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Conscious Creation ~ Directing Energy Part 42 ~ Show Recap ~ May 19, 2011

Conscious Creation ~ Directing Energy Part 42 ~ Show Recap ~ May 19, 2011

Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very sexy people! OMG is it good to be back with all of you! I was so grateful for my friends that were able to fill in this last week! I was so jealous and wanted to be there with all of you, but when you’re filming a movie you just never know what your call time is going to be!

The title of today’s show is the Creation of Creation, and you’re it! For example, if I want to act, it’s not up to my manager or my agent. That’s the first place we want to send it. We want it to be someone else’s responsibility and if it doesn’t happen, then it’s somebody else’s fault. That’s what we do with God, the energy, money, our significant others; we’re saying, “It’s your fault.” Or “You’re responsible, why didn’t you?” You all know my journey that I’ve been on with my book, “Bright Light” and I just want to say Thank You so much for all of your support and tweeting, Face Booking and wonderful reviews on Amazon! There is a lot of energy getting the word out, but we have to know that we are literally the creation of creation and knowing that we are healed and we are THERE, creates the reality of that. If we keep saying, “Why aren’t I? When will I?” in every moment of our life we are there AND we are getting there. It is just a continual expansion of the understanding of being there.

I stayed in a wonderful home with wonderful people in Georgia on the last little film that I was shooting this week. They had a wonderful little room for me to stay in and one day I went into the bathroom and got further affirmation that this work is spreading further and further everyday.  They had a Bible affirmation up in their bathroom, it read; “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2nd Timothy 1:7 The devotional thought underneath that was,  “If you want victory you must expose the place of your doubts and fears. Many of us are not willing to do that. The devil has intimidated so many of us that we hide our eyes from the sunshine of God’s light, which we are, there is really nothing to be afraid of when it comes to the devil.” Here it was in religious terms, but they are saying it exactly the same way that we do! The only people that are in our way, is us. Our beliefs, our fears, our misguided perceptions are the only things that are in the way of our light.

I got an email from one of my lovely clients who has an annual subscription about how lovely her life has been lately. Six months ago her life did not look so lovely. We’ve done a lot of work through our monthly privates and I’m so happy how her life has shifted. More importantly, she shared with me that she was given “Right or wrong, good or bad is merely a judgment based on perception.” Last night at the “I Am Bright Light Seminar” I said those exact words. I want to rejoice with her and all of you that you are all starting to do your own work, grasping and joyfully celebrating the power that you are.  I cam forward and claimed that I want “Bright Light” to be on the New York Times Bestseller list! If enough of us get the word out this is possible! By stating that it represents to the universe that I’m willing to come forward and claim my power. A lot of people pull back their energy when we think the things we want are too big. We must hold onto the knowing that with the one energy and us working together, all things are possible. We must know that and be the creation of that.

·      Our personal inner children are having problems communicating with us right now, because they are still scared. Any communication issues that you are having with your actual children is them responding to the fear they are sensing in your inner child.
·      A lot of the children coming into the world now are coming in with the knowing, the power and the truthfulness we are all seeking. We take them out of their power with our own fear, so they are in reaction to having to deal with our fears.
·      The reality is that our beliefs will keep creating what our beliefs are telling us. If we are continually looking to be healed we never are.
·      You must come forward and say what you want. Your fear is keeping your light smaller. Your knowingness is saying, “Shine your light! Shine it brightly!”
·      I am a light that everybody responds to and pays attention to. That is my creation of me. My I Am presence is such a light in this world that people pay attention to and acknowledge me in everyway.
·      Choose NOW! Choose the JOY NOW!! Create it NOW!! This is the moment to be your joy, be your creation, and be your power! NOW!
·      Peace and power are the same because you have conquered your fears. Power is the highest form of spirituality that we can experience right now, if we define it through love. I AM Peace and Power. I have conquered my fears. I am in Unconditional Love. That is my direction, my choice and my clear decision in my life, in this moment now.
·      In every subject of your life you are the creation of you as harmony. I know that my light shines so brightly in the power that I am that everything that I stand for is so clearly energetically presented to the world that they get it, in harmony.
·      The bigger my light is, the brighter my light is, and the more joyful and powerful my light is the safer and securer I am in this world. Everyone loves me, honors me, protects me, cherishes me and acknowledges me as I do myself.
·      Being in the moment, processing and letting go is the “new beginning”. If we’re not conscious in every moment, you’re stuck in the old energy and out of the knowing that the new beginning, the new healing and the new energy is here.
·      Choosing Joy is very different than choosing to not look at something so you can try and be happy. Embrace everything, acknowledge everything, feel everything and know that it’s all a part of the good of you.

