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~ Bright Light with Dee Wallace Show Recap ~ October 3, 2011 ~

            Well hello all you amazing, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, and very, very, very sexy people. Here I am doing everything I love again. I’m on the set of a beautiful little movie called, “One of Us”, which my beautiful daughter, Gabrielle, worked on yesterday. There are a lot of seasoned actors and beautiful, young filmmakers and we are having a wonderful time. Once again, they allowed me to create being here live on the show by giving me an hour free to do this. I’m very grateful to them and the first place we are going is, One of Us must know. When I was sitting here trying to get clear about everything they took me to the title of the film, because if we don’t know, then nobody knows. If we don’t know, the universe can’t know. If we don’t know, we can’t know and we certainly can’t create what we don’t know. We’re all coming together to claim, choose, direct and be the knowingness of the I Am presence that knows.
            The title of the show is, “It’s not you, It’s the Collective”. This is how powerful this work is. We have been claiming, I am powerful, freedom, joy, bliss, unconditional love and I am the highest understanding of unlimited possibility and truth that I can be. When I was doing one of the most amazing private sessions the other day, it was one of my annual subscribers and something came in that we realized wasn’t theirs. We realized that it was an issue that was literally up in the collective. The best way I can describe what they showed me was a cloud of energetic blockage that was surrounding us and saying no. I don’t want you to go there, I don’t want you to expand out into limitless-ness because I’m not ready to do this. The same thing came up in another private and anytime that happens I immediately know that there is something we need to look at. Obviously if there is an energetic cloud of collective energy out there holding us back, then there’s a belief in us that that has to be there and it absolutely can hold us back. As we believe its been delivered unto us, so we’re going to let that go tonight and reach the 100th monkey. Everyone come forward; I am Divine Love, I am the balance of feminine, masculine and child energy around knowing that I am absolutely the highest answer, that I know, that I create my own light in unlimited possibility and unlimited truth, out past my ionosphere, beyond and back again. So it is.
            The second big thing I want to bring up tonight is, the water is back. The highest way we can understand it is the immergence and the dance of water and light creates instantaneous, joyful creation. We are claiming, I am divine love and clearly directing that the water and the light that I am dance in the immergence of instantaneous, joyful creation. If you can’t feel that dudes, what’s up?
            There was something really, truly, beautiful that came up in a private that I was doing and was then complimented in a meditation I was doing. We were talking about our lights and how beautiful and magnificent they were, the voice said, “Yes, but do you know how individual your beautiful, magnificent your light is?” I asked for a higher understanding around that and they said, “If we pulled back and showed the entire earth from outer space, we could find your light because your light is as individual as your thumb print. There is only one of YOUR light which feeds and is part of the whole light, of the all light.” How beautiful and stunning that is, if you’re hanging out in outer space, our lights are so brilliant and beautiful that we can be identified with our light. Another reason that you need to shine your light brightly!

·      The immergence of water and light create instantaneous and joyful creation.
·      Your health issues are coming from you not acknowledging that you are creation and that you are the creation of you. How can we acknowledge that we are the creation of ourselves and how can we move to create ourselves in love, joy, bliss, harmony and freedom if we don’t accept that we are the creation of it. Energy gets blocked and doesn’t flow and that shows up as dis-ease in your body. We come forward to claim the knowing of our I am presence, it’s all about me, I trust myself to create and I trust all energy to create with me.
·      Remember what Adamus said during the Crimson Circle recently, “You’re there, It is done. Go play. Go live. Start creating. Every moment of your life, be creating. What do I want to create right now?”
·      There is no more judgment around anything that makes you feel good. I am divine love. I am the balance of feminine, masculine and child. It’s our clear direction for our I am presence to know that I give myself permission in everyway to enjoy, love and be fulfilled in pleasing myself in what makes me happy. I allow myself to accept everything that makes me happy and I feel good when I do. So it is.
·      If you un-create anywhere, just turn around and create again.
·      Nothing is the answer but my I Am presence.
·      You cannot move into your power if you do not accept that you are the highest answer. Your I am presence is the most prevalent and the strongest, creative force there is, with your direction.
·      When we know that we are the highest answer and our I Am presence can create anything physically we will know we can create ANYTHING.
·      If you have a belief going that you have to sabotage what you already have, then you have already sabotaged yourself many times and therefore that implants in you a belief that if you create it you will just lose it again.
·      If you’re not doing things that make you happy and you are divinely guided to do you are sabotaging yourself in a different way.
·      Claim, I am “there” in my power NOW and see how your life shifts!
·      Belief: “When you get still and fully present in your body, you’re not powerful.” From the beginning of time we’ve been taught that power is go do, go do, work 20 hour days, do more, etc. As we move into ascension we have to know that just being present and still, listening and hearing brings divine guidance that I can joyfully take out into the world. It’s not about doing. It’s about being.
·      Balancing power vs. force: I am divine love. I am the balance of masculine, feminine and child, within the radiation of my light around power vs. force. So it is.
·      Belief: I have to always reach for something else in order to get where I’m going and therefore, I’m never there. Bye bye to that one: I am divine love. I am the balance of masculine, feminine and child energy around all of that, I am choosing to know that I am the highest answer. I don’t have to do anything else, I’m there, I take the steps to create and I am there!
·      I am safe and secure in this world to expand into your unlimited truth, unlimited possibility and unlimited being-ness.
·      Go shine your light so that everyone can find you.

We’ve got to come to a close. I love you all, lets take a moment to feel into how magnificent, amazing, blessed, and beautiful and full of love we are because we are the love of ourselves that we are. You are magnificent beings of light and water in the immergence of joyous creation. I love you. Many blessings.

Xoxo Dee

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