have to stop and say, “I am the consciousness that has created this illusory perception in my life.” If you stay in your knowingness and remember this, it should clear up for you.

~ Nuggets of Creation from the Show  ~
·      You need to awaken the joy within yourself so that you can make the decision to create more joy for yourself by giving yourself what you want.
·      I am the consciousness that I am the illusion that takes action.
·      If we are the consciousness that creates any illusion that we want in this world, you want to direct your consciousness to create itself as knowing, allowing and accepting that all other consciousness creates themselves as well and that you support them in their own healing.
·      I am the consciousness that creates consistency. I choose to be the consciousness of consistent creation around the things that I want in my life.
·      When we create ourselves as the consciousness of peace, joy, freedom, bliss, harmony, understanding, forgiveness, love, happiness, all of the things we know, When our DNA, our intelligence and our consciousness are made up of those things our body responds with health and wellness.
·      You can feel the fear in fear based thinking, it feels urgent or like something bad will happen. Intuition never feels that way. Intuition always feels right. Wishful thinking can feel like intuition, but can also be partnered with I’m not worthy or I don’t have a chance then it can become fear based thinking.
·      You are the creation of the consciousness that creates you knowing that you can unconditionally expand and be powerful as the consciousness that you are.
·      I am the consciousness of calm. I am the calm consciousness. I am the consciousness that creates the illusion of calm everywhere, all the time in my life. It is my choice. It is my direction.
·      Clearly know and direct that we are choosing to be the consciousness that knows that it supports itself in all expansion and creation of everything that it wants, knowing that its all an illusion, a game and that our consciousness can create whatever it wants.
·      I am the consciousness of masculine, feminine and child that chooses to be the consciousness that knows it creates the masculine, feminine and child within it.
·      If the intuitive doesn’t know that it can create, support and be supported by the masculine, and if the masculine doesn’t know its supported by the feminine and the child doesn’t know that it can trust both of them, creation LITERALLY can not happen.
·      I was asked about how the Mayan calendar was going to affect all of us, and got that literally we are going to be forced to stay in the moment, live in the moment and forced to be the creation of each illusory moment. You cannot create the future except by being in the consciousness of this moment. Of course the Mayan calendar had to stop when we started living in the moment and stopped looking to the future.
·      God is not judgmental about any thing; GOD simply wants to experience the creation of energy in different ways.
·      If you try to stay focused on joy that means you are trying to NOT focus on the lack of joy. Simply be the essence and consciousness of joy itself. Live and breathe yourself as joy.
·      You literally have to be the creation of the consciousness of you. The consciousness of you is the creation of you and your world.
·      Anything is right if your consciousness creates it that way. All you have to do is decide to be in harmony with that. The best way to understand and experience that is how you feel. If it doesn’t feel good to call someone back, don’t call them back.
·      Care about the relationship with yourself first and then you will always be divinely directed as to how you create relationships with everything else.
·      “You had the power all along” _Glenda the Good Witch. Seize your power!
·      If you want to heal the world, heal the universe of you. Be love. Take that love out into the world. That’s what everything is about!
·      I am divine love and I am the divine love of the consciousness that I am. So it is.

What a great and amazing hour this has been! I get all of your energy from your emails and some amazing information has come through today! Thank you for your participation!

Know that I love you. Love yourselves. Be the creation of the consciousness that you are. It’s all up to you. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself and bring that love out into the world. Until we meet again, be well, be the creation of you!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011


IT'S GETTING TO BE MORE OF A CHALLENGE, this choice thing.  We are just not used to staying conscious enough to do it. And we don't get the magnitude of how it can change our lives almost instantly.
 Bummed out? Choose again. Depressed? Choose again. Despondent? Choose again.
 I mean it. If we can be that objective about ourselves and the moments we are creating we can stay in choice. But what we are doing now is choice/victim/choice/victim over and over and over.
 There is no time you get to drop out of this choice thing and still create the You that creates what the You of You wants. Because it's all about you.
 Waiting on the money to feel secure?  It won't come then. Waiting for the sickness to go away? The health won't show up. Waiting for the career to take off? It won't.
 BUT, stay in creating every moment by the choices and focus you hold---well, that can be miraculous. And you do it whether you want to or not.
 Because you know it works.