Love yourself, Love yourself, and Love yourself. Check out
I love you and I can feel your love for me. Thank you for taking this Bright Light out and for sharing it with the world!

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Bright Light with Dee Wallace ~ Show Recap ~I am the Creation of the Creation

Bright Light with Dee Wallace ~ Show Recap ~I am the Creation of the Creation ~ Monday, May 16, 2011

Well, hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and VERY sexy people! OMG! Am I glad to be back with all of you! I’m going through withdrawal; I don’t like not being here and not being with all of you! I just wrapped the wonderful film with Doris Roberts and Robert Loggia and I just flew into Atlanta! I’ve been here for about 2 hours and this is the first time I’m doing this with my travel computer and my cell phone! I’m so proud of myself for being able to do this! This is a huge Woohoo! for me!

Tonight is, I am the Creation of Creation. We are continuing the expansive and deeper understanding of what we’ve been talking about. This was all coming up around “Bright Light” my new book, as you know there have been some challenges around bringing this out. People I’ve hired that have not come through missed opportunities, etc. Basically I was trying to micro-manage this from the old energy; thinking I have to do this and I have to do this. When I sat down to do the work around “Bright Light” the voice said, “You’re not asking for what you want.” I said, well, I’ve hired people to do all of this and I’m doing all the work and they said, “Yes, But YOU haven’t asked for exactly what you want.”  I thought, no I have asked for what I want, so I tested it and got a HUGE no. Then the voice said, “What is it, EXACTLY, that you want?” I could feel the resistance going on in me as I started to come forward and claim what I wanted for “Bright Light”.  I want “Bright Light” on the New York Times Bestseller List, I want it to reach that many people, to affect that many people, I want it to have to weight and the credence that the politicians and the spiritual leaders of our time have, and that the policy makers in our world pick up the book and allow them to experience whatever energetic shift will take them into owning their power and their light. I had not asked for any of that. I was afraid that if I stated that and it doesn’t happen, then I’m not the creator that I think I am.

There is nothing to lose by claiming what you want; you will only gain from that experience. Basically, if we are the creation of all creation, we are allowing every single, solitary piece of information, of unlimited thought, to be made known to us consciously. There is a lot of new information out there that we must allow ourselves to receive, we can not get there from the “old ways” of dealing with things, with the old thoughts that created the old ways.

Overwhelm is up with a lot of us right now. We’re overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in the world, by financial challenges, by the chase to make money, by our fear, even though we know it’s not a truthfulness. It’s seeping in whether we are consciously aware of it or not. It’s cellular. We’ve been taught this since the beginning of time. I urge you to have as much fun as you can, stay balanced, keep your heart open and love yourself. It is vitally important that you love yourself and have fun right now!

You all know I’m traveling to about 6 cities, doing 6 different projects in the month of May and I find myself going back to my old patterns. I think I should feel overwhelm, but I don’t. Everything has gone absolutely smoothly. Because I’m doing so much my mind keeps saying that I should be overwhelmed because I’m simply so busy.  We expect this pattern of things going well and then ending up in the toilet to keep happening. You have the choice to re-create this or not. You must consciously choose what you want to create, because you are the creation of it.

We have not simply said this is what I’m creating. This is it, I am the creation of my book reaching the masses, not the people I hire, they are instruments that come forward for me to create. But if I don’t know that it starts with me, I will create people that don’t come forward for me, so I can GET that it’s all about me.

The message to us all right now is, QUIT QUESTIONING.

