Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I AM getting ready to head back to L.A. after speaking in Andover with Dolores Cannon and then coming to Denver for INATS and the signing at the Tattered Cover Bookstore. It has been another whirlwind tour. I am excited about getting home.
I am also tracking a very familiar "feeling" within me, and it feels like " can I expect it to all keep going?" It's crazy. I have all the proof in the world that I am a super-fab creator. The last few months have reaped enormous rewards and opportunities and money from the most unexpected places. I mean, after the last six months I should KNOW. And I do. And yet that damn old pattern of waiting for the other shoe to drop is "there", lurking in the background.
 So, I do the work. I intend to really know and release what this is about. Because the knowing place is so much better than the doubting place. Annoying.
 So I am claiming the LightEnergy of Clarity and Balance around all of this. And I find out that it is a "residue" of past energy hanging in my energy field. It's no longer a part of me, but still there enough to pull my focus .I claim the statement again till I feel it dissipate and then I invoke the Golden Light ( it consumes all the dead stuff). It's now gone from my field. So what do I want? " I Choose that I consistently and consciously create me, my good, my abundance, my money, my health, my divine relationships and my success every moment of every day. I Am the expansion of the One in all things. And so it is. It's done."
Basically, I chose to adopt a new thought. An unlimited thought: great creation of all good happens in each moment forever.Wow. The possibilities are endless.
We are all endless possibility. But we have to KNOW that and CLAIM/DIRECT that in our energy. Then we are  God: endless creators of love and joy through choice.  Blessings, Dee

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Let's see if we can break this down using the metaphor of sex ( always s good subject to get your attention). The masculine sperm must unite with the feminine egg to create the desired creation, the child. Likewise, energetically, the feminine intuition/instinct/Voice must unite with the power of the mind/conscious direction to create the desired creation;  MONEY/HEALTH/FREEDOM/SUCCESS/A JOB  etc..
The misunderstanding here is ,un- like the sperm finding the egg, the intuitive must lead the way and then, through our direction, invite the mind to create unlimited ways of creating that vision to result in manifestation.

The mental/masculine has led the way for so long that we automatically trust it more then the Divine Hit.  We have been taught to "think our way through" instead of open ourselves up to THE truth, and then direct our minds/mental computers to put that into action.
When we get a Divinely inspired idea, we question it. " Where the hell did that come from?", "Why would I be given this information'", "What the hell am I supposed to do with THAT?". Instead, when we KNOW, we know we have opened ourselves up to unlimited thought that is guiding us and we, then, have the opportunity to ACT.  But when we wait, and hold ourselves in trying to decide and trust,and  then our mind comes in WITHOUT conscious direction to tell us why we can't/shouldn't/won't be able to,  move on the Divine Idea.
The child must be a part of the equal equation, by the way.  It is not something that the masculine and feminine create as separate of their energy. It is, quite literally, an equal part of the creation formula: Masculine+Feminine+Child (one third/one third/one third) =Conscious Creation.
Please direct the balance of this within you often as we continually discover the importance of this information through expanded understanding.  Blessings, Dee

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I AM BEGINNING TO GET A WHOLE NEW EXPANDED UNDERSTANDING OF ABANDONMENT. Of course, that is the topic for tomorrow's show, so the info begins defining itself with that intention.

Holy Hell! Get this: We CANNOT be abandoned if we never abandon ourselves. AND we are always abandoned when we do abandon ourselves. Again, it is really all about us.

And what is abandonment by self? Lack of conscious creation. When we stop creating consciously we abandon ourselves because we MOVE AWAY from the creation that we are. This is a major understanding of this for me. If we know---and we do--that we are the creation of us and that creation goes into everything we create outside of us, then we see how creation in every moment must be in place if we don't want to create the illusion/experience of being abandoned in this world. We must step up to define. Choose and create ourselves in each moment of the now. In other words, to "be with us" in each moment of the now.