Oh-you don't know it works? Well you sure as hell know what you are doing NOW doesn't work, and you're never going to get that this choice and focus thing works if you don't blindly trust in faith and give it a shot. It works. Trust me.

If you are hearing yourself say " I am in the same place I was last year," or " I'll never get anywhere," or "I'll never get ahead" , you KNOW you are undermining yourself with those directions and the Universe is saying YES to you.

Create the consciousness of you as the consciousness that supports itself as a whole. BE HAPPY. Your cells respond. Your money responds. The Universe responds.

After the death of my dear friend a week ago, I found myself in a funk. When I did the work, it was because somehow her death had taken my joy and naivete, and the world looked dark and without answers. It was hell to feel that way. And I know that is counter-creation. So I chose to honor my friend by being my light, being my joy, being my naive little girl that insisted the world was a beautiful place.  And I could hear her laugh. That wonderful laugh of freedom. And I was back again.

 It was a choice. A difficult easy one. Depending on my perspective.  That's all it is guys: a perspective. Choose the joyous one that creates you as joy. And the Universe will say......YES.  Blessings, Dee

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bright Light with Dee Wallace Show Recap – August 15, 2011

Getting Back Your Power

Well, hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very sexy people! Oh my gosh! You should be in my body right now! I am literally at the Disney Ranch in Simi Valley shooting an episode for The Office that I got an offer on as I was landing from Antigua. They allowed me to leave the set so I could come and do the show with you! How lucky am I? What a great creator I am! We have some really important things to go over today! The theme of the show today is Getting Back Your Power.

I want to hop right in. First of all, we are in fear of not joining or fear of joining our power with other powers; which keeps us from being the power that we are. We’re coming together with the I AM presence and the consciousness that we are to claim, I Am in acceptance and celebration of my power joining with all other powers to be the miracle of power. I am the consciousness that creates the power that I am. I asked this morning, “What are the things we need to remember about reclaiming our power?”

1.     Giving up having to play by the rules, especially Mom’s.
a.     We cannot move into our true power if we are locked into our beliefs and our commitments to play by the rules, which were taught to us by people who loved us, but just didn’t know.
b.     I AM choosing to play within the realm of freedom of all possibilities and highest truth.
2.     We must return to the naiveté of the child, which is blind faith, trust, knowing and joy.
a.     When we are in blind faith, trusting ourselves, our thoughts, our channels and the energy that we are connected to, we are absolutely in our power and able to reclaim it.
3.     We must direct the balance of masculine, feminine and child in knowing that                          they support the consciousness of each other and the whole. In other words, if the feminine is out of trust of the masculine, it’s out of trust of your knowing, etc.
a.     We’re balancing the masculine, feminine and child in knowing that they support the consciousness of each other and the whole.
4.     Power. I am power. We must come forward to claim that. I am the consciousness of power itself.
5.     I claim that the work is complete. I am complete. My power is complete. My consciousness as power is complete and so it is.

I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing around all of that. So it is.

This came in late last night around midnight. Pay attention, because this is where almost everyone who is on the road to creating this New Earth, New Life, New You, New Consciousness, and Awareness, this is where most of us are. Releasing the game has become part of the game. In other words, releasing anger, inhibitions, blocks, etc., has all become a part of the game that will not put you in your power. When stuff comes up you have to sit there and go, I am the consciousness that’s creating this. Whatever the illusion of this is. You must stay in your power in order to create yourself as the miracle that creates miraculous things. If you keep playing the game with yourself and going back and forth and in and out, that’s simply another part of your game. You are in control. You must stop, become the observer of yourself and bring yourself back.