There is one more thing I want to share with you before we take calls. There’s this feeling in the middle of my chest. It’s a feeling of pure panic and fear. The closest I can get to a description of it is, that I’m in this panic that I’m going to get in trouble.  I can trace that back to an experience I had with a girlfriend in the 4th grade where we were pretending to go on a date. Her mother came in and caught us and she told me that she was going to call my mother and tell her the bad things that I had been doing. Well, my mother never actually said anything to me about it because she knew that we were just being kids. Now that I do this work, I know that this fear comes from a past life. We’re afraid of getting trouble because we will die energetically. We’re in fear of knowing that we are alien energy.  When we expanded that further we discovered that alien energy meant “all unlimited thought”, which is Bright Light.  We’re in fear of all the unlimited thought that we could access that will truly let us experience, claim and acknowledge the power that we are.

·      You are the God you’ve been waiting for. You are the God you are praying for and you are the God you have to surrender to. There is ONE ENERGY. We are the Angels, we are the God Energy, we are the guides, and we are our higher self. If you are going to surrender, you must surrender to your highest knowing.
·      You can’t allow a new thought in until you surrender the old limiting one. You can’t allow yourself to be powerful until you surrender the victim.
·      In order to have the unlimited thoughts of magnificence, joy, bliss, peace, abundance, health and wellness, we must surrender our limiting thoughts that life must be hard.
·      I am a powerful creator of health and wellness in my body, mind and spirit, I deserve it and so it is.
·      Nobody else can create YOU, believing that something is possible.
·      I embrace, celebrate and am powerful around ALL parts of me that are in power. And so it is.
·      There’s not a wrong choice, unless you create it being a wrong choice. You are the creation of whether or not anything is right or wrong. You must move into your own power of “this is who I authentically am and I’m not going to be guilty or dis-acknowledge any of it.”
·      If you don’t like someone or have trouble connecting with their energy, even if its your mother, if you’re able to accept it and just know that this is authentically who you are, you will be able to be joyful.
·      You can’t be joyful if you’re in judgment of the way you feel about anyone or anything.
·      Creation is about; I’m going to choose to authentically be in my power, say what I want and know that it’s delivered to me. I don’t need to know how it’s going to happen, I just hold the clear intention and focus of what I want.
·      If a runner wants to win a race they see past the finish line. When I was manifesting a certain amount of money I aimed past the finish line and wrote a larger amount than I had first focused on. I posted that amount on post its around my house and every time I walk by one I say, “It’s possible, I deserve it! Work it out Universe!”
·      When a limiting thought like, when it gets close it goes away, comes in, invite it in, sit and chat with it like a friend and say, “You know what, I am choosing to be the creation of you as a new thought. That everything that hovers there is delivered to me. That it’s completed, that all the perfect opportunities come to me and they match harmony, joy, love and a great paycheck. From now on thought, you’re going to be that friend!”
·      Do you understand that this process is a way of life, of living, thinking and being that we are creating on this show? You all have to hold on to what it is that you want to create. You have to hold on to the focus and the unlimited thinking in all of that! What you create a month from now comes from the energy that you are in, in this very moment.
·      I am healed.
·      In order for me to be my Bright Light, I, or my world has to fall apart. --- This is an old belief. Simply focus on what you want.

We claim the joy and celebration of the acceptance by all energy, including our own magnificence and power of the creation that we are. I am the creation of the creation and so it is.

I love being here with you guys. I love it. I want to hear from all of you, how you’re doing and how things are shifting for you. We are working on creating a community board on so look out for that coming soon!

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Conscious Creation ~ Part 41 Show Recap ~ Jared sits in! SUPPORT!