When we "leave ourselves" and move into fear, focus on the negative, phase out and allow messages that we don't want to permeate our consciousness, we abandon ourselves in every way.

I choose to stay conscious in every minute of my creation, to always show up for me and the clarity of what I am intending to create. You can feel the power of that. Own it. Be there for yourself so the world can be there for you. Blessings, Dee

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Conscious Creation With Dee Wallace ~ Directing Energy ~ Part 44 June 2, 2011

Good Morning all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, very, very, very sexy people! OMG! What a month it’s been! It’s good to be back! I have a lot of information for you, so let’s jump right in. Let’s start by opening our heart centers, opening our minds and sharing the love today. It’s a strange topic to get from me huh?! Dis-ease. I was working on allergies and a lot of information started to come in about disease in general.

All disease is based on Inner Struggle. We are locked in the struggle because of the belief, I will never be God and therefore I never will be complete. If I’m never complete and I’m not God, I can’t create what I want and I’ve never created what I want. Therefore, I’m locked in the belief that there’s something wrong with me, somewhere that I still need to get to. So, I’m asking you to open your minds to the new, unlimited thought that we KNOW we are whole, complete and perfect. Now we just have to experience the greatness, the magnificence and the light energy that we are. Come forward and claim the light statement around all of that for all genetics, all generations, all ancestry and all lineages. Any and all strands or bindings or any way that we are connected to ANY energy that is dependent upon us or we are dependent on for the definition of who we are; we are choosing to come forward and release that now. I am the creation of me, the definition of me and I cam creating me as someone that knows. I am done.

Around all disease and keeping the struggle alive, claim, I am the highest answer. I am the creation of all creation. I am the allowing and the acceptance of being born anew.  I am the light energy of all of this.

It came to our belief that all of the collective was holding, “that not to be God, keeps us safe.” I’m telling you, being the creative force that you are, in the brilliance of your power is the only thing that will allow you to live in the experience that you are secure in this world, because you will know that  you are the creation of you. Around knowing that I Am God creates my security because it creates my creation we are claiming the light statement around that. I am the freedom of the creation of me. I am the freedom of the creation of me.

A lot is coming back in again around the balance of the masculine, feminine and child.  It’s coming up big time, so lets just come forward, claiming the light energy statement. which means I am the light energy that creates the balance in every area of my life, past, present, future, any dimension, all dimensions that I exist on. I am the light energy of the creation of the balance of masculine, feminine and child. I am complete.

This is the formula for new creation:
1.     Be joyful and take your joy into the world.
2.     Be authentic.
When I asked what the definition of “authentic” is, they gave me “How deep is my love? For others, me, the world, God, the creative force, the whole.” That is your authentic self.

That’s a pretty easy formula to get, as long as you walk away from all the old rules and regulations about manipulating people with fear and the push to have to buy things. I am there.   I am complete.

Another big discovery that came in was that genetics can skip a generation. I knew that this was possible in the passing down of genetics like eye color and hair color, but had not connected this with energetic stuff. So, your grandparents could have had a genetic belief or fear that could have skipped your parents and been passed on to you. Which is why we always balance for the genetics all the way back to the beginning of time.  Basically, the only genetics that we want to ignite within our energy are the genetics of the family of God, of the divine, of all creation and of unlimited thought..

Big stuff has been coming up about trust so I was told before I took any calls to ask everyone to claim, “I am trust NOW.”


