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What is a private like with Dee Wallace?


In the following blog Dee's guest Mary will always be in quotations " " and all other words are Dee and her channeled information.

            Hello all you amazing, incredible, fabulous, wonderful, magnificent and very, very sexy people! I had a real divine idea come to me and I’m real excited about tonight. I’ve had a lot of questions about what happens in my privates, why it would benefit them, etc. Tonight one of my very special people came forward and said they would allow me to do a private with them and to play it on the show so you can get a sense of why the hour privates are different than the show. That being said, this is what we are going to do today, so know that any questions you had will be answered because that is the way the work works.
            This is Ms. Mary’s private. Before we began Mary you said that you were a little bit nervous, you know why? “Its partially because its public and because it is public it brings up feelings of guilt and shame.” Right on the nose Mary, you know why it’s coming up is because you had the huzzpah to trust yourself and to trust me, thank you, to bring this on to the air, and as soon as we decide we get a gift. Right now we are being asked to take our light out into the world and connect it with the light of everything. In order to do that we have to be seen and we have to be heard authentically, which is what Mary is doing tonight.
            “A lot is coming up around the fear of driving, fear of going out into the world, etc, the feeling I had about talking on the show about it was, is that really who I want to put out into the world as the person that I am? It felt shameful. If I talk about some of my experiences from the past, child abuse and things like that, I would be blaming other people and I would feel guilty for that. I felt in saying who I was that I would somehow opening myself up for feelings of shame that I had, that I’m not the person that I want to be or celebrate, so why would I do that? And then I thought, well, the hell with it.”
            Good for you, you just summed up in one sentence what we all need to do. All of that old stuff and messages that we’re in fear of, to hell with it. We’re going to balance all of that. I am divine love and that includes the balance of masculine, feminine and child, it includes the dance of the water and the light. We’re going to get some discernment around all of this and the highest words are the shame of being me. All of us have a place in us that we are ashamed of, so that is the first place we have to go, if we are going to be free how can that happen if there’s a place we are holding shame and judgment towards ourselves? What do you want Mary? Can you phrase it for me?
            “Empowerment, self love and non-judgment.” How can you say non-judgment as a positive? “Acceptance.” There it is, you see how important it is to very clearly claim what you want. Not the negative of what you don’t want. You don’t want to judge yourself, so if you say non-judgment that still takes your subconscious towards judgment. So, I am self-love, acceptance and naiveté. When I say that you balanced that, I get a yes. When I say you balanced that for yourself as far as being that? I get a no. That’s where you are feeling stuck in your life. Remember that the highest intention we are holding for you is unlimited possibility and truth of freedom and self love. They want you to be very clear that you can balance the energy outside of yourself around those things and not balance yourself AS those things. I am divine love around that. Now you are at a place where you can literally create yourself as acceptance and self-love, which is what divine love is. If we keep looking outside of ourselves to create it out there we haven’t really addressed what’s going on within us, which is what the world responds to. All of that is balanced so we’re going to a second thing. Now remember this is around why it didn’t balance within you as you. Sheets, book, song, give me a movie. “E.T.” Okay, I’m going to the heart light. If we’re in judgment of ourselves and if we are in shame of ourselves we are going to close our heart light down right? The only way my buddy could get home and survive was to keep his heart light open and bright. In this moment of now are you choosing to do that? “Yes.” It’s balanced, it’s chosen, it’s decided and everything around you balancing and being in alignment with defining and creating yourself as self-love, freedom and acceptance is in place now. Can you feel that if you drop into your heart center?
            “Yes, It’s beating.” Well, that’s a good thing, I’m glad it’s beating. “Well, it’s running fast right now.” They are saying that is energy opening up and your excitement about energy opening up. That is important to acknowledge that you can experience your energy opening up. “Sometimes, I think I feel excitement as frightening in a way, not now, but sometimes.” Well, good, there is some kind of discernment to get around that because they are saying its not frightening but it feels that way. Just by hearing that you balanced it, which is a good thing, you’re doing it automatically, what they’re saying is its really about power and when you feel that, you are able to feel your power and that scares you. “I think you said in an email that I had gotten messages from both of my parents, but particularly my father about going out into the world and that it was a dangerous place, so the excitement that other people would feel was coming across as fear for me.” That’s a true statement, but they want you to be clear that it’s around the fear of power and taking yourself out into the world for all of us is about power. What is the most powerful force in the world Mary? “Love.” Love. You bet. I would love for everyone to go to the website and watch the past life regression because that was the message that I was given, be love and take your love into the world because love is the most powerful force.