May 12, 2011

Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, very sexy people! I am off starring in a fabulous film with Doris Roberts, so today I have a wonderful surprise for you! My friend, my mentor, my healing partner, my co-creator in much of the work I bring to you, Jarrad Hewett is going to be with you today! I often reference Jarrad on the show when I talk about calling him to figure things out. So, I would love to introduce you to, Jarrad Hewett!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am feeling fabulous and sexy as always and hope you all are as well! The topic of the show today is Support and what I initially thought was going to happen, is not happening, so we will go on the fly as always! I got here nice and early, and Michael was running late so I got to break into the house Ferris Bueller style! I set up the computer and started going over somethings about support. Dee and I have been talking about what is up with the collective and what exactly we can do to get to the point where we KNOW we are creation. Oftentimes we get it and we direct it in the universe, but then energetically dropping out on the “whole is the creation of who I am”. We were looking in the mirror and saying show me my beautiful six pack abs and my sexy ass, and then seeing our spare tire and some donut holes. What we needed to do was to direct the universe or the mirror to direct us to be what we wanted. We’ve only been doing half of that.

The DNA of light energy is some really huge information coming in lately!
The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest __________ as the light of the one. This is the statement of new strands of DNA as manifestation. I am the creation of the creation.

We understand that we’re inviting in energy and certain energy would come in to support us and then we would go, ewww, we don’t want that. For example, in a private I had this week, my client had set very specific criteria of what she wanted in a man. She had managed to manifest at least 80% of those things in her new partner. All she could focus on was the 80% and the fact that that wasn’t enough.  Together we discovered that she was the remaining 20%, she already had those qualities that she thought were missing from this man. He didn’t have them because she already possessed them, so the universe was providing her with his 80% to support her 20%, making them a complete 100%. Instead of saying thank you and taking that 80%, she was saying, screw you, I want him to do all 100% of it. So today I want to talk about how we can collectively bring all of our experiences and people in our worlds together and allow ourselves to be fully supported. We don’t need to feel bad if we ask for help. Ultimately we are asking for help from the universe and if we are unable to accept help from other people, we will not be able to accept the help from the universe.

I would love for you all to use the statement, “The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest love and support as the light of the one.”

·      In order to be the power that you are and be open to it – Claim all your energy systems in the body and above, front and back are balanced, repaired and spinning correctly. I am the highest answer, I am healed, I want everything to be balanced, I am.
·      "It is a joy that I can scarcely put into the words to know that somewhere on this plant earth are those who wish to see made manifest the immaculate concept for themselves, their fellow man and the planet as well as those who wish to rejoice with the God of all creation and the perfection of that divine design made manifest again.” Page 137 The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak on the Seven Steps to Precipitation
·      The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest everything in the above statement, plus joyous income and the ability to be my own boss and set my own schedule, complete sovereignty over the being that I am as the light of the one.
·      The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest trust in the one and in self as the light of the one and as the self.
·      When you find yourself stuck and need a moment of play, try the Peanut Butter/ Jelly Song! “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly time, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, In My Mouth!”
·      In relationships, our energy comes forward to play or dance together with the other person’s energy, interacting as their own field. The energy field that is created with both of your energies can hold their own beliefs separate from our own individual energy.
·      The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest complete, loving communication between myself, within myself and within everyone as the light of the one.
·      Be conscious everyday to be one with the balanced frequency of the I Am.
·      If you don’t allow all that you are to come in and support you, you will be stuck. It’s like trying to get over a big rock wall, but you didn’t bring any of your climbing equipment, so allow the I Am, the universe to bring in the equipment.  I create my light now as the direction of my light, I am divine love, I acknowledge this and so it is.
·      Balance the fear of creation using; the light of me directs the light of the one to manifest knowing and joyful creation as the light of the one that I am. Now I am the creation of the creation, I am the energy of the whole and the whole is the divine love.
·      The Facts of Life song goes, “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life.” We want to move into “You take the good, you take the more good, we keep taking good and that’s our life!” 
·      The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest brilliant joy, happiness and ever expanding joy as the light of the one.
·      If you can constantly be your knowing, you will no longer need to be reminded of anything, joy, freedom, bliss, any of it.
·      Core Belief - I have to leave to be safe before they leave me. Balance with The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest perfect relationships in every moment of now, as the light of the one. I am the creation of the creation, I am the energy of the whole and the whole is the divine love, I am self -love.
·      What you resist persists. The issue with trying to fix a problem means that you’re holding on to that problem to fix it. Instead of holding onto it and fixing it, can you just love and accept it? I’m not fighting it, I’m accepting it.  Which in essence means you’re still fighting the fact that you created this, therefore fighting your creation.
·      I create my life now as the direction of my light, I am divine love, I acknowledge this and so it is!

