Thursday, September 29, 2011

~ Bright Light with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ September 26, 2011 ~

 Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very, very sexy people! Here we are again at my favorite time of being with you! Tonight is all about resistance, so I’m going to dive in. We go through periods where we break open some energy and move some stuff, but now we are in quantum leap! Holy Hello, hold on to your hats, speed ahead. If you’re in resistance to anything you’re not in acceptance of it and you’re fighting the very energy that you want to be using. When you accept everything you say, come on in, we’re all energy, lets look at this, I am the source of all energy, including whatever we are in resistance to.
            The biggest resistance we have right now is knowing we are it, knowing we are God, knowing we are the creative force, knowing we had the power all along Dorothy, knowing we are the perception that creates us and the life that we live. Around knowing we are it, I am asking everyone to come forward and claim, I am Divine Love, I know I’m it, I experience that I’m it, I take responsibility for being it, I am the joy of being it and so it is. That my lovely people, is what they call freedom! They are already getting us ready for the I Am Freedom Webinar.
            Why would we not want to embrace and know that we are it and be the freedom that we are meant to be? As we have discussed, the biggest reason is OMG, will I do it wrong again and screw it up? All the way back to Atlantis, or another lifetime where we stepped into our power and thought and I screwed it up. I’m telling you guys, you won’t get it wrong this time. Let’s I am divine love that, all around that little puppy. We know that our intention is to do everything and be everything through divine love and with divine love. You cannot misuse your power when it’s directed through divine love.  If you’re not in freedom, you’re kind of in hell and you can’t get out of hell if you believe that it’s not your power that gets you out. We will stay in that purgatory in some areas of our lives until we unconditionally say, I know and accept that I am the highest answer, I’ve got to walk the talk and clean up me.
            We are in “High Noon” with creation as long as we’re in resistance to anything. If you’re in resistance with money, relationships, success, or health and wellness, you will remain at a stand off and in limitation of your power. If we go into judgment we create a stand off which creates doubt, doubt equals not being able to live in the naiveté, which sabotages the creation of who we are. Any kind of imbalance of the masculine, feminine and child is equated to a stand off and it separates the energy. Any separation of energy creates the imbalance of those three, which creates a stand off. We all want to come forward right now and balance, I accept the energy of creation that I am. So it is.
            The last thing I am supposed to do around resistance is to read from Ramtha. This is on page 127, where she is talking about her theory of creation, “Indeed. And it would also mean that everything your religions have taught could be wrong. Do you know what is wonderful about that? It means that perhaps there really is no such thing as a devil, or hell, or sin, or damnation, or a fearsome God; that they could be wrong. And they are.” I have to tell you, because of something that is going on in my life and because of a caller from Thursdays show, I asked, “What is it that I have to remember about Satan?” The message I received was, “It’s just another monster, Dee. It’s just another monster movie.” I submit that to you to get a little perspective on the dark side and all of that fear that we are afraid of moving back into.

·      There is no answer. What is right for us, is right for us, but may not work for the next person. My business manager doesn’t think it’s right for me to pay off my house, but energetically, it works for me.
·      Always drop into your heart center and make the decision from there. Feel what’s right, don’t try and use your head, it’s deceptive and misleading.
·      I am divine love, knowing that we choose to accept the magnificence of who we are, right now, the way we are, knowing that we are whole, complete and perfect in our imperfectness.
·      Do everything for yourself! Do it for the love of yourself, the joy of yourself and by being that authentic self you will free other people to be authentic.
·      Accept the beauty of you. Your power will come from that.  There’s not one thing about me that I am in resistance to.
·      If you run into a block or a wall this is what you say, “My I am presence is the most powerful force on earth, period. I am in charge and I will do this, be this, create this, take action on this, and think this.
·      Nothing is stronger than your I Am Presence, if we consistently invoke the I am presence with power, the I am Presence will win.
·      I am safe and secure to be the powerful creation of the me that I am.
·      It is my clear direction of my I Am Presence that when I am free I am totally free and so is everyone else to create the energy that we are.
·      Can I allow myself to be the free energy that creates everything? Yes. For us to experience a new experience and to put a new belief in place we have to choose to believe it so we can experience it. That’s what they mean when they say leap and the net appears.
·      Accept all of the energy that is going on. Accept it all and tell it how you want it to work out.
·      I create me by loving me, honoring me, cherishing me and coming forward for me in everyway and so it is.
·      If you are not consciously shifting your own energy you can talk to 15 healers in a week and you will not shift. You must take responsibility for your own I Am Presence.
·      The fear of being so high, so free and so happy is keeping us from saying we are God. Which goes back to resistance. The biggest fear of all is knowing we are it. When we do know we are it, we are bathed in sunshine.
·      Will you claim the power of the God that you are and consciously move forward to create yourself?

