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~ Bright Light with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ October 10, 2011 ~

 Well hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, marvelous and very, very, very sexy people.  We have got a show tonight! You all are just working overtime and bringing this information in! I know the subject tonight is “The Violet Flame” but I also know that this information is coming in because we are getting ready for I Am Freedom. Every marvelous private session I have been doing has been about freedom lately. I am Freedom will be on October 18th a Tuesday, not a Wednesday like we are used to.
            The name of the pamphlet about the Violet Flame is, “Violet Flame to heal body, mind and soul”, by Elizabeth Claire Prophet. In this little booklet she talks a lot about karma, we know that karma is any negative thinking that we want to hold on to or play in in the moment. This is from St. Germaine, about the Violet Flame, “The violet flame goes after the schisms which cause psychological problems that go back to early childhood and previous incarnations and that have established such deep grooves within the consciousness that in fact they have been difficult to shake lifetime after lifetime.” I want to summarize what the Violet Flame does for you all. It changes negative energy into positive energy, basically the Violet Flame and our work are very, very good friends and are mirroring each other. It transmutes, meaning it alters the form, the appearance or the nature of all negativity in your physical and spiritual body and transforms it into light. As I was getting ready to bring you the information about the violet flame I was also directed to the place on the sheet around the golden flame.  The golden flame is the flame that consumes all energy. I was told that they work together. From my understanding right now, the golden flame kind of consumes all of the energy and then the violet flame can sort out the negative from the positive and transmute the negative into the positive of the violet flame.
            You can get the pamphlet on Amazon. There are lots of things in the pamphlet that I’ve marked. They talk a lot about the electronic belt, which is also spoken about in the I Am Discourses from St. Germaine, Volume Three. A lot of times when people invoke the Violet flame you can see it in their aura, kids will often say, “Oh, Mommy, you’re purple.” What I want us to do is to come forward and be conscious and direct our I AM presence that the moment we claim, I am Divine Love that all rays, all flames and all lights, the hara line, the pituitary and pineal, all energy centers are open, functioning and called in to do their highest work on our behalf. That took me to the highest definition of God, which I get as the unlimited truthfulness of all possibility and the unlimited possibility of all truthfulness. That is freedom. That is what the ray, flames and lights help us to access without judgments, grudges, without fearful beliefs or genetic predispositions. When we drop all of those things from our energy systems we are God. We are unlimited possibilities of unlimited truth. Know that whenever we say, I am Divine Love, anything and everything that positively comes forward as the creation of God in our energy is invoked.
            I want us to declare and claim, I am divine love around the guilt of being the miraculous creation of ourselves and the guilt that anything we may be carrying genetically is now released, consumed and transmuted.  Because, we turn our lights down when we go into doubt, fear, judgment and not knowing.
            There is a plethora of stuff here that I need to give you about freedom. I am the creation of my own freedom. Naiveté, that blind faith of naiveté as a child, is freedom. I ask, I know, I receive. We must decide that we are the naiveté that is the freedom that creates us as our own creation. I haven’t really understood why they’ve been taking us back to the radiation of our own light. We have turned up our own lights, but now we must take our light out and join it with all light for miraculous creation. That is freedom. When we work with all the light to manifest the creation of ourself as power and freedom. The very reason we have been blocking ourselves for eons with lists, vision boards, and envisioning is actually a manipulation of the illusion of freedom. All we have to do is be and ask for the experience of freedom and it is delivered to us in that moment. Be as the little child, be the trust and be the knowing that Santa is going to show up.
            There was a core belief that came up around freedom, here it is; When I am free I have to disconnect myself from my own creation of being free because I am in fear of creation itself. To be in power we must accept that we are the creation of all creation through the perspective that we hold. If we see ourselves as someone who cannot win the Academy Award, who cannot consistently have more than enough money, and who cannot create our bodies miraculously in perfect health. If we cannot perceive that, then we create ourselves and the world, as limitations where that cannot happen, and in that way we are the creation of all creation. We are directing our light to radiate out and join with all light for miraculous creation and so it is.
            We asked ourselves, “Why am I not allowing myself to be my light and why we aren’t sending our light out now?” Mostly its because we don’t believe we can, should or that we are the power that does. When we are joined with all light to be the creation of me and this world everything is manifested. For example, if you want money, direct your I am presence to create money, knowing that it is in harmony and partnership with all energy in your world.
            This is a big one for freedom, so stop what you’re doing and pay attention. Why do we not want freedom? Because we believe that power takes away love and love is the greatest power on this earth. When we are truly freedom, we are the power and we are the love. But if we don’t know that love creates the power in harmony with divine love than we will be in fear of moving into the freedom. WE can’t create ourselves without the experience of other light. In that instance we are in relationship to all light and the bright light of us is where we have to start. We must be in relationship with our own bright light. We stop the flow of energy because we don’t know what’s out there and we don’t know if we can handle it and I’m telling you guys, you are the light that must handle it.
            There is another core belief that came in that is yours truly; when I am in my joy and doing what I want I have to pay in some way. So, when I get a fabulous film that I want, I have to pay financially and lose money, or not make money, etc. When I’m in my joy and doing what I want, I take a hit, I have to get tired, or get sick. What do we want? I am divine love, balance it, and claim, Whenever I am in joy and doing what I want, myself and the world celebrates me in everyway and delivers to me through divine love.

·      The violet flame is like a big bar of soap and it helps turn negative energy into positive energy.
·      The true truth of religion is that as soon as your truth is spoken it’s delivered to you and that is what you have to remember.
·      We are creating our freedom in joy, love, harmony and bliss and we absolutely know that we are worthy in every way to create exactly what we want and call it freedom!
·      I state what I want, I expect what I want, I know I get what I want, I accept what I want and I know I deserve everything that I want and so I am in joy getting it.
·      Powerfully take control of yourself, will ya?
·      You have to use your adult power to direct your naiveté from an adult place.
·      I am powerful. My I am presence is the most powerful force on this earth. I am clearly directing me to ask for what I want and know that it is delivered to me. I am staying there in every single solitary moment of the creation of now.
·      How do I find the joy in working with energy to create money? Let me experiment in working with energy and see what I can create.
·      Your job is to create you and to create yourself in power and in freedom.
·      You must step forward to create yourself or you will be confused because the world and everything you know that makes sense will take you in a different direction.
·      Everyone has come into this life to experiment with the energy of the all that God is. However we want to experiment with that energy expands the education of God understanding itself. Don’t worry about anyone else, just look at you and ask, “What do I want to experience?”
·      See and experience the world as love and it will be that. You will not be able to judge anyone else or see them as anything other than love, but you have to shift you first.
·      You want to see love, be love.
·      In this moment of now I choose, direct and demand that I am moving forward now, in this instance. In this moment of now is the only moment that I create in and I choose to move forward now.
·      Be love and take love into the world. Your love is the greatest power that you have.
·      The only way to feel love and to experience the love that you are is to know you will be loved and accepted because that is your clear direction.

It is my true belief and knowing that when we create ourselves as freedom all subjects and experience of life must match that and then we are free. When we create ourselves as that experience we are free. Let’s take a moment and connect our hearts and our love and experience the greatness and the magnificence of this community that brings forth the highest, most unlimited truth from the most unlimited possibility that is possible. We are that. We are the I am presence. We are the violet flame. We are the golden flame. We are the light. We are the love and so it is. I love you dudes, to the moon and back again, like Gaby and I used to say to each other Bye Bye!

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