Thank you so much everyone! I loved this show! If you want to know more about me, Jarrad Hewett, go to, or check out The Big E that I co-wrote with Dee Wallace! It’s absolutely hilarious! I have a new book called, “Love, Life, God, the Journey of Creation” that comes out in a month. Go Pre-order it right now! It tells you exactly what creation is, how it works and how to get the most of life out of what you want! Love you! Goodbye!


I can't believe there are people that are disappointed that IT didn't happen. This is the joyful noise we are singing to? ( See, I do have religious training.) Cause I am thinking that the very reason to be joyful is that we can still choose to be. Now. While we are in the moment of being tested, the moment of fear, the time of uncertainty. It is our God-given right to choose to be happy. Period.
 Of course, I am sitting in a hotel room in New York City after taping Good Morning America to promote Bright Light that is affecting lots of lives.  I am not in Joplin, Missouri. It's easier for me to choose joy.  And I want to look at what the channel has to say about that. So I am asking. " How do we choose joy in the midst of devastation?" I am open to all new thoughts regarding this, because we all really want to know.  So here goes.
 1) Claim that I Am the Highest Answer. I Am Healed. I Am.
2) Invoke the rays,flames, and lights and........beams. That's a new one. They are showing me rays like sunlight coming in, and it is referring to the incoming light energy that is here.

Let's break this down and get REALLY clear about what that means.
We have to BE the Highest Answer.How we choose to react to anything and everything defines the creation of the next moments ( and future). We are the highest answers to the creation FROM that reaction. Again, as hard as it might be,  the creation of Us and our world depends on the Choice and Focus of Acceptance which ultimately creates peace, necessary to move into happiness.

I Am Healed: Just because devastation in some manner has befallen me, it DOES NOT DEFINE ME.  I am already " there." What has happened to me has happened so that I may use it to define who I Am.  Can I keep my heart open and my light bright so that I may create again? And keep creating?  
I Am.   What?  I Am giving up? I Am afraid?  I Am nothing because I have nothing?  OR
 I feel all those real emotions of being human and I Am Choice and I Am balanced, and I Am a person that perserveres and creates again.

 I have to say that even writing this I am pulled to WANTING to feel afraid that this will offend people because I seem not very empathetic here.  I do feel that. For all those who have lost and are challenged in this moment. And yet the message is clear: We must choose Love.  Not fear. Love. What would love choose now?
 I Am loving all those challenged physically and emotionally to choose to love themselves enough to know they can do it. Whatever It is. You are enough. You deserve it. You are energetic creation itself.  Create well.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm in the south and it's everywhere. I am wondering if Los Angeles is focused on the end of the world as much as people are here. Whether they are in committed belief of its truthfulness, or laughing at its absurdity, the energy is permeating everything, and therefore, everyone.

 In my world, I believe in judgment day, but not in the sense of the present looming moment.  We are all at judgment day:  is this the day I give up judging myself, my world, and the people in it?  Is this the day I give up judgment about having what I want? About the guilt that comes with it? Am I willing to stop judging myself so I can love myself and really create a heaven here on earth....a heaven I believe is available to all despite their religious beliefs, but based more on the acceptance of themselves, and therefore all of mankind, as miraculous.?

 I have been trying to listen to the various reports without judgment, because, after all, that is what I am intending to be free of.  There seems to be one thread that runs through all accounts, and that is fear. Fear that it is here, fear you don't believe enough to "go" and be saved, fear that we don't really know what will happen except that "those" who aren't ready are gonna wish they were.

I think one of the most important statements in the world was ," We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Fear is hell. Right here. Right now. Fear is the opposite of freedom. So it seems a bit of an oxymoron that we have to be in fear to be free.

 Maybe the religious establishments forgot to address the scripture from 2 Timothy 1:7. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." Now that's freedom. And my take on it is:  if I live in that vibration till " the end", I will have lived in heavenly happiness till then.