Let’s take some time to hold the very sacred space of our love for each other and ourselves and to know that we are the amazing, magnificent creators of our self. I love you.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

~ Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ September 22, 2011 ~

            Good morning, all of you amazing fabulous, incredible, magnificent, awesome and very, sexy people. Hold on to your hats again! There is so much new information coming in that I’m still claiming understanding of all of it. You will probably bring in a lot of it today because when two or more are gathered, and here we are, Loving each other again! We are holding the intention of the highest information, the highest truth, unlimited possibility and the highest understanding of that. So, let’s get to it. This is the closest that I understand it right now. Think of a penny, heads and tails, that’s kind of where we’re at in our understanding and perception of ourselves and the world. We perceive everything as having two sides. When I ask if this is the highest understanding of the most ultimate truth, I get a no. Right now its our truth because we’re holding that perception and you know that whatever perception you hold of yourselves that’s how you see yourself and therefore how you create the world through that perception.
            Let’s take the penny of peace and chaos right now. I invite you to relate it to anything that’s going on in your life, wherever the challenge is to know that there is only peace. It can be health, relationships or a disappointment in a job, like I had yesterday, all those places that we give away our light and we fall back into the perception of our heads. If there is anything that can take away our peacefulness, it's our heads. We need to know that we create the consciousness of both sides of peace and chaos. Right? We are the creation of the consciousness and energy that can choose to release the perception that we need those polarities in order to create choice. We are, I am the creation of the consciousness that chooses the perception that I can choose peace. Period.
Most of us are kind of in a truce state. We’ve called a truce to the chaos and said, okay, I’m not going to create that anymore. Yet we are still trying to figure out if we are going to go back to war or if we are just going to sign the peace treaty with ourselves and the world. As long as we are holding ourselves in the truce state we aren’t really in our knowing, our hara lines get all funk-da-fied and we live in what I’ve come to term in the last week, as energetic purgatory. We’re wanting to, we needing to, we’re kind of hoping to, and yet we go back and forth and back and forth between what our heart centers know is the truth and what our minds keep us in doubt with. I think we need to make a stand today that we are moving out of truce and signing the peace treaty for peace within ourselves. That’s our choice, that’s our decision; the deal has been made, signed, sealed and delivered. We now can give up having to conquer ourselves, the world, our minds, etc. If we don’t give up conquering then we can’t stand in creation and move out of truce.
Why do we keep doing that? It took me to genetic health; mental, physical, spiritual, chemical, cosmic and dimensional. But, interestingly enough we aren’t including emotional. I’m asking for higher clarity around that. In genetic health is some addendum of the belief that I have to sabotage what I’ve already created. Oh gee, I created the money, oh now look, I don’t know if I have the job. Oh look, I created a perfect test result from a threatening test result, oh now it could be something else. I’ve already sabotaged what I’ve gotten and created and we do that by staying in the truce of indecision, the truce of not walking out the door going I’m choosing peace, no matter what. No matter what the moment sends me it’s not about my choice of whether or not I can have the peace. I want everyone to come together and claim with me, I am the decision of peace, freedom, harmony, self-love, divine love and bliss. I choose to be the experience of that decision in every moment of the now that I live, energetically or physically. So it is.
There’s another belief that most of us have or an addendum of it; people don’t like me and they don’t honor me. It can be people like me, but they don’t show up to support me. One of the callers on Monday’s show was experiencing people attacking her, another version of this belief. Whatever our belief is, we are ready to move out of the truth of that and create knowing that all energy cherishes, celebrates, honors me and comes forward for me because I choose to do that for myself. Let’s choose now to literally and consciously radiate our light out into the world, going I know you love me, cherish me, honor me, support me and show up for me. I am radiating that knowing out into the world and insisting that all energy be in harmony with that.
There is some new stuff coming in about resistance. This came in this morning from one of my beloved students who started with me in acting and has just leapt into the channeling work in the last month. I want to read you something that he sent me this morning.  “We can literally create, alter, change and reform our very universe with our being-ness. To do so we must be in complete non-resistance and acceptance of our capacity for the limitless, physical manifestation of our thoughts and embrace and accept our power to create and re-create instantaneously and spontaneously.” I am asking all energy to come forward and claim that I am that. I accept it. I choose it. That is the peace of my clear choice. When we fight anything in our current situation this prohibits our expansion and creation. Why is that? Because we go into reaction and when we go into reaction about what’s happening right now we move out of our creation in the moment. This is our claim around freedom; I am the omnipresent, all -powerful, protecting intelligence that governs this mind and this body and so it is. That’s from the “I Am Discourses”.

