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Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ Part 50 ~ July 14, 2011

"The I"

Good morning all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, beautiful and very, very sexy people. Okay, hold on to your hats, here we go! I know I say that every show, but we’re just breaking through this energy! The discernment that has been coming in for all of us has just been amazing. I’ve never been instructed to do this, but everyone that’s listening, or reading this, past, present or future; anything and everything that we get to on this show today in our ionosphere, beyond, and back again, we are claiming the light energy statement. I am the light energy of clarity, clearing and balance around everything that will be coming up in this next hour.

I have an example of conscious creation for you. As I was looking over this morning I noticed that there were 3 people who chose to unsubscribe from my updates and I really took a hit. I know when that happens that I have to take a look at it. Interestingly enough, it was around communication. It took me genetic health and the core beliefs, “I trust I am the authority and the higher power that creates miracles in my life” and “I am complete”. This is an example of us holding onto the rules and regulations of whenever we feel like we have to force creation, don’t feel we are enough, or we have to fill stuff up.  We are coming together to know unconditionally that I acknowledge being there. I acknowledge I am there. I am the I.

The subject of todays show is “the I”. If you tuned in to my last show or read the last blog, you know what I’m talking about. We are expanding our understanding of what the I Am presence is. We have limited the I am presence, to basically the ceiling that I’m getting is the Archangels and the Ascended Masters; and the I is the energy that includes all energy above and expanded from that energy also. It is what we could call God if that word wasn’t so limited. They absolutely won’t let me use the word God. The only word that represents all of this creative source of energy, right now, is the I. If you can see yourself, your body and your energy as a representation of the totality of the universe, then the creation of us is the creation of the universe and vice versa. When we know that we are the I, everything we create ourselves as is created in the world and can highlight why we must get on top of, focus on, eliminate and be the balance of all cancer in this world, because we are also creating cancer in the universe. If you listened to the other show, you heard me say that cancer is a block of flow in our energy. Our biggest block is not knowing that we are the totality of the I, when we know this we won’t have to create cancer anymore. We are literally talking about cancer as the wreaking of havoc within the division of cells.

I want to read this statement to you; “The energy must understand the creation of itself to understand the process of creation.” As the I that we are, we are claiming total remembering and clarity around that.

I just received an email from someone who wants to attend Creation Station this weekend and I want to read this to you . . .

“I’ve been enduring an eternal battle between my mind and heart making this decision (most of my big decisions) the struggle leaves me feeling exhausted. I just had an epiphany this morning that it’s the struggle that’s been sucking the joy out of my life, not the life experiences themselves. My question is why am I choosing this? When I say I want harmony between my mind and my heart I get a no.”

Okay, she could not have said this any better. Once we make the decision, once we make the choice, once we commit, all energy blows open and everything comes forward to ask us to support ourselves. All energy comes forward to support us, because we are the universe. That’s what the statement on the sheets means; literally, we are the creation of all creation.  We’re the creation of understanding it, of how to perceive it and how it responds to us. Her question is why am I choosing this? I want to find out why we’re all choosing to stay in the struggle and I think it came in during this amazing private I did yesterday. “We are taught to come from the perspective of looking for what is wrong.”  So, we want to change our perspective from looking for the assholes to looking for the saints. I accept myself as the I, I experience the light, I experience me as the light, I know you’re out there claiming this with me.

The I is the balance of masculine, feminine and child because we are the whole when we stop competing.  What are cancer cells? They are in competition with our healthy cells. They separate themselves from the whole, competing and running amuck within the body.  Again, I want to remind you that everything in this hour we are claiming the light energy statement of balance, clarity and clearing within our ionosphere and beyond.

The core of clarity is, I create freedom first to create my choices. If we are trying to get clear from the illusion of fear, false perspective, limitation and self-judgment we cannot be the clarity that we want to be.  We are coming forward to claim; I am love, I am light and I see all from that perspective.