So here's to the judgment day where we choose not to judge and not to fear. But to soar. In my judgment, that choice wins.  What do you think??

Sunday, May 15, 2011



Well, this trip has been a great discerning tool re: the balance of my energy and the rest of the planet. It is becoming clearer by the minute.

Being the “people-pleaser, good-doer, save the world kind of girl”, that I was raised to be, I've given myself up most of my life to take care of people and situations. Please refer to the earlier blog re: saving and being saved. I have been growing up a lot through this entire spiritual journey, and finding out that LOVING ME FIRST was the most important fact in creation remains to still be the vaguest clarity. But I'm getting there.

I know I have to start with that intention: I'm going to love me in the highest way----1.).I will stop to ask, am I resentful doing this? 2.) Does this give me joy? 3.) Do I have the energy and 4.) Is my energy in alignment with this, 5.) Is it for my highest good to change my perception about this and CREATE my energy being in alignment? And 6.) Does this give me joy? It's important to stay in joy. You have to create more....joyful things.

So now, those guidelines help me come forward and ask for what I need, be clear about what I want, have a better definition of what I am willing to give.
In the past month that has meant:

1.) Not wearing a costume that wasn't right because everyone was in a hurry.  Before, I would have resented doing it AND done it anyway because I wanted to be the good girl.  Or I would have thought I needed to be a hard ass and demand my rights. This time I was strong, but decided, in what I needed.  They appreciated it after the moment.

2.) Taking time away from signing autographs to go eat a healthy lunch and have an hour of quiet for myself.  Before, I would gobble something at the table because, God forbid, I missed someone. Now I hold the intention that if they want me, they'll find me. I am worth it. That little break added a whole new freshness for all of us.

3.) I choose to open up dialogue with someone again that could have easily gone unsaid and been the end of a relationship.  But The Voice kept whispering, " This is your stuff too, Dee.  Look for the Pony."  So I did. It feels good to be in communication with them again. And with myself.

4.) Lastly, but certainly not least, whenever I have AUTOMATICALLY gone back into “I can't believe how much I am doing and I should be tired and overwhelmed", I choose the higher love of, “This is the only moment. Be here now (as EST would say). Direct your moments now. You ARE energy, Dee. Stay balanced in it.” 

Do you know I haven't had a late plane, missed luggage, an unhappy moment, and I have met the most incredible people and shared great love with many. It's been a good exercise in living everything I teach.  And I know it’s right. I know it works. Because I am living the change I wanted in the world. I--and my world--are beautiful.  Blessings, Dee

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Say Yes

Well, here I am on the set of Margarine Wars with Doris Roberts, Robert Loggia ,Terry Moore and many other very talented actors. I almost said no to this project, but I said yes. And like everything, I am not really here for the obvious reason it appears, but to learn yet again about expanding myself, my vibration, my conscious choices and my insight into my greatest part--me.

 Just when you think you are among "actors", you mention a belief and find that you are again surrounded by people who are also exploring their beliefs and consciousness. Some call  it religion, some awakening, some soul-searching.  But we are all swimming in the question of Who Am I and what is my purpose in this big sea of expansion. So many of us found ourselves congregated around the lunch table contributing to the conversation of The Search. I almost said no to joining everyone, but instead I said yes. There were catholics, Buddhists,atheists, science-of-minders, and a variety of other off shoots, all pondering different issues of pain and challenge going on in our lives.

I shared some of Bright Light with them. Another complimented the discussion with the Buddha's meaning of purpose, and inevitably we ventured into the more defined religious
beliefs that we were all raised with and many of the people at the table still shared. One of the more staunch Bible Belters stood up. I felt a moment of sadness that perhaps we had offended him, all of us new-age, California actor types.

 He raised his coke. "Here's to us," he said, smiling, " Here's to love."

We all joined in, sharing that brief moment of humanity with strangers that have found a common ground for all. That moment of connection we all are starving for. Tears of emotion filled me up.  To Love.  Straight and simple. And powerful.  Thank you, stranger, for putting it so eloquently.  You just never know what you're gonna get when you say yes.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


It's Mothers Day and I am in an airport ready to take off for a film with Doris Roberts. Even though my beautiful daughter took me to dinner Friday to celebrate, I am feeling a little sorry for myself.  It doesn't make any sense.