I would love everyone to email me at one sentence about any kind of miracle that you have created with this work. One line. I would love to compile them for the webinar, I Am Miracles.

I am the creation of my consciousness.

~~ Nuggets of LIGHT from the Show! ~~

·      You have to choose that you know and that you are doing it. Claim that you know and that you are.
·      You can create your consciousness with clear direction in the snap of a finger and change the illusion of your life.
·      When you know that you’re fabulous and magnificent there is nothing anyone can do but accept it.
·      Nobody is stuck anywhere. There is only one energy, its all good, everything is good and no one gets stuck or punished anywhere, its simply ongoing creation.
·      Focus on you and the consciousness of your creation.
·      A lot of people are leaving this plane right now, according to Dolores Cannon, because they feel they can serve better from the other side.
·      Stop whatever you are using, RIGHT NOW, to keep you out of your power. It’s time to give it up. Nothing and nobody can create your power or take your power away from you unless you choose to define your consciousness that way.
·      Be brave. Love yourself and go CREATE!
·      Be the consciousness that knows its all great, its all an illusion and that you are creating the consciousness of the illusion that you want. If you want a peaceful, happy world where everyone has enough to eat, start being the consciousness to create that and the world will literally start to respond to that.
·      Once you get really close to creating something, you cannot stop believing or being in joy about your creation.
·      I am in harmony with my own consciousness.
·       I am safe and secure in this world and powerful when I am independent of others and others are independent of me.

I am so grateful to THE OFFICE that they allowed me to leave the set for an hour to come do this show with you all. Am I a great creator or what? You know what? So are you. Let go of whomever or whatever you are still using to hold you back from moving into your power. Go create your consciousness of you. I love you. See you next week.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011


My best friend died last week. While I was in Antigua. Talk about ying/yang. As I was grieving on the way home, I got an email I was hired to do a guest star part on The Office and would start Monday. I honestly didn't know whether to celebrate one moment or cry in loss the next. So I did both. I allowed myself to jump between the two worlds of despair and gratitude because, quite honestly, that's where I was: the two worlds of opposites that seem to be existing in ever-increasing heightened states right now. Have you noticed?

I keep receiving emails from clients that they have "been so balanced"  and now they "feel so UNbalanced and in angst" again. I believe it is because we erroneously think that no drama, no death, no trials and tribulations should occur now that we are fully embracing our spiritual selves in totality. And so we become fearful of all the emotions and uncontrollable rides we are being taken on right now. We judge them as "bad" and ,therefore,something to run from instead of embrace. And then we judge ourselves for seemingly loosing the balance within that we have come to know as so valuable.

But isn't it the ability to remain in balance THROUGH all these life changes that we have learned about balance in the first place?  That we can CHOOSE to grieve,laugh,spend,save,loose,win and know that it is a part of the illusion we are creating, and that we have chosen to play in all this energy and still choose to challenge ourselves in how we create the response? After all, we are the consciousness that creates the make-pretend world we are living in, no matter how real it may seem.

I know my beloved friend is not "gone."  I know that is not a truth. I know it is a truth that I can't hear that fabulous laugh again IN THE SAME WAY. But I can hear it. And I choose to hear it. I can't actually rub the lipstick off now when she gives me her big Italian hello. But I can feel the love. I can create her alive in the vibration of my choice and with an open heart of gratitude for all the times we supported each other and laughed and cried and celebrated. As tears flow while I write this, I also experience the immense love of a friendship well lived. Ying/yang. And I am balanced.    Blessings, Dee

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~Bright Light with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ Sacrifice ~ July 18, 2011


Hello all you amazing, fabulous, brilliant, magnificent, incredible, BIG, HUGE, FLIPPING BRIGHT LIGHTS and very sexy people that you are! Let me start by saying what an absolutely amazing, empowering, incredible and love filled weekend that Creation Station was. I am in deep love and gratitude for everyone who participated, brought in an amazing amount of material, learned an amazing amount of material and shifted the 100th monkey on several points. This should be quite and expansive little time for you.

