Friday, March 18, 2011

Information re: Radiation‏

My Beautiful People:

This statement came in to hold the balance in all areas re:  the radiation, (personally, for the earth, for the water, for the atmosphere and beyond.)

It is vitally important we BE the Balance.

Know you are claiming this genetically (meaning from the point of existence), ancestrally, for all lineage, in all time and space and in all dimensions.

"I AM the Peace of all Understanding that creates me as the God I AM.

I Invoke the Rays/Flames/Lights through the ionosphere and beyond."

This is also the balancing statement that transmutes sickness to wellness in all areas.

Please hold this claim in your consciousness.


 * This is not medical advice but an energetic healing statement.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Blank Page

So,guys!  We have been really focused on letting go of all the old stories, definitions and expectations of us and the world. We have chosen to "choose a new thought" about who we are and our place in the world. We have decided to make something entirely new out of the playdough We have rolled it up, made a ball, and now we are ready to create anew.

Out of nothing.
Where all possibilities of ANYthing can be shaped.

Take a moment and drop into the experience of you being..nothing. Or maybe a better way to say it is, the experience of being everything brand new.  What does the experience of seeing the world from eyes of total trust, love, and acceptance feel like?  How empowering is the experience that you have, are, the moment of choice in the birthing of the new you as pure joy? No stories to deter and excuse you from the grace of the power of creation that you are? Trust freedom to be the creation of you.

That is the blank page of nothingness where the everything is. It can be scary if you are not conscious that you are creating within it. It may feel like panic, because you can't fall back on the very beliefs and definitions that have fueled your journey until now.
Choose to look at it as a brand new piece of paper, and you have a brand new set of crayons and you get to color a brand new picture/creation of you. Be the little child that didn't question the drawing or if he could do it or if he was talented or if anyone liked it.  He was in the simple joy of creating that work of art.
We are all a work of art. Let us take that blank page and create joyfully everything we want.
And you know what? We can always get another piece of paper and begin again. That is the beauty of creation. Always a new page to create from.

Happy drawing.    Love, Dee

Monday, March 7, 2011

You're God. Period.

OK guys. I know there is resistance. I know all that genetic indoctrination and life teaching is yelling out in your subconscious: DON'T YOU DARE.  But the collective is ready. Not only are we ready, but finally willing and able. We know we are worthy to claim the God We Are. We know we have to take the responsibility for our own creation and not point the finger at "them" for keeping us down, and at God for not coming through.  We are, indeed, the God we have been praying to to deliver us. When the majority of the collective comes together in the security of this choice ( and we are still dealing with the security of it all) the world will shift dramatically. As it has begun. Egypt is a prime example of masses saying: We Have a Voice.

Let us all choose, decide and claim in this moment of now, that we come forward and direct the energy of the I Am Presence that we are to be  freedom, joy and unconditional love. To BE It. That everything within us is in harmony and peace and grace with the power of self creation AS those things. We are not waiting one more minute. We are not " waiting for the world to change". We ARE the change. As within, so without. The world mirrors what we are, and we magnetize that and magnify it out into the world. A wonderful dance of recigive: giving and receiving in the same moment. Like a great hug, it happens simultaneously for all.

We are the second coming. We are the collective energy that will be the One energy to create the new thought of the new world from the new us.We are it. Claim it. Be it. Live it. Create it. We are magnificent beings of light. Shine brightly.  Love, Dee

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I cannot tell you the freedom and creation of staying/choosing happiness and holding your focus.  It has been demonstrated and acknowledged several times this week in my life and others.

Think of it as choosing who you want to be/how you want to think/what actions you want to take in your relationship with the world. NO MATTER WHAT happens, are you willing to choose the happier thought, take the more loving action, be the creation that you want the rest of the world to be?

I have been tested on many different levels these last two weeks. I chose to think the best, hold the love, and keep creating me as happiness and freedom. And things turned around almost miraculously. Look at it this way: at least you will live your life being joyous. Not too bad a creation.

Some of the tests were personal, some were professional. All of them threatened my personal definition of success in the world. But I know I am worthy. I know I am determined to BE the light I Am. Let's stand together to insist within ourselves that our flippin lights are going to be turned up--and stay up--by our magnificent selves. Cause baby, no one else can be the light we are--but us. Whoo-peeeeee Blessings, Dee