·      When I get close, I sabotage what I need and what I want. When you are ready, willing and able to let the definition of being a student fall away you can create you as the definition of a continuing, conscious creator in this world.  I am a conscious, continuing source of creation.
·      When we are in anticipation of something we are out of the moment of now. It takes us out of our freedom.
·      I am moving out of the truce between the light and the dark. I am directing my presence to know and experience only peace, love, bliss, divine love, harmony and balance.
·      Nothing is in the future, everything is right now, and everything is under you direction, including your ego and everything. All of you makes up your I Am presence, so unite all aspects of you under the clear direction of the I Am presence which is unlimited thought and unlimited possibility of truth.
·      Your I Am presence is the presence, the ego, and the everything, it is waiting for your clear direction and with your clear direction there is no more powerful creative force on earth. It is the energy, the light that manifests all.
·      God is simply the all-encompassing energy that creates everything and God helps those who help themselves. The energy cannot help you until you choose the direction and the power behind it.
·      I am the consciousness that creates every illusion.
·      We are consciously directing our I Am presence with tough, joyous, empowering love to continue to create abundance, wealth, expansion and consistency of ease and effortlessness and flow because we know that we’re the ones that create it. So it is.

I thank all of you for coming forward for yourself. As usual I could spend about 5 more hours with you, but we’re out of time. I love you. I love you. I love you. Take time to love yourself and experience the magnificence and the blessing that you are.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

~ Bright Light With Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ September 19, 2011 ~

