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~ Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace ~ Show Recap ~ October 6, 2011 ~

            Good morning all you amazing, magnificent, fabulous, incredible, awesome, very sexy people! Woohoo! You know guys; I hope your life is taking off as much as mine is! It’s a whirlwind and it’s a great whirlwind. If you think you can’t handle it, you’re not up to the workload, the pace, the joy, etc. let’s balance that.  I know I usually precede those of you that are consciously creating your life maybe, by about a month. I’m telling you, hold on to your hats because things are breaking open in a very joyous and expansive way. You have to know that you are the light and the water energy dancing together that creates the expansion and the radiation out of your light. We’ve been talking about that for quite some time now and we now know that we can be the light, but if we don’t send it out it doesn’t do us any good.
            We discovered that we had the belief that the collective could affect us in someway, but that is not a true statement. We know now that it is up to us, only us, and we get to joyfully create us and radiate out our light and in that way we do affect the collective, but the collective can not hold our light in, down or keep it small unless we hold a belief that supports that.
 Everything that we are carrying from the doubt of religion, is it right, could it be, is it okay to be this powerful, is it even possible? We are directing our I am presence to absolutely know that our authentic self knows, understands and we are wide open to be the creative force that we are, with a clear direction of power behind it.
If you are ever in doubt about what to claim, claim I AM FREEDOM. When you create yourself as freedom, every aspect of you and subject in your life must harmonize with the freedom that you are. It’s the core of everything and of course, when we love ourselves unconditionally, we are free. We are changing the date of the I am freedom webinar to Tuesday, October 18th because I just signed with Rob Zombie to be a part of his next project! I’m so excited because Rob Zombie is one of my favorite directors. I find it very interesting that I get to take this dichotomy of Dee out into the world to say to everybody, through my example I am hoping that you give yourself permission to authentically go out and create everything that gives you joy. AS you know, Rob’s work can be very graphic and gruesome and it’s hard to imagine how it goes hand in hand with the healing work. That sums up the judgment and the enigma that we are stuck in. I alluded to it a few weeks ago and it wasn’t only about this film, it was coming up with callers and some friends. When I went within to say, what do I need to remember, the words that were given to me were, “Dee, Satan is just another monster and its just another monster movie.”
I want everyone to come forward and direct: I am the water that joins with the light to be the miraculous creation of my I am direction and so it is. Remember, you are light, everything is light and everything is manifested from light. If you remember past webinars and shows, we have talked about water and that it’s the greatest conductor on earth and it holds memory. When we put the greatest conductor with the light that manifests everything, from the light of everything, then we get the true, miraculous radiation of our light out. I don’t understand all of this yet, but this is what I was told to bring forward for you today. Picture the dance of the water and the light together, when a great sunbeam comes down and hits a wave, immersing, dancing, reflecting off one another and becoming one. That’s the image that I want you to hold, I know we will be getting more discernment around this I’m sure. The dance of light energy actually equals joy, love, peace and inspiration. We know what it does, we call it in and that’s certainly something I want to be, I don’t know about y’all, but I’d say, “Hope on board!”
The private sessions have just been off the board lately! I was telling you all how limited I was feeling on the set of the Office, and through these privates all of this information about being able to embrace the freedom within structure has been incredible. We can choose to be a free and open channel within structure, within the high tech world, that we clearly direct that I am a free and open channel within any structure that may exist in my life. Even marriage has its structure and yet we can claim our own freedom within that.
Energy and how it gets switched has been coming up all over the place, which is usually caused by some trauma. When your energy gets switched, you don’t test correctly, your truth tests as an untruth and your untruth tests as a truth. This is very important for those of you that test with a pendulum or kinesiology. You can direct yourself before you start testing to be in alignment energetically. Another big piece of info that came through is that we actually can choose to implant ourselves, much like we think the E.T.’s can implant within us. We can actually choose in a lifetime to implant something within ourselves so that we can truly study it for a long time. You are the director of your own fate and your own soul. Whatever you are wondering about direct yourselves that you know and have the highest understanding of it.
Hold on to your childlike qualities and have fun. It is so important for the creative process. Be as a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven. What is the kingdom of heaven, all creation, all knowing, freedom and the naiveté that as soon as you direct and ask, it is delivered unto you.
The beliefs that are coming up that are limiting all creation right now are; I am not the light and the water and I have to or do, limit my light and water in some way. We are coming forward to claim clearly and direct our I am presence, I am the light and I expand and allow my light and water to radiate out through infinity and beyond.  Please let go of the belief that there is anything in our way. The only thing that can be in our way is us and the beliefs and perceptions that we hold.

·      We believe all the miracles; we absolutely believe that they can happen!
·      If you’re holding onto the belief, “They’re getting better everyday” around something you are trying to heal; you won’t heal them because if they are getting better everyday they can’t be healed today. It’s the belief that stuff takes time. We are claiming miraculous healing right now.
·      We are claiming miraculous money being delivered to us right now, we are claiming miraculous, divine right relationships, the healing of relationships right now, in this moment of now.
·      The mental enigma we get into is how can I hold onto the knowing of its created right now, yet its not physically manifesting right now? I am divine love; I am the balance and the dance. 
·      We’re not bringing enough power through our I Am presence about miraculous manifestation. We are absolutely directing our I am presence powerfully to know that I AM miraculous manifestation in my body, mind, soul, spirit, emotions, in all dimensions and in all time and space. So it is.
·      “You had the power all along Dorothy.” You have to know you have it and you must USE it. You cannot be free without your power and you can’t be in power until you’re free.
·      Just by being here, being your light, the energy, the balance and the joy, you’re doing what you are supposed to be doing. Be love and take your love out into the world; that is your purpose.
·      Any kind of definition or perspective that we are holding of ourselves that we are not there, not free, not complete, not enough, someone else is smarter, more creative, whatever those definitions are, are limiting the perspective of ourselves and that is how we see the world.
·      “The Violet Flame to heal body, mind and soul” by Elizabeth Claire Prophet. “The violet fire transmutes anything negative that is lodged anywhere in your spiritual or physical being.”
·      When we can go, “Man, I rock!” We’re there! That is freedom!
·      No one can take your energy, your creation or how you define yourself away from you. Money doesn’t define you, where you live doesn’t define you, who loves you doesn’t define you; you are the only one who can define yourself. You have to step forward in power and self-love for yourself right now.
·      I am powerfully victorious with my I am presence over all my energy.
·      If we find ourselves in the middle of a bad situation we must take a look at it and find the lesson in it, the pony in the middle of the crap.
·      When we hear “No” there is a “Yes” somewhere else. We have to know we are the creators of that by holding onto the freedom of who we are.

Alright, my beautiful people, I always wish we had another hour. Let’s take a moment and open our hearts and connect with each other and acknowledge the magnificence, the beauty and the wonder that we are. I love you. Love yourselves as much as that gorgeous, gorgeous pillow and hug it to death!

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