            “I have a question for all of us, if you have felt that in the past that you did that and it was not accepted, was it really bringing your love or was it something else?” It was something else. “Right, that’s what I was trying to get at, because if you had been bringing your light out into the world then you wouldn’t be feeling those feelings.” We all have brought our light out into the world and had it rejected. What we were supposed to learn and remember in those moments was for us to go, it doesn’t matter, I’m going to turn around and create me again. That isn’t what we do, what we do is turn our light down and become small and then are afraid to take ourselves out into the world again, being powerful. “So it’s not the perceived reception it’s about doing it independently of the reception, but if you’re really doing it, it’s probably going to be received.” That’s not your responsibility whether it’s received or not. Your responsibility is to be love, take it out into the world and just keep creating yourself anyway that you can, no matter what. In this moment of now you’re the only one who can shift that around. I get a yes no. So, how do you want to define yourself as far as taking your power and love out into the world? “I want to feel that I can do whatever it is I choose to do in the moment without any hesitation.” Let’s look at the hesitation then, what creates the hesitation? The fear. So, what’s the fear, not being received, its kind of a circle then isn’t it. “Expecting an absolute consequence or an absolute benefit or I won’t do it.” That’s not authentic love for yourself, that’s saying I can only love myself if you accept me, I can only define myself as brave enough to take me out into the world if I know you’re going to accept me ahead of time. “Then I’m totally externally defined.” Absolutely and then your focus goes on, am I going to be accepted? And you’re not. Which then reinforces the fear that I’m going to take my power out into the world and I will be rejected.  Our focus is on that so we attract more of that, then we think it didn’t work again and we pull our light back again. What we need to recognize is that our focus is in the wrong place. My clear I am direction is that I perceive myself as a person that goes out into this world and is joyously and securely, received and honored and blessed. That’s my direction of who I am and therefore, from the eyes of that person, I must see the world as a world that accepts me, cherishes me and blesses me.
            “When you say drop down into your heart, I know it sounds kind of nutty to say what do you mean, it actually for some people needs to become a practice if you’re always in your head. So, it involves the breathing and the slowing down?” Not necessarily, let me show you how quick and easy it is. I want you to go to your head and tell me what its like to be loved. Just describe it to me. “I would have to go down to my heart because it wouldn’t be in my head.” Do you have a pet? “Yes.” Drop down into your heart and love your pet. See how easy that is, you didn’t have to breathe or meditate, you just did it. Let’s think about something you want to do out in the world. What is something you want to go out and do? Let’s say Mary wants to go out and participate with a lot of groups of people. How do you do that from your head?  Just a stream of consciousness with your thoughts on how to achieve this. “I’d like to be more involved with helping other women and people in healing groups, learning more about spiritual disciplines and doing more physical activities with groups of people.” Take a breath. Drop into your heart and tell me what it feels like to do all of those things. “It feels like aliveness.” See, when you go to your head, you describe what you want. When you go to your heart you experience it already.
            You have to let go of the belief that it has to be hard, or it takes a lot of time, that we can’t actually do it, etc.  “I feel like when I’m talking to you or other spiritual people that I’m in a certain place and sometimes I feel that it’s hard to maintain that when I interact with other people or the fears come back.” Let’s balance it. I am divine love. What feels like you can’t interact with them or a block comes up; this is why, because you don’t take your light out into the group. You’re holding it within yourself. From the beginning of this conversation it’s been about taking your light and power out into the world. We’ve already gotten to why, because you’re in fear of what? “Fear of rejection.” Exactly, so let’s put this together, I want to go out and join more groups, expand myself spiritually and really interact with the world but I’m afraid that I’m going to be rejected so every time I do that I pull my light back, don’t send it out and then I feel like I don’t connect with anyone. Let’s balance that. I am divine love, I am the balance and the dance, it’s my clear direction that I bravely and joyously send my light out into the world to connect with other light and know that my light and I am received. How beautiful is that? Can you see the little game that you’ve been playing now?