·      Sometimes it’s the simplest thing, like a little birth in Bethlehem that Affects the world and affects the most change in people.
·      In this moment and all moments we are radiating the joy of trust out into the world. In that way the world and the trust that matches with what you want can find you, match up with you and bring you what you want.
·      In the creation of taking my work out into the world, you must hold the vibration of freedom, love and abundance in order to attract the perfect place, clients and money!
·      It’s difficult to be in JOY and not bring love, happiness and peace into your world.
·      I am reborn, in this body, in this moment, I’m taking my joy out there and sharing it with the world, knowing that I’m going to be received and honored for it!
·      When you truly, truly love YOU, your healing will expand exponentially for others.
·      You create certain scenarios in your life in order to release certain beliefs that you are holding.
·      You cannot get the clarity out of the situation, from the channel if you go into reaction and don’t breathe.
·      When you can let go of the restraints, fears and the teachings of “time” then you will be free and the money will be able to be delivered at ANY time.
·      Give yourself permission to shine bigger, I give you permission, I love you the most when you allow your light to shine as big and as brightly as it can!
·      Take a big deep breath, to the count of three or four say the mantra that will keep you in your knowing, like “I AM my Bright Light. I AM THE bright light.” Go into your heart center and FEEL it as you breath in and out with the mantra for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Do this and get back to me in a month to report how your life has changed!
·      Love yourself first, serve yourself first and THEN creation will happen and everything will come in.
·      Be the joy that you are and take it out into the world!

I love all of you! I love being here! I love our community! I love this amazing information that come in! Please go to and check out all the amazing places I will be! I will be posting the new creation formula as soon as I can!

Until we meet again my beloved, magnificent people, love yourself, love yourself and love yourself more!!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


I probably shouldn't write this right now, but I'm going to. You should never create when you are in reaction to something, because.....well, then you are not in the space of creation. The reaction kind of cancels that out. So I am taking a moment to breathe. Ommmmmm. Channel. Balance. OK
Why the hell do people think they can create when they can't even be responsible for their decisions, their commitments and, ergo, their lives? I mean, don't we think the Universe GETS THAT?  " Hi, Universe, send me some money."  "Excuse me," the Universe replies, " Aren't you the one that never pays that bill on time, says you'll be somewhere and then cancels, and promises yourself to loose weight and then doesn't take any steps to create that?  Hmmm, maybe next time when you've learned responsibility. Then you can take care of your responsibility of the creation of bigger fish in your frying pan."
Geez. It's so simple. We have heard it a million ways: As within, so without/ Be the change you want to see in the world/ As you sew, so shall you reap. Be responsible to your word, and the world responds to your word. I mean, really, it's a no brainer.
So I want the people to say no when they have no intention of showing up in the first place. I want to hear I'm not right and there's no chance in hell of me booking the part instead of bringing me in to " honor my years in the business". I want to hear the highest truth from my spiritual teachers instead of yet another watered down version of hope around self creation. It's...well, bullshit. And we are not going to create this new world of new, unlimited thought with the bullshit that created the lack of authenticity that permeates this one.

Sorry, but my Baptist preacher is on the pulpit and I think he's right. Show up or sit down. That's my motto. And those of  us still standing will support the authentic power of responsibility till everyone else gets their head out their you-know-what and moves into the authentic power that truthfulness to your word creates. Show up like the heroes you are guys. Come through. Be accountable. The world needs you.
Blessings, Dee

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bright Light Show Recap ~~ May 30, 2011

Bright Light Show Recap ~~ May 30, 2011

Hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very sexy people! I am home! I enjoyed my journeys but am so, so happy to be home in Southern California! I hope you all had the chance to see the Good Morning America Interview that I got to do! It was a lovely interview and I think a very good, representative, positive piece about our work, Bright Light and Me! Its posted on my website, I would love it if you would check it out and share it with your friends! Just to show you the power of National Television, the book jumped from 200,000 (which is actually very good out of 6 million books) to 1500 on the Amazon list and is in the top 20 on Kindle! I wanted to share this with you because I want you to get a sense of the good that you can do when you move into your power and reach more people. That’s our intention, to get out there and play in the biggest grace of power that we are.

