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~ Bright Light with Dee Wallace ~ Show Recap ~ October 17, 2011 ~

            Well, hello all you fabulous, incredible, magnificent, stupendous, amazing and very, very, sexy people! I hope you are ready to go! We are having a misunderstanding about trying to be God and being God. For example, in two of my private sessions today they would say, “Yes I’m doing that.” And I would get a Yes, but once I said, they were “Being that” I would get a no. I think that’s where the discernment lies, we can do, do, do without really being and once we are, we don’t have to do. It’s all going back to the self. Why do we have to direct and accept that we are God because there is really no freedom until we do that? Until we accept that we are the creative force that is creating our own life we are at the whim of the world and approaching creation from the damage control point of view and that’s not freedom, that’s manipulating energy.
            Right before I came on to the show today my manager called and said a film I thought I would be filming this Thursday didn’t come through. It went to someone else. I think I shared with you that I absolutely knew I was going to book this commercial I went on last week and that didn’t happen either. I felt like I KNEW I was going to book both of those jobs and neither one of them happened. As soon as I got the call I knew it wasn’t a mistake because I’m dealing with this in a lot of private sessions as well. The work took me to the Hara line, which on this plane, Dee trying to be God, was straight, strong and through the ID point. My Hara line AS God was not straight, strong and through the ID point. As soon as I went to my knowing as the God I am, I was not in my knowing. But, I was in my knowing as the lesser God of Dee. That has to tell us that there is still some separation going on between knowing and accepting that we are the God of our own design and we are the God of everything that we choose to create in our lives. So it is. I claim it, I choose it and I accept it and I am the experience of it. That is another thing that is incredibly important though we forget it sometime. You must really go into your heart center and be the experience of the love of the claim that you are making. So, if we are going into our heart centers to experience the God that you are, then you must love yourself as the God that you are and experience that. Which means joining our light with all light as the statement on Sheet 1 of my sheets goes, “the radiation of my light”, taking my light out and radiating it into the world as the God I am. Which, for all of us means the blank page of a new beginning, without bringing in all of our old beliefs like, perfectionism. If you think you have to be perfect in any way you are taking yourself out of the freedom of the experience of energy. You are going into judgment and you are going into fear that you are not meeting that judgment. So, bye bye to perfectionism, I am divine love; it is my clear choice and direction to stay in the moment of now in total acceptance and love of the God that I am.
            One thing they gave me permission to bring forward tonight is; balance, knowing, trust and release equals freedom. I hold myself in balance, I am the knowing of the God I am, I trust mine and all other energy to create my highest good for me and I release it because I know its done as soon as I claim it. That’s freedom. Being the experience of love is freedom. We are directing tonight that anything and everything that comes in on this call to bring in all aspects of myself, the parts that trust, the parts that know and the parts that don’t trust and don’t know, I am demanding that all aspects of myself come together to be the experience and the being-ness of the God that I am. That means that all parts of me are working together and the parts of me that don’t know are not sabotaging the parts of me that do know; instead they all come together in their knowing. 
            Something really important that came together today in a private with one of my clients was I am the creation of the insanity of me, which of course is negative. Pick whatever is the opposite for you, for me it’s peace and knowing. I am the creation of the peace and knowing of me. When we go into reaction, we go out of knowing. When you’re on this journey and you’re directing energy for the first time in, Oh, I don’t know, centuries, and lifetimes, stuff has to come up as you are adamantly holding fast to the joy, love, freedom and peace. The stuff that is in the way must come up and when it does this we know it’s working and now we are conscious of it and can use this energy to direct and receive more of what I want.
·      Oftentimes we think, in order to be freedom in one area, we have to pay for it somewhere else.
·      Pull up any physical challenge that you are working on right now and know that if we can create money, happiness, freedom and the rest of our lives we can heal ourselves miraculously.
·      In reality, no one’s freedom can be taken from them if they don’t perceive their freedom as gone. Even people in prison camps during World War II, Nelson Mandela, and others who have written memoirs about being in prison have shared a similar belief.
·      You are the creator of your own freedom; you must choose to be the God that creates it for your self.
·      The very essence of freedom as we understand it is based on what we had to go through to create a Free country, fighting for freedom, struggle, war and strife, which we must let go of unless we want history to repeat itself. We want to know that Freedom is our divine right and our soul creation, when we create ourselves as free there is freedom.
·      When you are happy every cell of your body is happy, when you live in stormy weather every cell of your body responds to that as well.
·      As the God she is, she is defining herself as a God that has to avoid growth in order to be a bigger God. If your definition of God is limited, you will be limiting yourself even though you know you’re God. We are directing the God that I am is freedom, peace, success, joy, unconditional love and divine love, harmony, balance, sex in the highest way of creation and knowing. That is our highest definition of the God we choose to be. It is our clear direction of the I am presence that I am the God of those things and more and greater still.
·      Direct the light to love, heal and balance everything in your body so it is all working harmoniously together for the good of your health.
·      Get out of your head; you can’t create from your mind.
·      While you’re in the pursuit of happiness you don’t have happiness, you’re always looking for it, striving for it, and waiting for it. You must live in the experience of happiness because you are it.
·      If you want to exponentionally create your own life you only focus on what you want, not on what you DON’T Want.
·      There is no answer to “Is this the right move?” The answer is, are you committed to the joy and the love of doing it and then it’s right. If you can’t, it’s not.
·      Bring on board and clearly direct the aspect of you that is afraid to claim your power. It is no longer okay for anyone to embarrass us, harass us or control us. It’s up to us to set new boundaries.
·      I am divine love. It is my clear direction that I joyously speak up for myself, joyously set the boundaries that enhance and support myself, and others in the creation of the God that they are.
·      Do not wait for anything outside of yourself to create the money, to change, or any other thing, until you come forward and claim the majesty of the God that you are in this life.

I want to wrap this up because I said at the beginning of the show, its all about going back to yourself and that is what we have heard all night. I am going back to the God that I am, I am the God of all possibility, of unlimited truth, unlimited highest understanding and knowing, that is who I am and the world must harmonize with me. That is my clear direction. Let’s take a moment and drop down into our heart center. It is important to radiate your light out and connect with everyone. Love yourself, love yourself, and love yourself more. I do. Many blessings.

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