            Any genetic messages we have that our light is not going to be received and we should shut down and feel unworthy, I am divine love, I clearly direct this to be dumped from my genetic makeup now, we invoke the rays, flames and lights. “I had another one.” Yup, this is the second installment so keep going. “I have a fear of driving, particularly long distances, multi-lane driving, switching lanes as well as a fear of dogs that are very aggressive and jump at you and bark. It’s kind of strong. It’s panic. I have stuff around electricity and I do feel that maybe it’s past life.” Usually everything that you mention goes back to one thing, but not tonight. Every single one of them represents something different. We’re going to the dogs; we want to know what the fear of loud, barking dogs is. I am divine love. That’s balanced. Yes. Sheets, books, give me a song baby. “Your love is lifting me higher and higher.” The barking dog is coming at you as a metaphor and a mirror of your own energy towards yourself. So literally when a barking dog comes at you, you go into a panic because it puts you in touch with attacking yourself.
            Now we’re going to the driving, can you tell me exactly what your words were again? “It’s a particular fear of the confidence you need in a three lane type of situation, the shifting, lane switching and using the mirrors as well as aggressive driving.” Well, look at what we got to earlier. You’ve got to know where you’re going in order to do that. We go, I don’t know how to do this, if I can do it . . . “Because you don’t know where you’re going, so if you were committed to going where you wanted to go  . . .” Yes, you would take your light out there. Driving and cars, anytime anything involves a car, its about getting where you want to go, which is about moving out into the world in our power. You always get there right? You’re always fine. So it’s the knowing that you will give you the power to take you out there, but you keep focused on the fear that something might happen instead of going, nothing ever happens, I’m powerful.
            “Sometimes I believe that I have to say, Archangel Michael above and below me, now I feel that it sort of implies that there is something that you need protected from and against.” Let’s go there. Let’s go to what you believe you have to protect yourself against. I am divine love. Sheets, book, song, a play, okay we’re going to the Book of Mormon, which is about saving ourselves through rules and regulations. “And talismans and little St Jude medals. You know what I mean, if it’s not in the car I won’t be ok.” So, I have to save myself in this life by going outside of myself and asking everything else for protection. Who is in charge of you knowing that you are safe and secure in this world? Who’s in charge of that? “I am.” Bingo. “It doesn’t feel that way as opposed to when I can on something greater than I am.” Our next question then is, let’s balance it. I am divine love. Why do I not know then that my I am presence is the presence that creates me as secure and protected in this world. I’m going to a book, to Ramtha’s book; I need a page number, page 257 and the frequency it responds to. “The whole of your brain capacity is immense, yet you in your limited thinking has been able to use only one third of it. What do you think the rest of it is for? To fill an empty hole?”- Ramtha.  So we’re going to the brain and the part of our brain that has not been activated that lets us know unconditionally that our I am presence is the presence that creates our joy, power, security and freedom in the world. I am divine love around all of that. I am the balance of masculine, feminine and child within the radiation of my light, the sending out of my light within the electromagnetic whole of the whole, which is also known as the brain. I am whole. I am God. I am the I. So it is. What we just did was balance the feminine, masculine and child within the part of the brain that allows us to know, experience, own and be our I am presence. Holy Hell.
            “From the first time, when you said, I am God, I’m a recent listener, and I stopped at that because I was brought up as a fire and brimstone Catholic. You’re unworthy, you are not God, God is something separate and out there. I’ve heard all about it and I know all about it and I’ve tried to feel it before but I felt it when you said it this time. It felt like blasphemy the first time.” Honey, before I brought this work out into the world my healing partners and I walked through three years of statements before we got to I am God. It was a huge day, the day my life turned around, when we were able to claim, I am God. I did all of that legwork before I ever brought that out into the world. “Nobody else is saying that, they are still saying I humble myself before God, I call upon God.” You know why they say that, because so many people will turn around and go, you can’t say that. Isn’t that exactly what we’ve been talking about? Put this together. Being in fear that you can take your truth out into the world and not be rejected and when you truly know that you can, you attract people like we have in our own community here. It was very clear to me that I could not water down anything that I knew, because my job is to bring the truth out into the world. The people that will know it, accept and the people that don’t I wont’ attract to me anyway.