My experience on Good Morning America brought up a lot of poop to find a pony in. It was difficult to get the interview, which put me into my stuff about not being wanted. We didn’t know when we were going to shoot it, that brought up, I’m not respected stuff. They asked a lot of questions about E.T., which made me wonder am I ever going to be able to move on from that. But, when I finally let that all go and worked through it and consciously kept choosing the higher, divine love, and acceptance, peace and effortlessness, everything was delivered to me. That’s what I mean when I say, if you just stay present in the moment and are really conscious of the stuff that’s going on within you, you get enormous gifts of the stuff that you need to let go of. I learned a lot about being authentic. I sat in that chair and said, “ You know Dee, All you have to do is be your authentic, truthful light and speak from you heart.” That’s all I did and I think people got it.

I can bring you one thing that was brought in about authenticity that we need to balance. So if you’re joining us in the past, present, future or anytime, in any dimension, please do this work with me. We were taken to genetic health, to the belief, “I don’t think I have enough energy to do this (be authentic)” I asked why? The answer was “Because I will have to be born and start over, create myself all over again and I don’t think I have enough energy to do that.” What do you think will take more energy? Creating yourself anew in joy, freedom, expansion, abundance and love or to continually try to dig yourself out of where you are? I’m thinking the second one. So, let’s claim the light statement around all of that.

We’ve also been asked to release repeating patterns. Last week I think I talked about, we don’t really want to go back and repeat what we’ve been doing, but it’s a pattern and habit of reacting instead of creating. We’re all coming forward to claim the light energy statement around the release of patterned beliefs. Pretty huge.

We are being asked to move away from all of the rules and regulations and limitations of man that have been placed upon us and into the freedom of the creative spirit that we are. They are saying some of those rules and regulations have a light-ness to them, so let’s not make them too heavy and to laugh about them. Know that we are absolutely creating new, unlimited thoughts and freedom from those rules and regulations.

There have been a lot of emails lately about allergies. I sat down to do some of the work around it and found three parts; We’re allergic to all the good that’s coming into us and the thoughts that we have to pay for it, we’re allergic to our good not coming in and the thoughts that we have to pay for it, and we’re allergic to the balance when we create it and the thoughts that we have to pay for it. We’re sort of screwed either way you go, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  We’re claiming the light energy statement around that, clearly knowing that I choose right in this moment of now to create me and the light that I am, exactly as I want it to be; in freedom, joy, bliss, love, unconditional love, abundance, true wellness and energy.

I was supposed to bring in one element of Trust : Trust that once you’ve created it and directed it, you’ve done it. You must trust then that the direction is coming, will come, is manifested and YOU hold the focus. That’s your job. The universe brings it in.

·      Ask for what you want, because that is your authentic self!
·      I am holding in my consciousness $200,000 a year, I will be happy with $100,00. Both are POSSIBLE and I DESERVE it. This states clearly what you want, allows you to get it and create it, but also takes away the old rules and regulations that we can’t ask for too much!
·      You’re job is to the hold the focus and be joyful. Ask for what you want, know that you deserve it, know that its possible, feel the magnificent joy of knowing that its already here and allow the universe to do its job!
·      I am the highest answer, I am the light of the world, I am healed, I am the light of the world, and everything is balanced around me being the light of the world. I am.
·      My light is trust, freedom, knowing and that everyone rushes forward for me to succeed!
·      We are all one energy, so the Guides, Gods, Archangels, Angels, Divine Love, Energetic Force, Unlimited Thought, its all us . . . there is no separation. If we clearly direct that my bright light is the light of the world, all of light is working together and we know that everything is created by lowering light into manifestation of thought.
·      I am unlimited thought open to all new thought that is available to me.
·      If any information that you get is negative, fearful, harmful, belittling or angry in anyway it is not coming through the channel. Because the channel is only about growth, expansion and love.  It only brings forth information to help you release what you need to release or claim what you need to claim.
·      I am sure and in the experience of everyone being sure about me. Because I am sure about myself.
·      You CANNOT Create NEW by RE-CREATING the OLD. You have to let the OLD go and RE-CREATE.
·      When I am my I AM Presence, I don’t show up for myself. We are all Claiming, when I am the brightest, biggest, most authentic, joyful light I can be, I ALWAYS am there for me!
·      As you believe, it must be delivered unto you. IF you believe there is something to be protected from, you will have to create that so you can protect yourself from it!