            Hello all you magnificent, fabulous, incredible, awesome and very sexy people! I said my magnificent first and then I just had to live in the moment and create there! Hold onto your hats because there is new stuff and new understanding! We’ve just been discerning, discerning and discerning all day long! It’s very exciting.
            I’m getting masses of emails with great response to “Creating Me After Loss”! We got to some great discernment around a lot of things, none the least of which was a lot of people thinking that just balancing the energy was actually creating what they wanted. When you balance the energy it brings you back to the point where you can create, the zero point, so you can choose. Then you have to consciously claim and direct what you want. Once you get clear about what you want, claim and direct it, know that it is done. The rest of it is simply holding your attention on only what it is you want and have directed. It’s not a continual, “Okay, please. Okay, please. Okay, please.” It is however a continual creation in every moment. It’s a shift in the intention around that. For example, if I am directing perfect health around my back and that’s my clear direction and I harmonize with freedom, joy, love, unconditional love, bliss, and harmony in my life. Now, all I do is focus on the harmony of freedom, joy, love, unconditional bliss around my back, I feel it, I see it, I know it. I’ve claimed it and I know it’s delivered unto me and I hold my focus on that.
            I got an email asking, “How does one live in the moment all the time, being creation while also acting “as if”?”  Well, they are kind of the same thing guys. You live in the moment, holding your focus, you can call it acting “as if”, but I call it holding the focus of what I know has already been created through my clear direction. If I’m driving along and I know in my mental mind that I have $300 in my account and in that moment I hold my focus on an abundance of money in my account, saying, I am absolute freedom around money, I know I have it, I’m in joy around it, I can feel it, I know that I have more than enough; that is holding the focus on what you want. What’s happening is that we are going back and forth and back and forth and we’re not staying in our knowing and therefore, we aren’t staying in the moment. When you’re in the moment you’re in your heart center and you know all is well and all is created.
            One of my friends was telling me an analogy she heard that our minds and brains are like Teflon for the positive and Velcro for the negative. Somehow our minds and our brains literally want the positive to slide off and away and we literally get stuck like Velcro to the negative. I think that’s true and is a lot of what’s up around authenticity. I’m going to do my valiant best because it’s still coming in. What I understand so far is that we are going from heart to mind, heart to mind, heart to mind, which is keeping us in purgatory. We’re stuck not really creating either way. What it looks like it, I do what I don’t want because I think that’s what I want to do. It’s mind you know what. I do what I don’t want to do because I think that’s what I want. Another one; when we give our power to ourselves to create we feel we are giving our power away and not creating. Now, a lot of this is occurring because we are afraid that we are going to screw it up. We play all of these little games to keep us out of our power, to keep us sabotaging or misunderstanding our power. We aren’t moving into it or claiming it and it’s not working anymore. We’re tripping ourselves up. I would like to invite you to look at the perspective that you are holding for other people. Do you think that other people and other energies always come through for you and to support you? Is that your perspective of yourself and therefore other energy? Because if it is not, you know that you will be creating whatever perspective you are holding.
            Around authenticity, what we’ve been taught is that our mental mind appears to make sense, so that has to be authentic. Our mental mind appears to be the thing that makes sense in this world; we troubleshoot with and hold ourselves safe with. In essence, it’s our inspiration and our divine guidance that doesn’t appear to make sense, but is truly our authentic self. That is when the channel is open and we are connected to all energy. True authenticity does not come from your mind and what you think it might be, it comes from dropping into your heart and knowing. The conundrum is if you bounce back to your head so fast that you don’t realize you went back there, which cancels out or makes you doubt what you got to in your heart. It’s like parallel thinking and I think this is what a lot of us are doing. Parallel thinking in my life may look like this, “Oh my God! I’ve got an audition. I’m so blessed to have an audition. Oh well, I bet someone else will get it”. Do you see how that can be two parallel worlds, two hearts or two minds that you’re holding? It’s parallel and not converging.  Picture two roads that are running parallel that then split off and diverge, one of the paths makes all the difference. If you have converging roads that run parallel but then eventually run together and you don’t know or have a clue whether positive is negative or negative is positive. That is the best I can explain it right now, but I want to open your mind up to claiming, I am divine love around one thought that I am the peace, harmony, divine love, freedom, joy, bliss and creation that I am. I know that was a lot to digest but I bet that resonated with a lot of you.