The show today is about sacrifice. There are all different types of sacrifice and of course the channel never brings forward exactly what we think the word sacrifice means. The first thing I am asking everyone to come forward and claim with me is “I am the enlightened energy that creates myself”. How awesome is that?

Those of you who have the sheets and have done the balance podcast I want you to add Genetic Guilt to the Genetic list.

Okay, sacrifice. Sacrifice has been collapsed with the word freedom. Holy hell and OMG, right?! When that came in I was astounded. If we keep claiming freedom, directing freedom and sacrifice is included in our definition of freedom, you can see the conundrum right? Our honor in sacrificing our love is done.  The most important thing that came out of this entire weekend is the message that you can put down your sword, put down your struggle, your love is your power. Those of us who have always known the truth about divine love have been in fear that we would have to sacrifice it whenever we moved into a powerful place. We want to know absolutely that powerful love is our creation. We are directing the balance of masculine, feminine and child within divine love and the creation of ourselves as powerful, divine love.  Everyone will tell you that to sacrifice your knowing that love and power are not one energy. They are wrong. Love is who you are and love is the creative force of power and the powerful creative force. We are claiming that, I am the powerful divine love of the I that I am.  Claiming the balance of masculine, feminine and child around this and claiming the masculine, feminine and child.

Listen up, to truly receive; you cannot be sacrificial of yourself or your knowing. Which means sacrificing love, for power and sacrificing the knowing that they are not one powerful energy. The most important thing we have to remember is that there is only LOVE. This is the New Earth. This is the creation of the New earth. Be love and trust that the love that you are is the power that you create yourself and therefore, your world, with and from.

Your I am presence is every ascended master, every guide, every angel, anything and everything of the I that is greater than any of those things extending into the everything that we do not have a word for and comprehend, but we are using the term I. When you claim your I Am presence, that I, has power over everything through your direction.


·      Whatever we focus on and are in fear of, we create more of.
·      The money comes from your creation, not from you.
·      I create more than enough money to take great care of my family now, from anywhere that that it wants to come from.
·      Healing is fun! Healing is creating! Healing is play! I am the fun of creation!
·      I am creation. I am the energy that calls in the energy, directs the energy, and is the energy that heals my body.
·      Your physical body is always healed with divine light.
·      Spend some time feeling what divine love and divine light feels like in your body. Allow it just to take your body over.
·      When you go to sleep at night direct the I in reverence, blessing and respect to come in and fill your body with light, to heal you, knowing you are already healed the moment the direction is given.
·      Be the love you are. That is your power.
·      When I honor, cherish and come forward for myself first in any way, I AM Love.
·      I know I’m love when I love myself. It is my clear direction and knowing that the more I love myself, the more I am love.
·      We’re absolutely claiming that we choose, direct and are the trust of ourselves to follow the divine guidance that we are and that we hear. Your voice is the voice.
·      I know that my voice is the voice. I am directing me through the I, as the I, with divine love. I choose to always hear the highest guidance and to follow it. I trust that I am the I that I am.
·      Stop worrying about how much sleep you are getting. We are sleeping less and less. Instead of worrying about how many hours of sleep you got, focus on how you feel.
·      The less stress you have and the less crap you have to worry about, the fewer hours of sleep you will need.
·      I am the creation of ease. Creation is ease itself. I am the creation of the I of ease.
·      This week consciously move into the amazing feeling of freedom, joy, bliss and love. Create yourself as those things and the universe must bring you those things.
·      I accept myself, I love myself, I rock that I have the guts to look at the truthfulness of me. I rock. I am awesome.

I love you all. We are going to depart now in love, joy, and magnificence, and the experience of all that. We are magnificent beings of light energy. I am the light energy of the one, the love that holds me in awe of the creation that I am. So it is. I love you. I can feel you in my heart. I can feel the connection of the oneness that we are. I send out strength, knowing, trust, clarity and the being-ness of the I. Remember, that love is your power. Take the power of you out into the world.  I love you.

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