Allow yourself to be as big as your light wants to be so you can reach as many people as you can! We are a community that is empowering people to love themselves! How beautiful is that? Thanks for being a part of it. Take a moment now and breathe, fall into your heart center and feel that connection, joy, love and light in your heart center and let it expand out. Know that you are magnificent creators of LIGHT! Choose Well!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I guess I should start by thanking you for trusting that I am ever going to write another blog! I have been traveling and speaking non-stop and during the course of those travels, learning alot about When you give up that old paradigm of rules and regulations and the way we have "assessed" who we are in the social stratosphere of definitions, you really have to trust the Voice.  If you don't know the Voice is you, it can get confusing, which makes you move out of trust and then you don't trust the truth that you are hearing. Damn.
None of this surprises me since the webinar tomorrow night is on Trust, and the clarification and expansion of understanding of the subject up for discussion on any particular webinar always bombards me with lessons before the day. This was merely intensified this time because there was so much action I was taking in speaking and teaching that made me literally walk through the challenge of it all.
I had to trust that I could even energetically handle flying to Fayetteville Arkansas to be the keynote for the fabulous Delores Cannon, then leave the next morning at the crack of dawn to be with Robin Rose at the equally amazing Lightworkers Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, speak again, teach two VERY intense workshops and fly home today.  I started to go into those old beliefs about my energy being limited and then I remembered that I Am Energy, so I must have enough of it!! So I decided to trust that my clear direction of joyous abundant energy was the Truth of who I Am and directed it to be so. And it was.
Then the Voice kept gently urging me that I really had to bring forth the message that we are God. I argued. Maybe this wasn't the right venue to take that leap because most of the other speakers were more traditionally God centered. "That's why you're here. That's the message that needs to be heard for the quantum leap shift in consciousness." Damn again. Ponderings of whether this was the Voice or my ego kept rumbling around in my head. Funny. I don't believe in the ego. I think we use it as a big out not to take responsibility for the truth we are.  Hmmmm. Like I was doing right then. I don't believe in the ego but it was sure convenient to use it as an excuse not to step up to the plate. OK. I'll speak my truth. Trust.
What was amazing was that everyone so WANTED TO HEAR THAT. They wanted someone to give them permission to claim THEIR truth that is THE truth. I felt like the guy who had run the first four minute mile. Now everyone could.  The feedback was nothing short of empowering.  But the empowerment came from TRUSTING myself, the truth I heard and the action I took.  And the interesting thing is, now I trust myself more. I guess that is what they mean when they say jump and the net appears. To know more trust, you have to trust.
Trust yourselves, guys. Go for the gold. Run the mile. Live your truth. Be the authentic powerful person you are, and are meant to be. The world is waiting for you to run.To create. To empower. To love. On your mark, get set, go!
Blessings,  Dee    

