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~Conscious Creation with Dee Wallace ~ Show Recap ~ October 13, 2011~

            Good morning all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent and very, very sexy people! Oh my goodness! I hope your life is taking off as exponentially as mine! I hope you know that you can handle it; you’re choosing to handle it. I hope every moment that you are handling, you’re handling in joy, love, excitement and energy. Here we go, accepting freedom.
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            Lots of stuff has been coming in about freedom and that is why today is about accepting freedom. We can create it, but if we don’t accept everything that comes with it and is a part of it, then we push it away again or allow ourselves to be created in a half assed manner. One of the first beliefs that are affecting this is; that we have to have doubt, we’re not safe without doubt, etc. So we are coming together right now to claim, I KNOW and I have a belief that I should know, that I’m able to know and that all of my knowing has always been in place and I am remembering it all.
            Another major belief; I have to keep saving myself if I’m going to be happy. We’ve talked about this roller coaster ride before. Achieving and creating our lives for a few weeks and then we slide back into our patterns of loss, etc. We have to know that there is nothing to be saved, we don’t have to keep saving ourselves, all there is, is the choice to be happy in every moment. We are free as the gods that we are to create Freedom in every moment. I want us all to come forward and claim, I accept change and I go with the flow. Our moments are speeding up and our decisions have to be made quicker. When we stay in the moment and make the decision, handling it now and moving forward now. Moving forward is taking our light out into the world and joining it with other lights. This is a great definition of freedom that came in: being in alignment with your own beliefs. When you are in alignment with your own beliefs you are free. If you are not in alignment with who you are, you feel angry, despondent, lacks-a-daisical, like you have no energy, it shows up in a myriad of beliefs. I am in alignment with my beliefs. Those are your highest beliefs and if you claim that and you are not in alignment it will be made known to you!
            A new core belief that came in, when I create myself I reject myself as the creation that I am. That means I’m going to create and now I have to sabotage it so I reject me, the money I created, the wellness I created, etc. The positive is I am the life force of the creation of me.
This is one that I have been looking for forever; when we accept that we are the creation of our authentic authority, no matter what, I am free. When I accept and know that I am the creation of me authentically in every moment then I know that I am the energy that creates my authentic authority over me to choose freedom, happiness and joy in every situation.
The final belief that I want you to choose to let go of and transmute into the light, creating the opposite positive of is; I have to be in emotional angst to create and be free. Let’s all let go of that. I get to choose to be; I create to be emotionally free. Whenever I create, I am freedom.
The only rule and regulation around how creation has to happen right now is that you have to take responsibility for your own creation. So we do and so it is. We invoke the rays, flames and lights, which are built in to the I Am Divine Love Statement.


·      We do not have to bring the history in anymore. It’s not needed. We do not create dependent on what happened before, we create independent of anything and everything that took place or was a truth in our life. I am a blank page in this moment of now and I create everything from this blank page as something brand new.
·      I am the power of creation that I am and I acknowledge that in every way.
·      Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain the person that you thought was in control. It’s that part of you that you are judging and being disappointed in.
·      All of the aspects of me are working together by direct design and direction of my I Am presence. To be whole, to be complete, and to be free in the creation of me as freedom in the power of creation as I am.
·      It’s never about somebody else, only look to yourself and shift what you need to shift.
·      Stay in the moment.
·      The fear part doesn’t have the power to create what we want. It only has the power to keep us from getting back to Kansas.
·      All parts of a dream are you.
·      Who creates the right time for you? You. In that respect if you do not think it’s the right time for you, then it will not be the right time for you. But, there is no outside force that creates the right time for you. You must choose what you want to believe. You must choose what your truth is.
·      Take your power back from whomever you gave it to and start being the creator that you are.
·      If you have a belief that you always need help, you will always need help. I am divine love. I am the highest answer. I am the highest truth and I know. So it is.
·      What you have to know in order to save yourself is absolutely nothing. There is nothing to get to, nothing to know and nothing to change. If you don’t know that you will live continually in “I have to wake myself up and find what it is”
·      Quit working hard. Creation is not hard. Creation is joy, freedom and love. You will not create by being despondent, not the things you want.
·      Your job is to be joy and happy and know there is nothing else to do. You’re there. There is no more part of us that is the little man behind the curtain.

I love you guys. Love yourself and love the totality of yourself. Know that you’re complete. Know that you’re magnificent. Love yourself, love yourself and love yourself more. Love you!

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