Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So it is occurring to me that many of the people that are working with me, or for me, are not really doing their jobs. Not in the way I would like them to be done: joyfully, timely,and with expansion. I am kind of over it, quite frankly. And as we know, where there is discord, there is a great opportunity to expand yourself if you look at your own creation. So I am.
When I got quiet and centered and out of the fault-finding that we so often jump to in problem solving, I found this core belief:: That the Universe doesn't take care of me. Obviously, if there is still some of that belief lurking about in my energy, I have to create people somehow not coming through for me. That is ultimately how we are the creation of all creation, because our perceptions are creating how we see the world, and the world responds.Ergo, all is created by us, and we are the highest answer around the creation of all. If we see the glass as half full, it is. If we see it as half empty, it is. If we perceive the Universe not taking care of us, it doesn't. Literally with a shift of perception, our inner and outer world is created differently.
Now enter the information about light and water. I don't have all the info yet ( do we ever?), but I know that the emergence of the light and water,which  we are , creates miraculous and instantaneous manifestation. It makes sense. Everything is created by lowering light, which everything IS, by thought and focus into reality. We, and the world, are about 90% water, which is the simplest and most encompassing conductor of energy.So it makes sense ( not that it has to ) that focusing and conducting would create results. It would have to affect energy through the Ionosphere as well as here at home. And that means that whatever is manifested in this way bounces back to us from the Ionosphere and is created in our reality.
So I am directing my I Am Presence to be/create the emergence of light-water energy within the balance of feminine/masculine/child around Knowing The Universe Takes Care of Me.
Knowing THAT is Freedom. What could we possibly be in fear of? And when we are not in fear, we can create. In every moment we can be the creation of ourselves, and ergo our lives and are world. And so it is. Blessings, Dee

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