Saturday, June 4, 2011


We say it all the time, but we don't get it. "As you believe, it will be delivered just that way." I still keep finding myself hoping instead of believing. That grain of mustard thing is pretty illusive. You remember, " If you have pure faith the size of a grain of mustard seed... you will create miraculous things." Well, that pure Knowing is what we are striving for in the moment. This moment.  That illusive seed of pure trust that this promise is the truth. We are so ingrained to believe we have to doubt to prove the truth, that pure belief is something we don't have an experience of within our chemical nature, so experientially there isn't much to identify with, and we know the Universe responds to feeling and emotion.
Knowing that I WAS going to get pregnant is probably the closest I have in my life of true belief. No matter what the " specialists" told me, I knew I was going to create this baby. And I did. You think that would have been enough to know I can create money and health. But lurking in our subconscious is still the seed of belief that there is luck, and chance, and when miraculous things happen they are probably playing a part in them. So much for that pure seed of belief and knowing.
Why do we so need to hold on to the old thought that miracles are something we want but don't have? We know that "as we believe, it is delivered unto us." Ergo,,,,no miracles.
Today, I choose to believe in miracles, claim them, expect them as an everyday occurrence in my life. Wanna come along? Here's to the new, unlimited thought that we create miracles easily and constantly in our lives.  That we create them so often and so easily that we have a garden of pure mustard seeds in the meadow of our consciousness. I choose to believe in miracles.  I choose to believe in miracles. I choose to believe....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Conscious Creation ~ Directing Energy Part 43 ~ Recap ~ May 26, 2011

Good Morning all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very sexy people! Here I am in New York with my beloved soul mate and big brother Denny in the other room. I taped Good Morning America and hope to be able to report that it will air in the next few days. Thank you so much to everyone for all of the support. I appreciate all of you who are Face Booking, blogging about it, sharing it with a friend. Thank you so much. Thank you for being the community that walks their talk and comes forward to ask for what they want.

I got an email about how we hadn’t been directing our energetic centers to be open and balanced, the hara line to be straight strong and through the I.D. point, the pituitary and pineal to be open, all of those things that we used to say. We haven’t been saying them because we thought they were included in the two new statements. When I tested it I got that it’s included if you hold the intention that it is. Again, we’re the creation of us, if we just say the statement without being conscious about what we’re holding around it then those physical things are not automatically put into place. I have a new statement for you today because our work is about continual expansion and growth into unlimited thought, so it has to be always changing and re-defining itself.  

If you’re feeling lost, alone and panicked right now and it’s a feeling that you sorta kinda know, but are not sure what it’s about, know you’re in good company. I’ve been walking through this for a couple weeks. When I sat down to do the work, it was really about being left behind. Isn’t that interesting with all the rapture stuff that’s been going on? If we have a fear or belief that its even possible that we could be left behind, the more we move into the expansion and the power of the light that we are, the more that belief has to surface.  It’s got to surface and the only way it can do that is for us to feel it. If you’re feeling the panic of being alone, left behind, deserted, I’m not going to get there, etc. We are coming together today to create a new thought.  Everything is about allowing yourself to move into new thought, have a blank page where you get to write the possibilities.

You are the God of your energy that must direct that energy into the creation of the world of you.  If you can’t put yourself into the story of God, go to yourself as the world and the story God is creating. God said, “Let there be Light.” You are that light. If you are the light of everything, it’s not impossible for you to be left behind, abandoned, etc.

I am the light energy of freedom, unlimited new thought, and the creation of ease, effortlessness and joy in everything that I am focused on.  What does the Book of Mormon have to do with this? I finally saw the play last night and why we have been directed to it became clear last night.  Ultimately what its about is that the only way we can truly save ourselves is to let go of all the rules, all the regulations, all the ways we’ve been told it has to be done. That’s the only way we can realize new thought. The people in Japan and Joplin, MO have been forced to let everything go due to natural disasters. Can we let go of those definitions and know through choice that we create from our own blank page and not rely on a natural disaster to force us to do it?