On Monday’s show I shared with you and incredible experience that I just had with Dolores Cannon where I was past life regressed. It’s all around everything that we have been talking about and bringing in. This is the message that the I told me I was to take out into the world, “Put down your sword, and put down your struggle. Your love is your coat of arms. The love is what rules.” This came from a lifetime as a Roman Solider, but the lesson was that I’ve been struggling with a huge confusion of power and love. I’ve always known that love was the answer, but of course in Rome, you lived and died by the sword. Since that lifetime I’ve been trying to move into power but every time I got close I would get the message, “No, if you really become powerful Dee, you have to move out of the love that you know is the answer.” We do not have to abandon the higher concept of love to move into power, because our love is our power. Claim that I am the power of the love that I am.


ü  Mark this date because today marks a day where we have made a breakthrough in the healing of cancer.
ü  By the I, I claim miracles in my life now because I know that I am the creation of them.
ü  Take responsibility for your life, the world will support you!
ü  You must create your own knowing, don’t let society create it for you.
ü  “You never knew how beautiful you were, for you never really looked at yourself. You never looked at who you are and what you are. You want to see what God looks like, go and look in a reflector, you are looking him straight in the face.” – Ramtha, the White Book
ü  Claim your own identity. Know that you are the creation of you, fully and completely within yourself. You must be a complete definition of you, a complete creation of you before you enter into any new relationship.
ü  Claiming the light energy statement around all fear, we are replacing it with total love and knowing of our power, that we are the creation of the creation of the I and so it is.
ü  You’ll have more energy, be more energy, need less sleep and be asked to handle more joy than you ever have before, allow the energy to move through you and experience the greatness that you are.
ü  Claiming the light energy statement around this expectation that anything that feels different or feels powerful or feels overwhelming might be bad. Direct it to be good.
ü  Solidify within us that we are the I, our universe is the Universe, and the Universe is our universe. You can’t get there through your mind; you must get there through your heart, your being-ness and your knowingness.

You guys are amazing! I literally feel like I’m coming off my chair. We are all coming together, “I am the love and the love that I am is my power in this world. The grace of love and the grace of power that I am, I put down my sword, I put down my struggle, I am the I of the power of love and so it is.

Let us take a moment to open our heart chakras and connect in this amazing love that we have shared today! We are magnificent. Go and look at yourself in the reflector and see the God that you are. I love you. Till we meet again, many blessings.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bright Light with Dee Wallace ~ Show Recap ~ July 11, 2011

 Here we go all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very sexy people! Hi people I love! OMG! It’s good to be back. I just did Dolores Cannon’s unbelievable, empowering workshop with her this weekend in Portland and I will be with her at the upcoming one in Sedona. If you can be there, it will definitely be worth it. As you know, Dolores is one of the top past life regressers out there and she is truly amazing.

We have added the word clarity to the statement lately, so it is now; I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing.  You’ve got to know how important clarity is! If you’re not clear about what you want and who you are, then manifestation and creation isn’t going to happen. When I say, “You can be balanced masculine, feminine and child energy without clarity.” I get a no.  Clarity must be in place if you are to maintain the creation and the consistency of the balance of those three!

You cannot receive clarity, be clarity or experience clarity if you do not give yourself unconditional love.  If you do not give yourself unconditional love and acceptance, you are in doubt and questioning yourself, yet asking yourself to be clear while you’re doubting yourself. It can’t happen. It’s an oxymoron.  You cannot be clarity if you are out of your knowing and trust.

This little piece of political information came in; a recession is all about pulling back our power. You’ll hear me talking a lot about power. The work is taking on a WHOLE NEW DIMENSION in meaning. We are expanding our understanding of what the I AM Presence is. When we say I AM the whole NOW, we are actually limiting ourselves. Basically, the I is the greatest energy there is. So the I is the I. We are claiming and understanding that the I is the all. The “I” is much greater than the whole. And when we say, “now I am the whole” it actually negates who we are.  So, when we say, “I am” we are invoking the “I” of all energy creating with us, through us, and as us. I cannot use the word “God” because we have limited it so much, so we are going to call it the I until more understanding comes in. I know everything. I am the clarity. I am the I, and so it is.