  But alot of things don't make any sense these days, because we are so used to feeling certain ways around patterns in our life, that whether we are REALLY feeling that way is hard to discern.
 I mean, this is just a Sunday like every other Sunday. Except someone labeled it Mother's Day. But just the indoctrination that you should be celebrated ON THE DAY is hard to shake, and I am falling automatically into the programming of poor me. I should be home. I should be taken out to brunch, it's not logical. I don't want to feel that way. I choose not to feel that way.  And yet I can viscerally FEEL the pull to feel that way.

We are all experiencing it.  Something somewhere in our lives still feels the same, even though we have changed.  It is not really a part of us now, and yet we kind of long for the drama of holding on to it: the worry over money, the worry over health,  the same patterns in relationships.  It's not us anymore, but somehow the charge is still enough that the memory pulls us back and if we aren't conscious, we start spiraling again into the memory of what didn't serve us in the first place, but it is a memory we know. And familiarity is comforting.  It's just not very expansive. It keeps us chraged to what we don't want. Again.

 Let's decide today to create a new neuropathway and charge the hell out of it. I choose that. Are you with me?  I choose to celebrate the moment of creation I am in right now, knowing that I have a daughter that unconditionally loves and honors me, as I do my mother who is not in embodiment but still very much alive and with me. She can't go to brunch either. But my honor for her could not be more in place.

 I want to implant the exciting charge of creation in this moment, and unplug from the drama of the past. It doesn't serve me, or the people I love, or the world I create.  It's old.  It feels old.  I charge the new with excitement. I accept the authentic me as the woman and mother who refuses to feel guity, even though it is all self-imposed--because I am living and experiencing the grace of power that I am.

 And I know that is the greatest gift I can give to this daughter I love so very much:  Be your authentic self, without regret or apology or justification.  Shout to the world, " This is me, and I love me."  And then pass it along to your kids. It will be my legacy to all who follow. You are brilliant and magnificent and a force in this world.  Happy Mother's Day to me.  And to you. 



Saturday, May 7, 2011

Conscious Creation ~ Directing Energy Part 40 ~ Show Recap ~ May 5, 2011

Good morning all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, wonderful, VERY sexy people. OMG! We are going so fast, especially now that Bright Light has come out, the energy for me has seemed to escalate to triple the amount I’m used to! I woke up this morning in a total panic after not having a lot of sleep the night before, but was able to get to some amazing information about having to be saved or saving someone else.  There is nobody that has to be saved, least of all you, you were saved the moment you came into this world. However, if we are living with the belief that we need to be saved, or nobody can ever be saved, anything about that, you are going down the wrong track because as you believe, it will be delivered unto you. If our focus, consciously or subconsciously is on, I have to save myself then we will always keep ourselves in the reality of creating things we have to save ourselves from. Like, I don’t have enough money; I have a health crisis, etc. Let’s come together to claim the new statement, the new sheet, to let go of all of this stuff around saving.

We’ve had a lot come in this last week about light and energy. Basically we’ve been keeping them separate; so we’ve been directing energy, but not through our light or with our light, which has sabotaged the enormity of what we can create. We are literally creating new DNA strands of light energy. We were given the words, “the alchemy of the soul”, so I looked up alchemy and the word transmutation was the most appropriate one. We are literally trans mutating the light of our soul right now.
Use this statement to exponentially blow open your manifestation.

“The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest __________________ as the light of the one. “

Quickly lets talk about why I woke up in a panic. On Healing with the Masters last night we had a caller that got incredibly ill with a pain in her head. I got that it was all about the resistance to letting go of the stories. You can not create all of this new thought, this new DNA, this new world if you keep getting the ride from the old stuff guys. We just can’t. My focus and my intention is miraculous healing, and that this work can create that in all of us. But when these callers came in, I could feel me pull back, you all know that I often joke and say, “I am not a doctor.” I knew that this caller and her healing was not a joke and I could feel fear creep in, knowing that I should be careful. So, this morning I awoke in that fear and that panic, which felt very much like post-partum after I had my lovely daughter Gabrielle. I would wake up in such a panic that I had actually done some of the awful things that I had done in my dreams, because my hormones were so out of wack. A lot of what we are doing now has to do with hormones. When we shift our DNA it is going to affect us hormonally.