·      You can manipulate the energy towards healing and wellness, or you can manipulate it towards illness and disease.
·      We are choosing to be the light energy of trust around the blank page of knowing that we are entering into an era of our own divine creation.
·      We’re being challenged right now to practice the muscle of holding the focus of the new thought, instead of using the new thought and then falling back into the old stuff. Hold the joy, the focus and the claim and let it go! Trust that something better is being created for you!
·      Our job is not to question why, it’s to DO, CREATE and LIVE IN THE JOY!
·      I am the light energy of clarity and being totally understood in this world.
·      We are choosing to let go now of all experiences that are based on previous thought. Claiming I am the light energy of freedom and unlimited thought that create my life right now, in this moment.
·      The alien energy is coming forward to help us in everyway. Another term for “alien energy” is unlimited thought.  Another word for unlimited thought is God.
·      Please come forward and claim that the collective consciousness is ready, willing, able and excited about creating itself from unlimited thought, with the blank page of possibility. So it is.
·      Around not letting go; I am the light energy of freedom, clarity and allowing. I choose to let go of all rules, regulations, thoughts, beliefs, fears, genetic, ancestry, lineage in my personal family and the family of man that is in the way anywhere of my unlimited thought and the creation of all possibility in my life.
·      We don’t have to create polarities anymore, we can simply write on our blank pages, I am Joy, I am Freedom, I am Abundance, I create my world from the total and complete focus on the creation that I want.
·      The money systems are changing, weather systems are changing, can we move into the freedom of just accepting this and allowing it to happen, instead of trying to save the old?
·      Within me, my light is the balance of masculine, feminine and child. As I send my light out to join with all light it stays in balance consistently (of masculine, feminine and child) within the electromagnetic whole of the whole. I am whole. I am the brain of the all. I am God. I am the light. 
·      I am the light energy and the creation of me. I am the creation of my security and safety in this world as I radiate my light out and share it in the most magnificent way possible.
·      I can open to God in this physical body and literally live heaven on earth in your physical body. You do not have to leave to create the heaven we crave.

I love you guys, send out love to all people who are ready to know unlimited thought and clarity that I am the light energy of me; I am the light energy of love and God. I love you guys! Love yourself so much you can’t stand it!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bright Light Show Recap ~ OVERWHELM ~ ~ May 23, 2011 ~

Hello all you amazing, incredible, wonderful, fabulous, magnificent and very sexy, sexy people! I can’t stand to do replays if I don’t have to, and I hate to miss being with you all, so I’m coming to you live from a hotel room in New York. The subject tonight is overwhelm, which I can’t relate to that at all having just finished two films, three science fiction conventions, radio shows from about every place in this country, and I’m happy to say that I just taped a Good Morning America segment, so please be sure to check that out! It’s interesting trying to get everything we know and everything we do in four minutes, when all they want to do is talk about E.T. and Drew Barrymore.

The big thing that I can tell you about Overwhelm is that you will continue to live in it, if you are not living in the moment. The key to the rest of this year is adapt, adapt, adapt. We’re coming together right now to claim both statements around overwhelm and around the choice to live in the moment, adapt to the moment and not fall into the pattern of how we have reacted in the past.  That’s the big pull for us right now guys. We know better, we know we need to choose, we know we want to choose, we know we should choose, we know that we are actually choosing, and yet that pull to go back to that other place of how we reacted is so strong, we almost find ourselves automatically falling back there.  You have to be really conscious right now guys of staying in the moment and allowing whatever the moment brings you, and choose to adapt to that.

I just met with an amazing individual who has created an incredible program to help schools get funded. It’s called, Class Wish. Teachers can go on to this website and create their Wish List for things they need. Do you know that half the public schools don’t have paper to make copies? What the hell? We are 26th in education right now. The channel blew wide open when we were talking about this. The information that came through is that we cannot change the education system or anything around education until we let go of the belief that the struggle and education go together. It’s always been there with education, that we’ve never had enough, but we’ve gotten along anyway. Please come forward and claim the new thought that education is expansive, easy, easily funded, in the forefront of everyone’s concern and we are challenging everyone to create it that way.  That’s our claim, our decision, our knowing and our allowing. Ultimately education, as you know, it shapes the world. I’m not talking about just science and math, as much as I’m talking about art. We have more than enough proof that art enhances science and math, yet that’s the first thing that is cut out of our education system. They want us to be clear that it’s not just about education in our schools, but education in our consciousness.