Polarities have been coming up again and my new understanding of them is that it is okay if you have polar opposites of something, as long as they are in agreement of the same thing. So, if you’re looking in a mirror, you’re not looking at the opposite of you, you’re looking at the sameness of the agreement of your SELF. I am the I. If you look at your body as the universe, your head is the North Pole and your feet are the South Pole, both the north and the south claim that I am the I. I am clarity. I am trust. I am the love of the I that I am. So it is.


·      In strict religion there is no clarity. In strict religion we are inundated with doubt, especially about ourselves. When we literally go into the universe that we are, which is the I, then we KNOW, we always know.
·      Know that when you take steps to move into all of the amazing opportunities that you are seeing before you that the love of whom you are is your power and your creation. If you see it through those eyes you should feel more open energy in this moment.
·      We must listen to the voice, we must see the possibilities and we must answer the call.
·      This is the time you’ve asked for and this is the time you’ve created and if you do not move on it now, then you will have to wait and be stuck until the opportunity comes again. Is that what you want?
·      When your Hara line is out and you don’t know that you know, you can’t know that you’re clear about something, which results in you not being able to hear or take action around the things that you know.
·      Let’s balance the fear of the old negative patterns repeating themselves and returning. We are directing the light energy; I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing around the fear of this pattern repeating itself in anyway. I am the light. I am joy. I am the I and so it is.
·      I am the knowing of the I that I am the creation of money and I am creating me as harmony, love, joy, bliss and flow. Money has got to match that because that is who I am!
·      We are claiming around the doubt of power, I am the highest answer. I am healed. I want everything to be balanced. I am the I, so it is. 
·      Love is our power.
·      Love always binds us together.
·      When we love ourselves first we do not give ourselves up. We empower ourselves to come forward and cherish and honor ourselves in everyway. Then we can take that love to those that we love, but you never give yourself up to love. That is the old definition of disempowerment of love. The old definition has been to give your self up and give your self over to them.
·      When you’re focused on being love, giving love and expressing love you have the power to change whatever situation you find yourself in.
·      Our animals are just a reflection of us. They bring forward what we need to focus on. If we don’t love ourselves enough to be aware of what’s going on, but if something befalls our helpless animal we will look at it. I truly believe that they came in to serve us in this way.
·      When an animal finds a family that gives it unconditional love and they have that experience, it can then incarnate in the next life as a higher form.
·      You have to look at and embrace your self-judgment so you can let it go. Choose to love and support yourself on this journey as you play around with energy, because that’s all we’re doing is playing around with energy.
·      “I am the omnipresent, all-powerful protecting intelligence governing this mind and this body.” (Ramtha) We claim that and so it is. I am the creation that is always here, always present, always choosing my thoughts in my mind and my body. I govern my mind and my body and so it is.
·      We choose to unconditionally know that we do know the highest truthfulness of the love of the I that is represented on every sheet that we work with. That claim covers an unbelievable amount of information, beliefs, subject and the totality of everything that we know about the energy so far.
·      I think abundance is a word we use because we have been taught not to say what we really want. If you want money, declare and claim how much money you want.
·      The experiences of what you want do not lie outside of you. They are the creation of you as you first, and then all else harmonizes and magnetizes to you.

Let’s bring our energy together and experience the love, light and this unbelievable light of divine love that we share. That is the creation of who we are, what we want and the life that we live. I love you.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011


What if the world really is a virtual reality game and the movies didn't know how right they were?  The evidence is becoming stronger by the minute that this is the case. It seems from the information we have now that The New Earth can be manifested as a physical reality or an energetic one depending on our belief systems and how we want to set up the game.  I'm  just receiving information and clarity about this, but it appears perhaps we have been taking things too literally. Getting "lighter" might not be referring to weight, but to our energy.
 Two worlds may mean two perceptions (or more). Like the movie " What Dreams May Come," our reality may be more tied to our perceptions, beliefs, expectations and focus than we ever have comprehended before.It is the next unlimited thought to creating our own life.
  What if the glass half full/half empty metaphor was not just about the perception and choice of how you look at something, and went into the literal creation of it. That---quite literally--you created in the moment what your perception was bringing forward IN MANIFESTATION.  Now, if that is the formula for how it works, and the rule "as you believe it is delivered unto you" supersedes everything, then we better step up to owning this new belief that my perception LITERALLY manifests now.  Without the belief in place, the unlimited thought of miraculous creation cannot be a reality.
  Let us be conscious of our perceptions of the world, which create the beliefs, thoughts, and manifestation of ourselves and our lives. So...what perspective are you holding about the magnificence of You??   Blessings, Dee