            What was the last thing we were talking about? “There are a lot of irrational fears and guilt things that I have to put in the past that have blocked me.” They are already in the past; energetically you’ve balanced them within this hour. “Okay so I’ll come up with another one. My decision making will now be clearer?” I’m asking you. Will it? “Well, I’m hoping.” Ehhhh, excuse me, you are the director of your I am presence, what do you choose to create? Until you claim clarity, you will not be. Ramtha says it better than I’ve ever heard. The only thing in the way of creation is doubt. “That’s probably in the past all of my obsessive thoughts and racing thoughts have come from, the blocking of the knowledge.” Okay, so drop down into your heart center Mary, no matter how hard I try, when I drop into my heart center I can’t feel that B.S. Know that when you hear that yada, yada, yada, brain fart stuff, drop back down to your heart and clearly direct your I am presence to open your channel that you know, that you’re clear and then take action from that place. Consciously do that when you get into a car, redirect your energy centers around getting into a car. You have to train yourself to know your power when you’re in the car.
            Neale Donald Walsh says in Conversations with God, “Literally go out of your mind, you will not find the answer in your mind. Your mind is created to doubt if the answer is right.” “Right and you won’t find the solution to the problem from the paradigm that created the question”. Exactly, thank you Einstein Mary. They are taking me somewhere else because we’re going to my sheets. Claim that all your energy systems both in the body and above are open front and back, balanced, repaired and spinning correctly. We direct our I am presence to do that, we are that, we are consistently that. What they are saying is that when you are in your heart center your energy systems stay open, balanced, spin in the right direction, your Hara line is straight, everything is in place when you go to your heart center. Everything goes caddy-wompass when you go to your mind. That’s a scientific statement you know, that’s my mommy from Kansas. “Is it caddy-wompass for everyone when they are in their mind?” Yes, ma’am. But we’re taught that that is the way the truth looks. We have to choose the perception and the knowingness that when we’re in our heart center we know, we’re guided, we’re true, we’re freedom, we’re power and are all of those things when we live in the open channel that happens when our heart centers are open and connected. “So the mind has its place but it’s a function of the heart or it connects to the heart in some way?” Ya, if you want to read up more on it, “Heart Math” is a good place to go. Basically, your wisdom, your consciousness is your intelligence, which is felt from the heart. Your job is to direct your I am presence to use your mind to create whatever messages your heart brings forward. Right now, your heart is saying I want to go out, play sports and be with more people, it’s my clear direction to my mind show me how to do that joyfully and in power. That’s your job.
            “It’s like getting into your heart space and it will come to you? The emotions of the heart are mostly fabulous emotions right?” Well, lets get clear about that. When you drop into your heart center and ask, literally you will hear. Things will drop in, that is how I channel. “It’s like waking up at 4:00 in the morning and suddenly you know.” Yes ma’am because when they wake you up at 4 in the morning you have no resistance going and you’re not in your mind. “Dee, do the emotions come from the heart including the lower emotions or are they interpretations from the mind?” Oh no, emotions always come from the heart center. “So the heart center, if its not balanced can have both joyous and lower emotions?” That goes back to the polarities. There are no good and bad emotions. Your emotions clearly tell you what’s going on. If you’re pissed off you know you’re angry and then you get to find out what the truth is of what’s going on with you, instead of being controlled by it. There is nothing that is negative about that. “So your guidance doesn’t tell you to buy into the Law of Attraction thing where they say careful about your thoughts and emotions all negative emotions must be erased because they are going to produce them. Am I going on a tangent here?” No, you’re actually asking the question that will wrap up the show. The problem with a lot of people who are teaching the truth is that they don’t understand or live the truth. AS soon as you say don’t feel, don’t think, it’s negative. Where does your focus go? On to the negative and in the fear you are going to do something wrong and that is NOT the flippin’ Law of Attraction.
            You live in love, you be love, you count your blessings, you live in gratitude, you see yourself through the perception of magnificence and greatness that you are so you see the world in its magnificence and its greatness and all things that are attracted to you have to match that. When you get in that car you attract that you are powerfully magnificent and know that you are in control of your own destiny and being because you have clearly directed yourself to be there. Do you understand? Is there any other way I can serve her? I get that we are very complete Ms. Mary. We need to bring it to a close; do you have any last questions? “No, it was just terrific. It’s a great thing to not have any questions.” And you had some great questions that are going to serve so many people. You empowered me, yourself, the listeners and the world and that is what I asked for when I started this work.
            Thanks to all of you. I hope that you enjoyed this. I know that it gave you so much clarity about the process, about taking responsibility and about our light, our power and our freedom. I love you, I love you all. Go create.
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