·      The collective just doesn’t want to give up the struggle. Claim both the statements as our claim, our direction and our owning around all of this.
·      The world won’t know that I’m learning, unless I’m struggling. The world doesn’t know you are learning if you’re struggling either, only you can know that you’re learning without struggling. Embrace and accept the “hallelujah” that there are no more struggles.
·      You are creating your struggle with food because you’re not enjoying the food. If you took the time to enjoy it, you would actually lose weight.
·      I am always satisfied in the choices that I make.
·      If you let other people’s perceptions define your reality, they will come forward to show you the part of you that is holding the exact perception that they are bringing forth.
·      We are all being permeated with the collective fear that is going on. A lot of it went away when Bin Laden was killed, but then came back with all of the tornadoes and the end of the world stuff. You have to acknowledge that you’re human and these things go through our minds. If they are going through our minds we know that we must balance those thoughts in order to consciously choose, I know I create my own life. I’m choosing to be the authentic person that I am and know that this is creating the happiness that I want.
·      You are the savior of you by the creation of the focus and the clear direction and claim of what you want.
·      Write down everything you want. I don’t mean on a small level.  You want to be free, abundant, healthy and well. You want to live in creative excitement, to have unconditional love, to have abundance and more than enough. Write down all of those things and say, “I have decided that I AM these things”. Every bit of energy, God, angels, guides, higher selves, come in and bring me these experiences. Then spend some time actually feeling what that would feel like.
·      Those of you that are struggling with food out there stop and ask, “Why am I anxious, why am I in fear, why am I trying to push something down right now?” The best thing that you can do is to drink some water to fill yourself up.  Choose to fill ourselves up with the knowingness of security, abundance and calm in our lives.
·      The only “work” for you to do is to know that you know. If you focus on the fact that you can’t do something you will create over and over not being able to do it!
·      The only thing you have to do is to be your passionate, authentic light. If they don’t get it, they don’t get it.
·      Your consciousness is your knowledge.
·      I authentically trust my authentic light.
·      Oftentimes the same issue will come up again and again and again because you are being given more information on a deeper and more expansive way.
·      Indigestion is coming up as dead energy that is trapped in our body. In order to release this energy we claim, we want to easily and effortlessly pass this energy outside of our body to free it, to be whole, complete, perfect and free within the air of our physical bodies.  We claim both statements around this; this is our clear choice and direction, giving our bodies permission to release this now.
·      We want to heal, knowing that we absolutely can and do miraculously create health in our bodies. Whatever we need to be aware of, to let go of, to claim or to accept around that, we are focused on that intention.
·      Why are we always a bridesmaid and never a bride? What is it that is holding us off from finally creating what we want, getting very close, but not getting there? Am I going to be a part of the whole or the group? Or am I going to stand out and be a star? If I stand out and allow my light to shine, no one will like me. We must change the thought to, When I stand out with my light, in my authenticity, I love myself.
·      Choose to accept ourselves, honor ourselves and love ourselves as the damn, powerful light that we are, knowing that we direct that through divine love.
·      If people are responding to you claiming your power, they need to look at why they are having such a reaction to someone asking for what they want.  This is their stuff, not yours.
·      We are joyfully opening ourselves up to fearlessly choose to be our full Bright Light.  When you are your full, powerful light, you will be having the time of your life. We are afraid of the power because we are afraid that we will misuse that power and control.  You direct yourself to be your biggest, brightest, fullest, most powerful light, knowing you are directing it through divine live, using it as divine love for the higher good of all.
·      Invite fearlessly, that Bright Light to ignite itself in you again knowing that you are whole, complete and perfect. It’s your light, so of course you can handle it. You were meant to experience it all.

I love you. It’s been so beautiful to do this from New York with you! I truly, truly love you guys, I love this community and I love this work. Go love yourself, love yourself, and love yourself. Be the brightest flippin' light you can be out there. Go get 'em guys! You’re worth it, you deserve it and it’s possible.

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