Monday, July 18, 2011

~Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ Part 49 ~ July 7, 2011 ~

Good morning all you fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very sexy people! Here I am in another hotel room in Portland and man, the you know what is hitting the fan! Holy hell! We are at the Berlin wall of the I Am. We all want to join together in bringing it down, knowing that we are the one energy and that there is only one energy. That is the I am energy that we are working with.

One of my partners that I am in a working relationship with that has been easy and effortless and joyful just started hitting the fan. I felt like things weren’t getting completed and they felt like I was on them all of the time, and there was tension and disharmony throughout the whole situation. When I finally sat down and did the work it ended up being such a huge gift for the both of us about what our beliefs were. I want to share this with you because, as you know, your poop is my poop.  My belief was, “Others don’t come through for me, other energy, and other people.” His belief was, “I don’t come through for other people.” So you can see why we both perfectly came together to get to the balance of the fact that his energy is my energy and vice versa, because there is only one energy. So we want to know that THE energy always comes through for itself, as itself, to itself and with itself within relation to all other energy. I called Jarrad and asked him to double-check this for me since I am so close to the situation. He discovered his belief is, “I don’t come through for myself”. Again we have a trinity of the three beliefs!

There is usually a flip side of an issue when you are in disharmony with someone; you’ve got a lesson, they have a lesson, but its usually around the same issue.  Everyone claim, I Am the one energy. Everything we cover today will bring us back to the separation issue. There is no separation of the one energy.

The statement we are working with right now is: I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing. 

Working with someone on stage last night, she shared that she got a disease, she cured it within two days, and then the disease came back. What came through the channel was that she had just scared the hell out of herself because she created this miracle. Let’s just claim and choose and allow that we know that we are the miracles, so therefore miracles are an everyday, awesome, regular part of our creation!

We have to be careful to not care too much about what it is that we want to create. When you care too much, you create the fear of not creating it, therefore building up the anxiety around the fear of not creating the miracle. I’m in fear of the miracle and I’m in fear that I can’t create the miracle. I am the miracle, I create the miracle and the miracle creates me.

Within the balance of the masculine, feminine and child, the child is the I AM presence. You can’t go to the creation of what you want, without the balance of the masculine and feminine in place.

Whenever things come up repeatedly in your life, know that its something you need to look at. Cancer has been coming up in my life a lot lately. I had a very good friend that was recently diagnosed with cancer, I was offered a role in a play of a woman who is dying of cancer, and then I went to a party and met a guy who was battling cancer. Looking at cancer, this is what the channel has brought in so far; a block in our energy flow creates cancer. The biggest block in our energy flow is the doubt that we are the one energy, we are the miracle and that we are the I Am presence. That keeps us out of the balance of masculine, feminine and child and therefore, out of our knowing and out of clarity.