·      Your I Am presence is the most powerful force in the universe. You must direct it to what you want it to be.
·      Find consistency of holding your focus on what you want until it becomes automatic.
·      Let’s direct that all of our hearts, brains, our blood and all of our functions can, will and are balanced harmoniously in the excitement of the creation of who we are.
·      When your adrenals blow out from stress, fear and fight or flight, you cannot control your mental thoughts. You start dovetailing into reaction and negative thinking.
·      We cannot create peace, harmony, bliss, freedom and unconditional love and stay in a relationship with someone that we are scared to be with. The relationship must fall away in order for you to ascend.
·      Go be joyful and tell anyone, anything or anybody in your life that isn’t joyful or freedom, asta manana, Baby!
·      We have been very focused on being our Bright Light, now we must work on radiating out our light as well as accept everyone else’s light.
·      Close your eyes and see yourself filling up with your own Bright Light, now let your body fall away and all you are is light. Can you instantaneously see that your light connects with all of the other light and now there is only light. This is what we are being asked to hold. The vision of our light meeting The  Light, so we truly have the experience that we are THE light. We are never alone, we are never just sole creating. We are the creations of our light connected with THE LIGHT.
·      Choose to trust all energy to show up for us because we know that we’re the creators of all energy through the perspective that we hold about ourselves. If the perspective we hold about ourselves is freedom, joy, divine love, expansion, more than enough-ness and we trust ourselves, celebrate ourselves, then all other energy has to match that and we get to play in harmony with all energy in the creation process.
·      I am divine love around hearing the highest words and highest claim around singular thinking. I am the singular thought of freedom, joy, bliss and unconditional love. I am that thought. So it is.
·      If you can just hold the focus on “I love getting out and creating! How can I share this with more people?! How can I reach more people?” The abundance will follow.
·      Step out of your safety net, because that is the only way you can go into your heart center and trust. We force ourselves to trust. I am the highest answer, I am healed, I am the consciousness that creates the energy exactly as I direct it to be.
·      My I Am presence is the strongest presence in this world and it is clearly directing everything to be in harmony with me with honoring and cherishing me. I choose to honor and cherish me and I demand that all energy be in harmony with that. My I Am presence is the most powerful presence on this earth. It is my clear direction that I honor and cherish and respect myself and all energy must reflect that.
·      You are the creation of you. Period. As long as you are conscious enough to accept that responsibility.

I have such awesome love for all of you! You make me feel so good! I feel free, complete and clear and I thank you for helping me create this community so we can all come together and know our magnificence. I love you guys! Love yourself, love yourself, and love yourself more! Get up in the mirror, look at yourself and say, “I am Magnificent!” I will see you on Thursday! Bye bye!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

~ Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ September 15, 2011 ~

Good morning all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and incredibly sexy people! Hi! OMG! I hope some of you joined us last night on the free webinar about reclaiming your power after any kind of loss. The information and the clarity that came through was just brilliantly awesome. A lot of people really put together more clarity and figured out how things were falling out for them. It will be available on very shortly so please check it out if you feel called too.
            This information just literally came in as I was trying to figure out what this little, tiny, itty bitty little funk I was in was about. The highest information I’ve gotten right now is that when we are claiming things we need to put the feminine first. The idea, the instinct, the divine inspiration is first in the line up and then we go to the masculine, we go to our minds, our knowingness and we direct ourselves to whatever we have to do.
            Last night I gave everyone a very valuable exercise on re-claiming their power. It occurred to me as I was doing that exercise last night and bringing my power back that it didn’t balance. They took me to number 17 on the first of the 5 sheets that I work with.  (If you’re interested in getting the sheets you must do the Balance podcast that is on the webinar page. It would be out of integrity to not teach you how to use them first.) Anyway, I went to number 17, which is, I am holding polarities and opposites.  What I got was that giving my power away is my definition of power. Holy hell. I don’t want that one anymore and I know you don’t either. So, why would we have a belief and a commitment that giving our power away is our definition of power?  Back in the sandbox, we know that power is love and love is power and the first thing we are taught is that you should give your power of what you want away so that people will love you.  Get out of the sandbox, share your toy, and don’t speak up for what you want. We’re giving our power away through the socialization of us and then we give our power away without even knowing that we did it.  That then becomes a collapsed definition of what power is. What do we want to know? We want to know that being the power that I am, knowing the power that I am, experiencing the power that I am is the true highest definition for me of my power. I don’t give it away but I radiate out the power of my light.
            Another thing that is up big time is that we are all moving back into knowing and choosing to be in our power, now we must work on radiating our light out. A lot of us are being called to do a particular something and you must do it. This is also our definition of love. God is love and God is power, so if we believe must give away our power to be powerful we will also define love as giving our power away. How that looks is, we are living with our significant other that we love and they do or say something to lessen our power and if we’re not conscious we allow it. Ultimately, you will end up resenting the person you are giving your power to. We are claiming I am freedom, divine love, bliss, harmony and balance around all of this. I am radiating my true light, love and power out to the world. This is answering a lot of your questions about why you’ve created what you wanted but its not happening in the way you want it to. You’re holding your light very close to you and you have to radiate it out. We don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t KNOW.
·      I am divine love. I am claiming, I am my hope, I am adequate in this world, I am my own health and I support and accept myself on every level.
·      We are here to play around with energy so lighten up and start playing!
·      I direct my pituitary and pineal glands to open wide and receive all of the light and all of the knowledge.
·      Let’s entertain a new belief, that we hear everything that we want to hear, the peace, the river, the flow, we are the flow, even in the midst of a busy world. Gone are the days when you have to get quiet to hear, you only have to ask.
·      We’re being invited to adopt a new attitude of ease, effortlessness and joy. We’re there, its done, but you must hold the perception of yourself of being there and being done.
·      I have a flippin’ new attitude, I am the new attitude. I am freedom, joy, bliss, peace, unconditional love, harmony and flow in my life.
·      There is nobody and no-thing that has dominion and control over your power. When we truly know that and experience that we are not in fear.
·      Whatever you gave your power to focus on and consciously know that we are the illusion that created this false belief. I am coming forward to consciously state I am taking my power back from this now. I feel the power surging through my body and I consciously state that I am the consciousness that creates me as the creator that I am. I choose to create this energy now in love, joy, knowing, unconditional love, freedom, bliss and creation. So it is.
·      If you are not consciously directing your perception of the energy then you can be affected by other energy. Energy has to move and it needs direction, so if you’re not directing it someone else has to.
·      Can we shift our attitudes, intention and perception around 9-11 from we will never forget to I will never forget and in not forgetting I will know that all my focus is on joy, peace, brotherhood and unconditional love for all men? That shifts the whole thing.
·      If you’re directing two opposite things and both are in play you end up in purgatory and create nothing.

We are all coming forward to know that I am the consciousness that creates safety in my life and I am taking back my power from anything, beliefs, and people, anything that has happened to me that has given me the illusion that I am not the safety that I am. I love you. I never have enough time with you! Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself more and acknowledge how magnificent you are! See you on Monday!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

~ Bright Light With Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ ~ September 12, 2011 ~

          Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, very, very sexy people! Here we are! Here we are after the most amazing weekend! OMG you guys! If you weren’t in Santa Fe with the Crimson Circle summer conference please don’t miss it next year wherever we are! Such a joyous celebration of Shaumbra, life, joy and the highest possibilities for truth! I’m sure it will be posted on their site. It was my deep honor to be one of their speakers there and DID WE ROCK OUT?!
            I’m jumping in because I have so much information to give you. It’s all around authenticity and the fear of authenticity. This started a long time ago and came up while I was on the stage during my talk this weekend and expanded out through privates today. It’s the fear of the authenticity of our power because we are in fear of the destruction we may have created before, i.e. Atlantis. This is what they want us to understand, we never did anything wrong, we never did anything bad. The “destruction” if we want to call it that still, is simply us playing with the energy. That’s all we’re doing when we are in embodiment and out of it. We are playing with energy in various and sundry ways.  We are being asked to please come forward, allowing our egos to fall away, and know that there are no polarities, no good and bad, right and wrong, better or worse; it is simply us experimenting with energy. There is no un-creation, false creation, bad creation, etc.
            The other REALLY big thing that’s come across is, and I will read a few emails because I want you to start to be REALLY conscious of what we are doing. Live in the moment, there is no waiting. There is no future. The question I want you to ask yourself if you feel like you are leaving the moment, going into worry or angst, is “What can I create NOW in this moment?” Balance the masculine, feminine and child around it so that you can move back into acceptance that you are the creation of all creation. If you do not hold that perception of yourself then how can you BE the creation of all creation? You know that the perception that you hold of yourself around money, relationships, health and wellness, etc., is literally the creation of how you see your life. Your world becomes a mirror and what appears to be a reality around that. What can I create in this moment of now? I balance the masculine, feminine and child around that and I CHOOSE. What’s going on is that we aren’t really living in the truthfulness of what’s enough. It’s affecting our genetic health, spiritually, chemically, cosmically and dimensionally. Because of the belief that is in place, I can never be God because I am flawed. We were taught that we were flawed since the moment we came into this life and many other lifetimes before. Do you hold the perspective of yourself that you are flawed in anyway? If you’re a newbie on the show, please know that you have to take the responsibility to do the work yourself. Let’s all claim, “I am whole, complete and perfect as the God I am, in this moment.” If we know that in every moment, then we are creating ourselves as that in every moment and we get to create what we want, focus on and choose in every moment.
            We’re kind of in fear that when we commit to this expansion that we say we are choosing that we lose control and we’re not safe and secure, or that we will be abandoned in the world or screw it up. We are claiming, “I am divine love around all of that, and we are knowing, directing and being, whole, complete and perfect as the god I am, in this moment of now.”

·      I do hold that I am the creator, of the perspective that I am the highest answer. So it is.
·      If you keep asking whether or not something is going to show up, you are in doubt.  Say what you want and anytime a doubtful thought comes up, know that you’ve already directed it, let it go and tell the universe to work it out.
·      If you are not creating yourself, you are not creating the reality of your world; you are not creating your home, city, country or world in the way that you want it. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GET. However you perceive yourself is how your world will show up to mirror back to you.
·      Do not be afraid of your power, embrace your power, it’s FUN to be powerful! We know that we are in charge and we get to define what that power looks like. We know that we are absolutely directing our power through divine love for ourselves, everyone else, the world and the universe.
·      The basis of everything is loving yourself.  Simply honor and love yourself for being here.
·      The authentic you is powerful. People want you, the energy of you, so get out there and market you.
·      If you deal with something in an unconscious way the world will eventually force you to deal with it in one way or another.
·      If you do not know that you are connected to all energy then you are not radiating your light out to connect with it. “I am the radiation of my light. I am sending it out and I am connecting it with all energy.”
·      You get stuck when you don’t make decisions. Just make the decision. Whether you do or whether you don’t, making the decision is the most important thing you can do.
·      You have to accept that you are the creation of all creation and consciously say what you want.
·      The more I claim my light, am my light and shine my light, the more I am taken care of in this world.
·      As we move forward to shine and be our bright light, the peacefulness of knowing that we are means we don’t have to challenge the right to just be it. When we are it the universe turns around.
·      Get your power back dudes! Whomever, or whatever it is you’re allowing to take your power choose right now, I am pulling my power back!
·      The more fun you can have the better creators you will be!

Alright guys, we’re out of here! I love you! Let’s take a moment to experience the joy and magnificence of who we are! Let’s send out that connection to each other, radiate out our light to each other, across the country, over the waters, for the waters and over Europe out into the universe! We are radiating the light of the authenticity of the I AM presence that we are! I love you guys! You love yourself! Love yourself, love yourself and love yourself more! Bye bye.

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