I lay in bed, processing for a few minutes and then I got up and walked myself through the process that I do with all of you. I felt like I was going to fear, I’m in fear that I had done something wrong, but it wasn’t literally “fear”. It was the fear that my authentic self is wrong, because on the show, I was being exactly that. When I pulled back from that and that is what created the fear. The fear was because I pulled back from my authentic self that knows that we can heal ourselves. Please, everyone, right now, let’s come forward and claim the statement and the sheet around ANY fear of being the authentic self that we are.

The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest acceptance, joy, and glory around being my authentic self as the light of the one. That is the DNA that I am invoking and igniting.  I choose to know, claim, demand and allow that my authentic self is directed through divine love, always is for the highest, the best, the clearest and the celebration of me. So it is.

Last week I wrote a blog about Osama Bin Laden and as I wrote that blog there was a lingering thought of  “How much back-lash am I going to receive for writing this?” My manager sent me this quote this morning. 
"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." Martin Luther King, Jr.
I’m happy to say that being my authentic self I brought forth information that was a pretty clear match to this information. My first thought, and it was a joke, was, yeah and look what happened to him. I want you to know that that is the panic and the opportunity. Can we unconditionally have a new thought that those of us that come forward for the light, that stand for the light, that are the light, that are the authentic selves of the light that we are flourish, are celebrated, are honored, and are secure in this world?

·                         *  If you’re blocked in moving forward and this belief, “In order for me to be born, nobody else     can be.” The only way we can be born in any relationship, business and any other way is to go out and play with everyone who is born. Make sure you balance that statement.
·                        * When I am connected to the I AM, I AM safe and free to joyfully experience the expansion, the ascension of my authentic self in every aspect of my life.
·                      * Just trust that the right information will come up for YOU.
·                      * Do you know that energy goes on when people die? Do you know that they are free? Do you know that they are with you all the time? Those who have passed will give you signs, but your grief can make it difficult for them to see.
·                       * The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest the peacefulness of the maternal DNA as the light of the one.
·                         * Brought that in to shift the energy of the mother’s who have been holding grief that they have been holding for eternity.
·                     * Make a circle and send out all of our meridians of love for all maternal grief that has been held in our DNA, sending out our love through the meridians, to each other and to the world and to all maternal energy and so it is.
·                      * Literally create new DNA around representing and knowing WHO we are without any outside thing to define us. I am a person who is secure in this world whether Bin Laden is here, or he is gone. I don’t need Bin Laden to define the security of me in this world. I don’t need anyone else to define the worth of me in this world. I am worthy because I am here.
·                       * We are at the moment of choice RIGHT now. Whatever it is, we can go, I want to heal, I want to heal, I want to heal, whatever it is I want to know it, whatever it is I choose to let go of it. I am choosing to absolutely know how to love myself, to experience that. If we do not choose to know, become conscious of and to let go of, we must create physical things in our body to get in the way and to get our attention.
·                     * When we ask for miraculous healing, that doesn’t mean that someone else cannot come in to help us, so don’t shut down from other people coming forward to help you.     All the light works together.
·                       * I accept the magnificence of who I AM.
·                        * I experience and grasp the magnificence of who I AM.
·                       * If you don’t acknowledge, feel and celebrate the shifts, the expansion and the small incremental shifts that we are claiming, the experience creates a knowingness and the knowingness creates the experience of joy and freedom.
·                       * I Am filled up with joy, I have unlimited knowing about the joy that I am. The light of me directs the light of the one to manifest joy as the light of the one within me.
·                         * Breathing is so important! DEEP, NATURAL BREATHING!

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I love you. Can you feel, let’s fill ourselves up with the love for each other and the love for this community and know that the only way we can experience that is through the love for ourselves!


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