·      Wherever I go, whenever I go within the universe of me, I know.
·      Organized religion does not allow MOST people to have clarity. There are some people that can empower themselves through organized religion, most people cannot, most people are limited by it.
·      If you know that you are, then you are. If you don’t know that you are, you’re not.
·      Your opportunity is to sit there, feel freedom, bliss and joy, and know, I AM the one energy of the universe, and all energy matches this harmony. This amazing childlike joy and knowing that makes me free.
·      Be as a little child and you will enter the kingdom of heaven.
·      I am the light energy of balance, clarity and clearing around the embarrassment and the power and joy around asking for what I want.
·      The only thing that is in our way of instantaneous miracles right now is that we don’t know that we are it.
·      If you are holding a belief that I can’t get everything that I want anyway, it will save you from the heartbreak of not getting it.  Let’s let go of that limiting belief right now.
·      I will save me with or by my limitations. Claim the light energy statement of balance, clarity and clearing around all of this. I save me by knowing that I am the miracle that I am. So it is.
·      Trust and Clarity work hand in hand in the same way that Masculine and Feminine do.
·      Taking action while you’re daydreaming equals creation.
·      The “Old Earth” looks like; I have to struggle, worry, I don’t know, I’m not clear and I have a lot of judgment. The “New Earth” looks like; I’m free, love, bliss, joy and happiness. Right now, there are all kinds of layers in between that we’re working through letting go of each of the beliefs that are holding the layers in place.
·      You can continue to find fault with where you are and the universe will continue to put you in those places that you don’t want to be, so you can learn to choose to be happy wherever you are; then you don’t have to be in the places you don’t want to be anymore.
·      You wanting more or creating more does not take away from anyone else’s creation. There isn’t a more or a less, that is part of the polarities b/s that we are trying to move out of.  The more that you create, the more that can be created and it’s simply the energy experiencing, creating more.
·      I am the creation of all energy coming through for me, as my creation.
·      No one or nothing outside of you, defines you. If someone hurts you you are allowing him or her to define who you are.
·      I am the energy that always comes forward to support, love, cherish and honor me in everyway. I am the creation of that.
·      I am total freedom in the creation of everything that I want. I am the creation of that.

Til we meet again, love yourself, love yourself, and love yourself! I love you! Feel that love for yourself! Go create! Go be powerful!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ Part 48 ~ June 30, 2011 ~

Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very, very sexy people! I’m home! It’s so good to be home! There has been so much information coming in, I simply don’t have time to recap the other radio show on this show, so please, please, please check out my other Radio Show!

I have had lots of questions about the new statement, so here it is:

I am the light energy of clarity, balance and clearing around the issue (fill in the blank).

We haven’t used the word clearing in a long time, but when I was working with Michael the other day we discovered that what is happening is we balance the shit, it all rises up and hangs there in our ionosphere and beyond. So, we need the “clearing” part in the statement in order to give the clear direction to clear the energy from the ionosphere and take it back to pure light at the blank page so we can claim what we want.

So, if you were claiming this around money, we would say, “I am the light energy of clarity, balance and clearing around money. I am Money. I create Money. Money is me.”

I have the first three numbers as frequencies to give out to you today. This is the highest understanding that we have right now.

The frequency of 27 is expression or expansion of time.
The frequency of 56 is light or the lack of light.
The frequency of 167 is rules and regulations that keep us from God’s touch or as I understand it, universal love.

What Jarrad and I discovered yesterday is that the masculine, feminine and child within the one energy that they are have been in competition with one another within that one energy. The balance of those three is really the definition of the balance of the self. It’s a metaphor for all dimensions being one dimension, which was new information for us. I am the energy that is in harmony with my own self and the balance of masculine, feminine and child as the one energy of myself. So it is.

For your serenity in this world, the balance of masculine, feminine and child must be in place. Claim this; I am the balance of the masculine, feminine and child within the light energy of me.

I want to speak about money for a minute. Money makes us feel powerful and when we feel powerful we feel and know that we’re God. I’m on this passionate crusade to invite, insist and encourage you all to feel and BE the power that you are. Creation is powerful, you can’t do it form a fearful place. You’re worthy. Period. Claim it. Money makes us feel powerful. During a private we were working on money and it took us to the genetic list, 1 and 2, which is genetic relationships and religion and then paired that with knowing that I AM and trusting that I AM the voice in this life. When we put that all together, what feels like, “I can’t make enough” or “I don’t deserve to make more” all of that stuff is really rooted in the fear of power and the knowing that we are God when we make the money. For those of you that are going, “Okay, but the money hasn’t shown up yet.” invite yourself to know that it’s okay to be powerful and see if that helps you shift.


·      Breath and Clarity are very important to put together. I AM THE BREATH OF CLARITY. Breath is the breath of life, when you’re clear you’re free and you have more breath in your life and more life in your breath!
·      Stay in the moment, live in the moment and create in the moment! This is the place the New DNA works from. We aren’t taught to do that, we often look to the future, but we can no longer create from that place.
·      You don’t have to drag anything, pay anything, do anything, you just simply have to be the freedom, joy, bliss, and the unconditional love that creates the perfect health, the perfect money, the perfect relationship, etc.
·      A lot of us are falling out because we are focusing on “the poop” and bringing the poop in with our creation instead of focusing on what you want to create. You can’t live in the moment of perfect health, wellness and mobility if you are living in “Ohhh wow, I’m not mobile, my back still hurts, but I’m going to claim this to see if it goes away.” You must take yourself into the experience of feeling great!
·      We have to have a new attitude around healing. That attitude is JOY. If you want to heal yourself, you must stay in JOY!
·      Nobody and nothing can set you free, except for yourself!
·      I get to create me and everybody else does too. Everything is in perfect harmony and I’m moving forward with my life!
·      I am going all the way! Right now in the most I am being the most powerful, most expanded God that I Am. I Am making Massive amounts of money in this moment. I Am fabulous, incredible energy and health in this moment. I Am going and I know that I am safe and secure in this moment to do it.
·      I Am responsible for the power of God that I Am. My responsibility is to direct it in divine love for myself, and all energy.
·      I am choosing to WANT to be the God that I am.
·      We have to be truthful with ourselves.

Take a moment, open your hearts, love yourself, and feel the love for yourself! Powerfully feel the power that you are. I am the power of the God that I am. I am the balance, the clarity and the clearing of any resistance in my way around this. I am God. Love yourself as much I love you and you are going to create everything! Many blessings to you! 

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Thursday, July 7, 2011


There is no escaping it or getting around it. We simply MUST accept that All is One Energy . And even in that statement we are limiting the .......what?  Do we even have a word that expresses the everything?  Because the word "everything" limits whatever it is. Do we even need a word? I get we don't.  But the rules and regulations of our minds force us to look and search for a word because words give us an understanding.  And yet how do we understand something beyond what we can?
 The highest word that tests is "I".  Not even "I Am." Now that blows my mind because when I discovered  I Am I thought I had discovered the all, and that discovery pushed me WAAAAAY past my Kansas comfort zone. So now what? What the hell do we do with "I"??
 Be It.  Swear to God, those are the words I was given . Be "I". Be the authentic God Self I am. Be the Power I am. "I" the miracle.  Be the I of the I as I was created to be: knowing,believing, creating. The "I" is the energy!! And I am it! Wait...there is still something more to know. And that's More "I".
 Now they are giving me the scripture lesson, " Know Thyself" because to truly know yourself is to know the "I.and "I" is the only thing to know.
 It's alot to turn your brain around, huh? So,  our highest claim, mantra, focus is simply "I". The Voice says to trust and we will see.And you know me, I follow the Voice.  Blessings, Dee

Friday, July 1, 2011

BRIGHT LIGHT RADIO SHOW with Dee Wallace RECAP -- Clarity -- June 27, 2011

Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, wonderful, magnificent and VERY sexy people! Welcome! I’m coming to you from Denver, Colorado today! Y’all are just following me all across the country aren’t you! Oh My God! We have to get going because I have so much information to share with you! All of the information that came in about ADD and ADHD came in because it is a metaphor for what is going on in the world with everyone right now.

I spent my evening last night with a lot of people who were attending this conference I was at, new age bookstore owners, vendors with crystals and all that stuff. We all went out to dinner last night and it turned into quite the discussion about wearing a specific crystal or keeping a different one by your computer, etc. I immediately started going into reaction about all of this, so walking my talk, I went home and sat down to do the work around it. It started out with the information that it threatened my work, which was surprising, because I doubt anything can threaten my work at this point because I have so much positive evidence around what we do.  I followed the breadcrumbs, like I do with you, and discovered that a lot of these people still believe in the dark side and the idea that we have to protect ourselves from certain things. If that’s what you are looking for, I’m not your girl, because I am letting go of the struggle. I am all about the ease and the effortlessness of my life these days. However, a part of me was in judgment around these people holding their beliefs or I would not have gone into reaction. Please join me in claiming the light energy statement around the struggle and allowing our lives to be created and delivered to us easily and effortlessly.  I am the balance of the masculine, feminine and child within the light energy of me.

Clear communication is up for a lot of us. One thing that is in the way of clearly communicating energetically with the universe and each other is holding onto our stories and the struggle. It’s in the way of our clear manifestation.

The kids that are currently coming in to this world have different D.N.A., its already different, which is why we have not had this information about ADD and ADHD before. They are confused about the rules and don’t understand why we need all of these rules in place. They decide they are stupid and ignore the rules and regulation. It’s the response to this decision that throws off the balance of their masculine, feminine and child energy. The child energy then becomes dominant and it creates the child moving out of trust of their own creation of themselves and the creation they are bringing forth. That ultimately keeps them from getting back to the home of themselves and keeps them from holding the balance of masculine, feminine and child. The rules keep them in struggle, they can’t stay centered and balanced, keep their hearts open, or stay in the ease and flow. This is all a metaphor for what’s going on with all of us and this is why it is so important for use to balance the masculine, feminine and child and direct it to be the one energy that it is.

Think about your body, you have one body with a lot of parts that make it up. There is one energy that is composed of masculine, feminine and child, but together makeup one energy. We are claiming the light energy statement around all of this; we are directing the balance around all of it. We direct our consistent knowing in our Hara line that we stay balanced in the masculine, feminine and child as the one energy that we are. We are claiming the golden light that comes down and consumes all energy. All of the old energy we have directed and transmuted, we ask to be goldenized so we can absolutely take this energy and direct it from the blank page of what we want. We are directing the balance of DNA in mankind and the universe and so it is.


·      I am claiming the intention that I am moving RIGHT now, in THIS moment!
·      If you are a survivor you keep creating stuff you have to survive from.
·      I continually take steps forward to create the expansion of me.
·      I am the director of my life and I am clearly directing it to be easy and effortless.
·      It may feel like fear, but its probably excitement.
·      The best way to phrase a question is, “Is everything within me in harmony with bringing (money, love, happiness, etc.) into my life and if it isn’t, I am directing the balance of that right now. I claim the light energy statement around  (money, love, happiness, etc.)
·      There is no wrong, you’re not doing anything wrong, and you’ve never done anything wrong. The whole reason we are here is to experience energy and play around with it in every way shape and form.
·      We are directing the balance of masculine, feminine and child energy within the radiation of our light to send that out into the world so everyone can receive our love, our joy, our knowing and our clear intent of expansion and empowerment on this plane.
·      I am the knowing of the God that I am and I radiate that out into the world.
·      I am THERE.  As we believe it’s delivered unto us. The belief that we’re not there keeps us from the reality of knowing it!
·      I am the light energy of balance and clarity around it all!
·      If your Hara line gets all caddy-wompuss, you can’t feel the truth. The truth is I AM THERE.
·      The breathing exercise: Take a deep breath in to the count of three or four, as you exhale with a smile on your face to the mantra “I AM THERE”! Do this 10 minutes a day, no more than 20 minutes and I promise it is a life changing exercise!
·      The belief that you have to work so hard keeps you from the joy that you are!
·      We have to powerfully know that we are God and God Energy.
·      I am the freedom of the creation of the God energy any way I choose it to be. I am loved unconditionally. I choose freedom, joy, bliss, abundance, unconditional love, money, fabulous energy, great health, fabulous sex, and an awesome partner, whatever you want! But you have to ask for it, direct it, feel it and KNOW it’s possible!

Take a moment, LOVE YOURSELF will ya? Love yourself.  Let your heart center and your energy centers open. Let’s come together as the community that we are, in empowerment, in magnificence, in joy and in choice of the God that we are of unconditional love for ourselves and for the world! Go out and make a difference! Create your life for God’s sake! I LOVE YA!

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